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Teotwawki: Mother Katlin's Journal [CWC]

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posted on Mar, 15 2012 @ 08:36 PM
Author's note:

This story is a different POV for Teotwawki.
The storyline is based on this story, but is thanks to KatHO72 (my sister) and the credit should go to her, but she cannot post it as she is still a new member.

Mother Katlin's Journal

July 4

The events that have unfolded leave me in awe. I cannot begin to explain the sense of pride I feel toward my sister Leea. As she sleeps Mark and her youngest son Fallon hold vigil over her with trepidation. I however, have not had the luxury of sleep.

There is much to do and many hands to keep busy and many hearts to soothe. My role as “mother” is not toward the children at this time, but the bewildered adults. Leea's sleep causes them to worry and I do my best to quell their fears.

However, there is order to be had here and remarkably the teenagers offer help without the usual disgruntled attitude. My son Malachi has deemed himself “keeper of the cookies”. He ensures every one gets a fair share of the sweets that are available (and trust me, not a single snack goes unaccounted for).

My husband John is ever at my side comforting and supportive. He hasn’t said much since the first contact, but I feel as though words are no longer necessary with the heightened connection we now seem to have. Leea does not stir but I can feel her strength returning to her as we too are connected in a much more profound way. Has it only been days since first contact? The changes taking place among those here seems as years of experiences have passed. My heart reaches out to my other sister Victoria.

Despite our communications over the phone, and her reassurances that I am strong enough to do what is necessary, my mind seems unable to reach her and it causes me some apprehension. “You're on your own kiddo” rings in my head, taunting me as I consider what seems the insurmountable tasks that lie ahead.

July 8

Leea awoke today, the immediate confrontation that occurred between her and our neighborhood zealot was not a pleasant exchange to say the least. It’s been hard enough to appease the “adults” that still remained fearful. Some have begun talk of leaving. I have been forced to padlock the door to the attic, where we are keeping supplies, and decided tomorrow we shall celebrate our convergence here with a Teotwawki luau. One of houseguests was kind enough to bring party supplies. I applaud their foresight. And I am thankful for it.

July 9

Today’s celebration worked better than I had planned.

The teenagers and younger children embraced the Hawaiian themed event with a great deal of enthusiasm convincing the adults to concede in their jovial displays of dance and song. Kira lead the younger girls in an exaggerated hula while dressed in grass skirts made of shredded hefty bags and what appeared to be plastic bowls in lieu of coconuts strapped to their chests.

Mental note: Check the padlock on the attic door.

Where the heck we got an actual pig to roast I dared not ask, but the men of the group took great pride in preparing it in the ancient tribal way they believed it should be done. A few burns, broken shovels , far too many curse words and a lot of sore muscles later, we feasted at dusk on roast pig , salads, cakes, and many other culinary concoctions the women had decided was their necessary contribution to the entire event.

Tents have been erected in the back yard to allow more room for “sleeping”.

I sit by the dwindling embers of the fire writing in this journal I have begun to keep. I worry for Victoria and even more so for Leea’s’ oldest son who has been called to duty at the base. Leea appears to others be taking it all in stride, however her thoughts convey to me a sense of rising concern that her oldest son is not where she feels he belongs .

Dinah shadows Leea most of the time but occasionally I have no clue where she is or what she is doing.

Additional mental note: find out.

July 15

More people are arriving in greater numbers bringing what they deem necessary. Space is no longer a luxury to be had. We have expanded so to speak, into neighboring houses and yards. Organizing, cataloging, making lists of appointed tasks and responsibilities has become the bulk of my daily endeavors. It has been two days since I have had the chance to find any quiet time for myself.

I am weary and apprehensive.

August 1

Teotwawki is here, and despite the amount of people herding to our area there is an amazing sense of normalcy. Most of the house sleeps but for a few adults who keep watch.

We now have over 2000 rolls of toilet paper! Where am I supposed to put 2000 rolls of toilet paper?! Of all the things people bring apparently they don’t forget the toilet paper!

Canned food, dry goods and drinking water are stacked almost to the ceiling in half of the attic. The younger teenagers have enjoyed late night raiding parties under the supervision of the “protectors” to Wal-Mart and Costco.

For whatever reason, they seem to have a strong desire for toiletries. Tooth paste, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash and tampons abound in the front room of the attic alone.

One 13 yr old proudly presented me with a case of condoms only this evening. Pride beaming from him for his responsible procurement... His notably eager anticipation of their necessity made it quite difficult for me not to fall over in bouts of laughter during his quite serious and matter of fact presentation.

