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Fluoride Treatment for Kids?

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 09:31 PM
My 6 year old has a dental appt tomorrow (6month - cleaning-checkup) and they always want to do the fluoride treatment at the end. I questioned him last time and surprisingly he was up to date on a lot of the talk about fluoride in the water/treatment at the dentist. I went ahead and had them do it last time but now I am questioning my decision and future decisions..(because of some of the stuff I read on ATS question is would/did you have the dentist use the fluoride treatment on your children/yourself?
How do you feel about it?


posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 03:07 AM
I grew up in the US but now live in Northern Europe. They don't do the treatments here and yet my now adult kids have no cavities/fillings at all. The dentists here believe that fluoride hardens the bones and teeth too much thereby making them brittle and more susceptible to cavities, etc. They did do something for the older two (age 23 and 21) when they were small. They bonded something to the grinding surface of the molars, but that was no longer done for my youngest (now age 16). Even so, none have fillings nor any evidence of any sort of tooth decay.

Oddly enough, I had only four fillings when I came here over a quarter century ago and despite having just been to the dentist in the US before I got married, the dentist I saw here a few months later zapped in six more fillings. Big, ugly ones. I had no cavities though and they didn't use x-rays. It's funny how things change.

If I were to do it all again, I would never have any dental procedure done on myself nor my children unless there was genuine cause. Eating whole foods and brushing daily - with or without toothpaste - will suffice.

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 11:46 AM
It's getting harder for parents to say NO to fluoride.

Even at parent/teacher night at schools you're ambushed at the door by a couple of nursey/dentist types holding leaflets. They corner you and ask why your child hasn't had their teeth painted yet. Worse than door to door salesmen they are.

Occasionally my daughter brings a form home from school saying the dentist's coming to give them all a fluoride coat and it says if you don't fill the form in they're going to go ahead and do it anyway. I always fill that form in refusing the treatment but I've no doubt my info is being held somewhere and they'll get back to me one day. Maybe when the law says it's "compulsory."

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by Neopan100

I was not even asked, or if they did they mumbled it so fast I could not understand a word they said. They just went ahead and did it. My sheeple of a husband was all for it anyway.
They do it in such a way you think they are just doing part of the regular cleaning once they do it the first time. It's hard to know what they are doing once everything is under way. They've gotten quite cagey at slipping these things past us. They couch things in terms to make you think you do not have the right of refusal.

If I had been by myself and could do it all over again I would definitely refuse. Now my kid shows sign of getting too much fluoride with some mottling of her teeth. It's in our water and I think the law discourages or forbids manufacturers from making filters to take it out, so popular filters do not filter it out. And it's in toothpaste, of course. The only reason I am not freaking out is I've got mottled teeth, too, despite never having had a fluoride treatment, and I've had only one cavity in my 45 years and I've had enough psychic experiences that I'm not worried that my teeth have been made brittle or my pineal gland has been calcified, as some ATS members worry about in conjunction with fluoride.

My objection to fluoride treatments is that I don't believe they do any good and needlessly overexpose kids to a chemical they get more than enough of anyway.
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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by SheeplFlavoredAgain

We said NO this time. They asked us before hand..The fluoride treatment is something they do at the end..they take what looks like a little nail polish brush and brush on this brown stain looking stuff. My daughter only had this done 2xs. The first time they did it her teeth were stained for about a week and then they became white again.

I will continue to say no.

posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:51 PM
Dentist asked me if my daughter was getting enough fluoride in water...I just said "yes"...
However, I buy reverse osmosis water w/ no yeah, I lied....but no fluoride treatment was given to her.

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