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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 11:28 PM
here's a list,of some airforce bases operated by u.s.a. put them in google earth or google them if you like this kind of stuff. A few army bases too.

lackland afb
dugway proving grounds
aberdeen proving grounds
fort detrick
fort bragg nc
fort mitchell
lawson army airfield
anniston army depot
maxwell airforce base
gunter airforce base
barksdale airforcebase
carswell airforce base
dyess airforce base
goodfellow airforce base
sheppard airforce base
brooks airforce base
randolph airforce base
tinker afb
altus afb
vance afb
mcconnell afb
bruning army airfield
mccook army airfield
buckley afb
hill afb
creech afb
norton afb
luke afb
davis monthan afb
mountain home afb
fairchild afb
malmstrom afb
minot afb
grand forks afb
ellsworth afb
offutt afb
eaker afb
arnold afb
godman army airfield
grissom afb
wurtsmith afb
rickenbacker afb
macdill afb
patrick afb
shaw afb
dover afb
otis afb
engels afb
yukota afb
driftwoodbay afstation
kirt afb
pope afb
whiteman afb

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