Our budding adolescents are embracing this time with enthusiasm and optimism. The even younger of our children are filled with a sometimes overwhelming sense of jubilation. They have maintained their “ranks “and are pretty much caring for themselves. Which brings into question what, as a “mother”, am I to do With the exception of a few skinned knees they have little to no need for mothering. When “it” happens, whatever “it” is, will that be the case? Will they leave the “adults” behind? Are we to end with the world? Are these titles temporary?

August 3

Well, well, well!

Dinah is quite the amazing little child!

Today I was afforded the opportunity to follow her on one of her “disappearing acts” and first to my horror, then amusement I found her and several other children including Kira, my youngest, and Leea’s’ grandson Colin Jr. , granddaughter, Lily, down at the river. My mothering instincts of OMG! They are going to drown themselves passed rather quickly when I beheld the most amazing of sights:

Dinah was teaching them to walk on water! They were skipping and dancing on the surface of the water like magical little sprites splashing and laughing, not a care in the world! My heart was lifted by the miraculous spectacle. When my cover was blown and they noticed my presence Dinah simply took my hand and led me to the water. I too walked on water today!

August 4

Leea and I had a fight.

Thankfully we were alone in the woods during our unpleasant exchange I don’t know how or why we let the negativity and doubt of others overtake us but it happened. Fear tends to creep in when you let your guard down I guess. So many emotions swirling in our heads I am not even sure what we fought about or why. I do know that right now we are keeping our distance from one another and the people around us are sensing that something isn’t right. I am simply exhausted. When the hell is Victoria going to make up her mind and come home already! She always was the peacekeeper between us. This SUCKS!

August 5

Today was a good day. No remarkable events among the many gathered here with one exception: John and I managed to sneak away to a secluded spot not too far from here and have some quality alone time. His youthful vigor and energies were a pleasant surprise. I feel rejuvenated physically emotionally and spiritually.

August 7

I try to ignore them, the news broadcasts, but I can’t.

Our world is in chaos .

Cataclysmic events across the world are reported almost daily. There are thousands flocking to Israel and Rome. Churches inundated with worshipers seeking absolution from their “gods”, looking to be saved from the very thing here to save them.

I haven’t told Leea but I know she cries for the souls of those I now call the lost. Her heart pours out that they may see the deceit before them and her cries go unheard.

I feel her sadness.

I remember when Kira took her first steps the pride I felt combined with the fear of her falling. I remember the courage I had needed to let her do what she had to so she would learn. I feel that way now, but in a much broader way. I feel that same pride and fear for humankind.

I pray for courage.

I pray for strength.

August 17

I’d thought I’d lost this thing….

So many people.

So much to do each day.

So many fanatics!

It seems almost daily that we are forced to deal with someone intruding with their shouts of our need to repent. Today in the middle of lunch some lunatic with a bull horn began shouting from the end of our street. He was accompanied by about twenty or so followers all seeming hell bent on saving us from ourselves. He yelled bible verses like curse words and his followers replied amen and halleluiah after each proclamation.

It was when he accused us of raping the children that both Mark and John had to hold me back. The anger that surged through me at that moment would have caused me to act in a way I would have been sorry for later.

It was only when a fair amount of the men had filed in behind us that , bullhorn guy and his followers decided to be on their way.

Leea stopped to assure me that she understood my reaction and gave me a hug. It felt so good to have even a small moment with my sister.

It seems as though our responsibilities have pulled us in opposite directions for the most part. Our mental connection is ever present and we communicate easily no matter what we are doing but the physical affection we shared before all this began had all but disappeared. I am still human after all and I still need my sister.

Make that sisters .

Where is Victoria?

August 20

Some nights I fall asleep before I think to take the time for writing. I was never consistent with journaling before and I guess some things don’t change even if the end of the world is upon us.

I am not even sure writing will make any difference.

It is quite easy to share thoughts with others these days without a word being spoken. Just looking at someone can tell them what a hundred words would take to say in a blink of any eye.

Oh yes the eyes. Today as Kira looked up at me after crashing into one of her playmates, I noticed the shine in her eyes. At first I thought perhaps she was about to cry but then I realized her eyes had changed . The usual hazel color had transformed and in its place were sparkling jewels of periodot.

Everyone’s eyes seem to shine brighter with each passing day.

September 5

I am seriously losing track of time.

The days and nights flow easily into one another. Taran and Tracy my second oldest and his girlfriend are more like husband and wife and have managed to procure one of the tents to live in for the time being. They are deliriously in love with each other and I have found myself searching for that case of condoms that were in the attic at one point.

I am just not ready to be a grandmother. That gives a whole new meaning to the end of the world.

John Jr. seems to have found a “friend” in one of the girls who arrived last month. Malachi has informed me that we are “getting low on snackage”. And, oh ya, his girlfriend Mandy will be having dinner with our family tomorrow.” When did he get a girlfriend?

