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Video: See (and Hear) the Space Shuttle Launch Like Never Before

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 06:17 PM
A Space Shuttle Launch has been digitally remastered for sound in this stunning video made by Michael Interbartolo, a staffer on the Space Shuttle Program.

Michael Interbartolo, a staffer on the Space Shuttle Program, has posted this video of a shuttle launch, with the cameras attached to the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB). Apparently this video will be a bonus feature on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle (which you can watch here).

For your convenience, both posted below (8+ and 45+ min videos) as well as a bonus video (45 + mins) put together by the film makers. If you have nothing else to do and are a fan of the shuttle launches, these are spectacular. If you have a Dolby Digital surround receiver or unit, hook your PC's sound out to an available input...WOW!!

The basis for this post is due to the sound and the method they used to boost it up. From the descriptions it seems as though 1080p versions could very well be released. As well just the Science and Technology that made up the Shuttles and the spectacular launches. I am a bit partial as being from the area shuttle launches would stop time, many made a point to watch them when they occurred. I was lucky enough to witness the last night launch from just across the water from the Cape.

The big deal here is the sound--there was some assistance from Skywalker Sound, the company that provides the sound for George Lucas's movies. Watch (and listen) for the splash into the Atlantic in the video, embedded after the jump. (via Discover )

For your viewing pleasure...

Riding the Booster with enhanced sound

Video description from Youtube:

From the upcoming Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle DVD/BluRay a movie from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Booster with sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound.

Ascent - Commemorating Shuttle

Video description from Youtube:

Photographic documentation of a Space Shuttle launch plays a critical role in the engineering analysis and evaluation process that takes place during each and every mission. Motion and Still images enable Shuttle engineers to visually identify off-nominal events and conditions requiring corrective action to ensure mission safety and success. This imagery also provides highly inspirational and educational insight to those outside the NASA family.

This compilation of film and video presents the best of the best ground-based Shuttle motion imagery from STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions. Rendered in the highest definition possible, this production is a tribute to the dozens of men and women of the Shuttle imaging team and the 30yrs of achievement of the Space Shuttle Program.

The video was produced by Matt Melis at the Glenn Research Center. Finally PAO uploaded a 720p version, not sure if we will get 1080p like you wanted, but at least we are making progress.

Bonus video mentioned in the previous description:

"Best of the Best" Provides New Views, Commentary of Shuttle Launches

Video description from Youtube:

This video from the Glenn Research Center highlights in stunning, behind-the-scenes imagery the launches of three space shuttle missions: STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124. NASA engineers provide commentary as footage from the ground and from the orbiters themselves document in detail the first phase of a mission.

PopSci Source Article
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 12:39 PM
Little Saturday bump for those bored and lacking something interesting to watch.



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