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My perspective

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posted on Mar, 19 2012 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by KwisatzHaderach
reply to post by petrus4

I speak nothing of federalism only the replacement of Bureaucracy with computers, also in what way is this a regurgitation of Marx.

Well, now...Let's see, shall we?

Citizen's of the World.


United humanity is capable of overcoming every obstacle in our path, excluding death.


A World Ethic's and Law Consortium shall be established,

Some overwhelming appeals to globalism, here. I'm wondering; are you by chance aware of the Georgia Guidestones and their stated goal to reduce the human population by 95%? They mention a world court. David Rockefeller had some fairly similar ideas, too.

We have the three basic social hierarchy's evident in all societies. Their is the wealthy citizen's, in whose role has changed with time but may still be labeled as Patrician's. We then have the middle class, whose role has not changed these are small business owners, artisan crafter's, and low level government employees, labeled as Equites. Then you have the poor, these are physical labor and service industry workers, these are the Plebeian's. While we then have our slave labour, which has came through substandard imported goods Along with these class systems capitalism has created two perversions to the class system structure. It has created the ultra-wealthy, and the ultra-poor, or as Karl Marx said, lumpenproletariat.


Government has been since the beginning of time, the struggle between those who oppress, and those who are oppressed.


The common people whether this be celebrity status, the small business owner, teacher, doctor, athlete, food industry worker, poor sustenance farmer, nomadic tribe, or any occupation, blue collar, white collar, African American, African, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Indian, or any other cultural ethnicity; these men are the ones oppressing and subjugating you.

References to class struggle; direct mention of Marx. Appeals to abdication of personal responsibility, and victimhood; extremely standard for the Marx-inspired Left.

Every man has his end, and every person must meet it, do not fear death embrace it. Wether there is god or no god, we all exit this world in the same manner; with one lasts sharp intake, and then the entrance into oblivion. Therefore no man should exit this world, unless through his own hands, and at his moment of choice within reason.

Appeal to atheistic triumphalism. Bolshevism considered theistic belief to be the "opiate of the masses," and tried to erradicate religious belief entirely, at times with predictably brutal results.

I'd like to offer you some links to a few things, if you're interested. They're more in line with some ideas I've come to find appealing, as well as giving you some information on Marxism which you may find enlightening.

Let's start at the beginning:-

The Two Paths
Walter Russell - The Universal One

Wade Frazier's information about history, politics, and economics

Red Symphony and a summary of the book.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Spiritual Sovereignty - a contrast with the Left's perpetual appeal to victimhood.

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