David and Pacey have formed a group of gamer friends and are engaging in daily battles of epic video game proportions. An equal group of younger teen girls eagerly keep track of the scores cheering and applauding the boy’s triumphs over aliens and zombies.

Fallon has become less of a gangly sort and is sporting a lean and muscular build these days which he proudly displays by “working out” near the groups of girls huddled together in the street, hanging out and listening to the radio.

Oh the joys of adolescence!

Come to think of it everyone seems to be a bit healthier.

September 6

YouTube for you fools, I say.

What a sight to behold when Leea showed me the video someone posted.

Demons masquerading as Angels! The note attached claiming intimate knowledge of Leea’s’ conversations with Gadriel and the alleged revelation of the gathering of human children for demonic sacrifice.

Really? REALLY!

Hahahahahaha! As if that was anything close to what was really going on.

I joked: “I guess the quiet of the fanatics had simply changed gears from verbally confronting us to “exposing” us.”

I laughed until my sides hurt and tears filled my eyes. Leea nearly fell off her chair.

September 7

For the most part, thanks to my connection to Leea, my apprehension and anger have dissolved. But alas, despite his checking in, Colin is still not here and Victoria has yet to arrive.

I can sense some of Leea’s sorrow not having Colin here. Colin Jr. Lily and their visitor companion Caleb remain faithful Colin will return. Each new arrival has me searching for Victoria. I am beginning to wonder if she will come at all.

September 12

Over the past week our numbers have begun to grow. I believe our exodus will be soon. Kira's birthday will fall on the same day as the equinox and I am struggling to prepare and appropriate celebration. Supplies are low and an indulgence of a party just may not be possible.

She does not appear as a mere soon to be 8 year old. Her eyes glow like jewels and her hair is much longer and a bit lighter than it was only a few months ago. The tell tale child like chubbiness she was sporting has disappeared and her chest is beginning to sprout the buds of womanhood. She is beautiful inside and out and I am beamingly proud of her.

September 19

Taran, John Jr. and Malachi approached me earlier today informing me that they we gathering a raiding party to find any and all provisions they could be obtained for Kira’s birthday celebration. As much as I have blocked my individual thoughts from them, they apparently felt my growing sense of inadequacy at being able to give her the recognition I felt she deserved. They also informed me how she had become more than a little sister to them and that she had taken on a motherly and encouraging role amongst the younger kids.

Along with Dinah, she was helping to reassure unspoken fears and doubts and acknowledging even the smallest of accomplishments made within the group.

They were proud of her and they wanted to make sure everyone knew just how much. I am proud of them, and I eagerly await their return.

September 20

I must say the boys outdid themselves.

Although Wal-Mart and Costco had been cleaned out, they spent the entire evening in and out of every and any shop, store , (and even a few homes) procuring supplies worthy of great celebration: banners with moons and stars shining and colorful, hats, noise makers, whistles, balloons, streamers, masking tape, scotch tape, duct tape, even a plastic crown for decorations. A potato chip, Little Debbies, at least 100 packages each of m&ms, snickers, Milky Way, and 3 musketeers.

There was also soda, juices even some alcohol for the adults to compile the food and beverage portion of their bounty. Malachi found Mountain Dew!

Taran cradled in his arms, wrapping paper, a box, and a purple and pink sparkling party dress and matching shoes for Kira to wear on her special day.

It brought tears of joy to my eyes.

September 21

I never did find that case of condoms and its starting to show, literally!

Tracy (thankfully) is not among them but some of the women are showing. Yep showing . Pregnant, now, when the world is ending it has become apparent that life is not .

September 22

Many are sensing the time for exodus will be soon. They have expressed their growing desire to celebrate the equinox.

The end of the growing time seems to have taken on a new meaning with the end of the world in sight.

Some have expressed it as “A last Hoo-rah!” Others as a way to say “goodbye” to the earth they have called home.

Leea has informed me that Gadriel has provided a gift for Kira and for all to be presented the evening of the equinox.

The visiting children paraded up from the banks this afternoon with fruits and vegetables they had secretly grown on the other side of the river under Gadriel's guidance. Resembling apples, artichokes, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, celery, cranberries, eggplant, figs, grapes, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers pomegranates, potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, and zucchini , the fruits and vegetables were much more fragrant larger, and brighter than their earthly counterparts and it appeared there would be enough to last several months. It was a beautiful sight to behold as stores has dwindled to small rations, with the exception of what the boys closely guarded to celebrate Kira’s birthday, and no one was certain exactly when the exodus would be.

Dinah led the group with pride beaming from her face and Leea and I were astounded that we too had had no clue anything had been going on across the river. However, we were not only grateful but relieved.

Gadriel had been paying very close attention indeed.

September 24

The party lasted till just before daybreak.

It was a celebration of almost epic proportions!

