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Clairvoyant Children

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posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 08:08 AM
I am looking for a little bit of information on Clairvoyance in Children. I have been says few a few years know that my oldest daughter shows some clairvoyant tendencies, and I wanted to see what others have to say about it.. Has your child done something to make you think along those line? I’ll share a few things with you that I have noticed in my child and the one that happened today that is making me freak out a bit….

Some things she does that makes me wonder are say things like “I can’t wait to see ________, today!” when there are no intention of seeing that person at all.

When my Great Grandmother died, my daughter woke up and said “Im sorry mom, but Mommom (Not the woman who passed away, but it was her mother-in-law) cant watch us today… can we go to Aunt *****’s instead?” Sure enough, a few hours after on our way out the door my grandmother (Mommom) called saying to drop the kids off to my Cousin’s because My Poppop’s Mom passed away.

There will be days when not even the weather men see it happening with a 10% chance of rain, and my daughter will come out and say “Well, I guess I should ware pants today since it will be raining soon”.. Sure enough it will start raining.

There have been numerous occasions where she has given me “bad omens” as I would call it… I woke up one morning to go to work and my daughter told me to make sure I wear my seatbelt, and to be careful because someone wasn’t paying attention where they were going.. sure enough I was in a fender bender that day someone turned a corner too wide and smacked right into me…

This morning, she woke up and as she was getting dressed she stopped and said “Mommy, please stay home from work today, (She never asks for me to stay home because my grandmother watches her.. and lets her get away with everything, and she knows she can’t do the same things when I am home)” When I asked her why she said “Because, your works going to catch on fire, and I just want you to be safe…” – Ive been at work for an hour and so far so good, it doesn’t help my anxiety though as I lost my mother in a house fire when I was 17…. So I will sit here and freak out unitl its time to go.. or something else happens…

When I ask how she knows these thing she just says “Silly, Mommy, I just know it!” (Shes 4) I can never get more of an answer out of her… does anyone else have situations like this happen with their kids?

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 08:30 AM
A lot of children are. Its just we grow older our minds are cluttered with noise which prevents us ( some of us) from filtering information out. I was the same way. Unfortuently, as i grew older it became harder for me to be. People tend to think someone who is psychic or whatever should be able to just grab a date a time a per an event out of thin air thatts true. And that not really how it works. Its more that information is channeled to you some how through some mechanism. Mine for example is if i have a drink or two and relax i tend to get information easier. And no people not when im smashed just when i have a drink or two. We simply need to relax our minds and allow information to come to us. We are all clairvoyant, the trick is being able to decypher the information correctly. I would suggest you focus on helping her mantain a healthy mental state by doing mind exercises. We are all connected, its the one aspect of human llife i wish science would focus more on. There is a definate bond between humans and the earth and all living things. Avatar was a grerat representation of that. Anyway, I would research places in your area that may be able to assist you and your child. Good luck!

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by EmceeTrick

Thank you! I have been doing some research, to find out how to "keep her" like this, not for my own saftey, but because it is a good place to be in life. My daughter has a very old, beautiful soul. When she was 2 Years old she made us pull over on the side of a country road so that she could watch the sunset.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 08:56 AM
My general theory is that we are all born with infinite ability, potential and "god" dwelling within we grow up society robs us of our connection to the "divine"....some kids hold on to this connection better than others depending on circumstances.

Ever read the book "Mary Poppins"? In it, Jane and Michael have younger siblings, twins I think, and they can speak and understand the birds that come to the window of the nursery and chirp.....but once the babies learn to speak, they can no longer understand the birds....

It is kinda like that, we start off life being whole and one with our environment, and slowly it slips away.

Maybe your child still has a connection to the larger forces moving things around us. I am not sold on the idea of clairvoyance per say, but I do feel that people "sense things" and most likely they sense "potential possibilities" not to say it will happen, but it could happen, and depending on how strongly they sense it, it comes off like a "prediction" especially when the event does occur.

I believe there is a "sixth sense" intuition, instinct....however you choose to call it....I felt very strongly as a child, it helped protect me in dangerous situations, as I got older I learned to rationalize things and not "listen to my heart" as much....well, my brain has gotten me into more trouble than my heart ever has!

