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Obama Administration Spending Millions to Keep Nursing Home Residents Out of the Hospital

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 10:56 AM
Obama Administration Spending Millions to Keep Nursing Home Residents Out of the Hospital

This one actually sound like a good idea.
(on the surface at least)

Let's hope they can keep the corruption out of the picture for once !!

It looks like this is part of ObamaCare.
(another surprise that we did not read ?)

By Susan Jones
March 16, 2012

( - The Obama administration plans to spend up to $128 million looking for ways to keep nursing home residents out of the hospital.

As part of the Obamacare initiative, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will partner with independent organizations to improve care for people who live in nursing homes. Nearly two-thirds of them are enrolled in Medicaid, and most also are enrolled in Medicare.

These Medicare-Medicaid enrollees are among the most vulnerable individuals served by the programs and generally have the most complex health care needs, CMS said. .....

Obama home Care ?

This apparently is a grant funded program

The grants will go to independent organizations -- such as physician practices and care management groups -- that can provide "coordinated, person-centered care with the goal of reducing avoidable hospital stays."

The initiative essentially will boost nursing home staff: Grant recipients must hire staff who "maintain a physical presence at nursing facilities" to provide preventive services.

Some people are going to question the agenda.

Some may see this as a "pre death panel" screening program.

Interventions will be evaluated for their effectiveness in improving health outcomes. The initiative is expected to last for four years from August 2012 to August 2016.

Groups interested in the grant opportunity must submit an application by June 14, 2012.

And of course, let's hope they don't request more money 6 months from now !
based on "unforeseen" costs !!

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