Early in the morning, Taran presented Kira with her party dress. She squealed in delight and wasted no time donning her birthday attire. As she spun around in the dress that showed just how womanly she was becoming my heart was near bursting with joy and pride.

Several of the neighboring yards were cleared of tents and decorated by a good portion of adults and teens. In a mere few hours the work was done, the scene was set and the party began.

In the middle yard was Kira’s birthday celebration while the surrounding yards burned bonfires perfumed with incense. The sounds of music and laughter filled the air. When the sun had set in the sky Leea (with the help of a bullhorn) announced a very happy birthday to Kira and presented Gadriel’s gift.

The package had been about the size of a gallon of milk and wrapped in simple brown paper. As Kira stepped forth to open it Leea gave her a torch lit from one of the bonfires and told her to light it. Somewhat confused Kira complied and along with Leea stepped back as the present began to burn.

Suddenly rockets of light shot toward the sky exploding in an array of color and light.


Blues, reds, purples, green, and gold exploded in the night sky in wave after wave. Cheers exploded with each new wave and after almost an hour long show the biggest and brightest explosion of what resembled a tree exploded into the sky and slowly dwindled out!

I don’t know how long we all stood there eyes to the sky mouths gaping in awe before some teenagers began blasting R.E.M.'s " End of The World as We Know It", breaking the spell.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

October 9

We have lost power.

The surrounding streets are vacant.

Is it the government attempting to shut us down?

We have harnessed some power from car batteries to keep some phones and other electronics working.

The teenagers are not happy about the loss of electronic stimulation and have resorted to pulling pranks of increasing proportions on one another.

The weather is getting chilly at nights and metal barrel fires now burn in the street. Blankets are hoarded by some causing small skirmishes here and there.

Some of our newer arrivals still have doubts and fears. Leea and I do our best to reassure them.

October 15

The bond between John and I is far greater than I could have begun to imagine was even possible.

John knows I long for my sister Victoria’s’ presence. He also knows that there is little he can do to soothe the sorrow building in my heart. I dare not say aloud the question I now keep locked away in my mind.

Is she coming?

October 25

No power means no light, and I strain to stay awake long enough to put the kids to sleep theses nights. It is only when John wraps his arms around me that I surrender to exhausted slumber.

October 30

Tomorrow is Halloween.
Usually practiced by dressing up in costumes and the younger kids trick or treating. The teens have already begun running around at night covered in sheets howling ghostly sounds.

Dinah has proposed a costume parade and many parents have been helping their youngsters make costumes.

October 31

Things went pretty well considering the lack of the usual Halloween activities. The teens and adults pulled through yet again and set metal barrels approx six feet apart up and down the street to light the costume parade. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, princesses fairies, vampires, warriors, animals insects and robots paraded up and down the street singing and clapping with joyous delight.

Happy Halloween!

November 18

I have all but given up writing but today Leea has informed me that Victoria is coming home and my sorrow is subsiding but only when she is here will I be able to let go of my doubts.

Please let it be so I don’t know that I could bear to leave without her.

November 22

My sorrow is gone . My sister Victoria arrived today and I cried and blubbered like a fool and I didn’t care .

Only one remains away and when he arrives Leea’s sorrow will vanish as quickly as mine did today.

Come home Colin.

November 26

People are leaving to the ships. Colin has not returned. My heart cries for Leea…..

Today would be April 1st

Years ago they arrived.

Years ago on December 1st we left.

Colin arrived that morning and Leea’s joy rang out in a tidal wave.

Leea’s heroic display of compassion and strength that day will be what the new “old legends” are made of.

The world ended.

Leea ended.

and both began anew…

We traveled to the Pleiadian constellation, and visited the birth worlds of our ancestors. Some decided to stay.

Our older sister, Victoria, was among those that decided to stay. She had met Zefen, and at last found a true and undying love.

Thirteen groups of one hundred forty four thousand Elohim (those who had joined the fold) disembarked the ships to begin the process of spreading out to seed a reborn world.

Today we marked our first Holiday: Chakina Day (Earth day) , by planting the seedlings of Gaia.

A new beginning, with new choices.

Looking up I see more stars than I had remembered. It is as if the billons of souls that ended with the world we had known are twinkling above me… in the clearest night I have ever seen.

edit on 3/15/2012 by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh because: to add

posted on Mar, 16 2012 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell everyone that I have always admired my sisters talent with writing, I have been privy to many more examples of what I can only call her litterary genius. I have believed for a very long time much of her work is more than worthy of publishing and any reader is being given a gift of a precious part of the woman that I call sister. My addition to the story is simply that an addition. Her opinion of that addition and her input have been priceless to me and I am honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on expanding the scope of of her story. Yes people I will sing her praises, all day long, because she deserves it!
Huge kudos sis. I am honored to be in your company.


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