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:25 AM

Originally posted by Britx
reply to post by EmceeTrick

Thank you! I have been doing some research, to find out how to "keep her" like this, not for my own saftey, but because it is a good place to be in life. My daughter has a very old, beautiful soul. When she was 2 Years old she made us pull over on the side of a country road so that she could watch the sunset.

Let me clue you in here on "saving this in the child." Just never tell the child, "it's only your imagination," or "you were just dreaming." Things like that. Cases in point:
My son is a natural healer. When he was three, I came home from work with a raging backache. I lay down on the sofa, and he crawled over and crawled up on top of me. I immediately noticed my pain drifting up, and into him. I looked at him, and he smiled. After that, I encouraged it in him, and showed him the scientific explanation of how it works. (molecular changes due to magnetic-electronic impulse) I always told my son, be better than me. Be faster than me. Make it look better than I can. He turned out to be the best, and fastest mechanic I have ever seen, and I have seen my share of mechanics. I will not go fully into my son's private life, suffice to say he exhibited latent abilities as a very young man, and I only encouraged. If I had had this encouragement, I would have learned my craft faster, and been able to do it better, and would not have had to awaken the abilities in my self as I did.
Children are magnificent little creatures, I love them to death, they are our future, after all.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by autowrench

I could not agree with auto wrench more!


That doesn't mean "push" your child to be clairvoyant, but it does mean accepting and understanding they have this ability and being supportive of it and not dismissive.

Some parents might be quick to say " it's all in your head, knock it off" or even become nervous or fearful, like " my kid is a freak" but I agree with auto wrench.....accept your child for who they are and encourage them to be the best little person they can be, in every way. Their sense of themself will only deepen in time, and they will have a solid foundation to work from in life.

It sounds like you already do this, so I think you are on the right track!

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by Britx

Yes, I will never discourage her.. Like I said, she has a very old soul and I have known that since she was born. The only calming noises to her when she was an infant were thunderstorms and jazz music. She loves to sit outside on the porch and watch the birds and the trees, and the clouds rather than playing. When she does play, she often stops to take in her surroundings. She is a beautiful person. I want her to stay the way she is forever, I personally do not feel awakened myself and feel the need to get there, and don’t want her to experience this. She is already there.

@Auto! That is an amazing quality to have. And the fact that you encouraged him makes it even better. Thank you!

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 02:55 PM
You all should see my little step son. He is a Dwarf, 10 years old. This kid can read things from our minds, his Mother and I can hardly hide anything from him. When something is lost, he can always find it. Always finds money wherever he goes, in arcade and candy machines. The kids know more people that we do. I know this boy is a very old Soul, way older than me. Sometimes the way he looks and me, and sometimes the way he talks to me.....

These kids are being born every day. Instead of labelling them, or putting them down, or trying to brainwash them, encourage all that they do, and for Gods sake, talk to them like an adult, not like a child. Make sure they get a proper education. They will surprise you.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 09:00 AM
Children are more likely to have clairvoyant powers than other people, but few learn to accept it and train them in their teen years. Often times they are ignored by kids who wish to fit in. There is a girl I know she has an amazing gift of empathy. She can know whenever something is wrong, and she knew it when a kid at the school died. She is sorta an oddball, but she accepted it, and cares about strengthening her abilities. As such she found friends who actually care about her, a few of them are capable of similar abilities.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 01:31 PM
When I was a child somehow I could communicate and play with children who were profoundly mentally disabled to the point they could not speak. I had a male best friend who was non verbal autistic and a female friend who had very severe form of Down Syndrome. My autistic friend had a mind that was about the same as mine internally but he was trapped in it because he couldn't really deal in language as far as I could tell. I do not know how exactly we communicated, I just know we did. We did not use words and looking back on it I think he was sending me mental pictures most of the time. We also held hands constantly even though being autistic he generally didn't want anyone else touching him. We were not having a crush on each other, either. The hand holding served a purpose but almost forty years later, I don't remember what.

The friend with severe retardation didn't really have much to communicate to me. She enjoyed my company but in the most basic way. I was very small and knew her before I met the autistic boy, I think. I remember I used to sit there with her not doing much of anything except thinking happy thoughts and images to her and watching her smile, which would make me smile.

posted on Mar, 24 2012 @ 10:53 AM
children are known to just be more susceptible to spirits and such

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