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Untapped UFO research opportunity

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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 12:52 AM
Hey guys. Edwin here. I've lurked and chucked 2c in here and there but never actually made a post myself. So here goes ... *nervous*...

I'm in the middle of a web job (I make sites) which reminded me of "our plight" concerning the elusive Non-terrestrial Piloted Craft (NPCs?
). IMHO they are there but hard to see because of their speed / cloaking / ability to hide / holographic or distortion techniques - whatever. They are certainly almost impossible to film in the day or night, appearing as (at best) out of focused hovering dots and at worst camera iris effects, planes, blurs or reflections. The more reflections and bird blurs I see on YouTube, the more disheartened I become, so here I am suggesting an untapped resource for anyone who wants to see "their first UFO."

Photographers are now uploading long, pixellations of the night sky and it may not be so hard to do for us amateurs. Here's an example:
"Nightlapse" by Stathis Xagoraris

In these animated films of the night sky, you often see planes and satellites and birds... but every now and then there is also a streak of light that is unusual, changing direction strangely or simply looking out of place in the night sky.

Here's a discussion about how it's done with links to another piece:

And a rough tutorial should you decide that you have too much time and patience on your hands:

So I just thought - rather than trawling through millions of highly classified and basically 100% censored NASA images, we could "use the crowd" and find these little blighters without Mummy and Daddy.

If you don't see anything in these videos, it might be possible, for those people who believe they are repeatedly visited to set up a similar night-lapse system of your own.

I watch the night sky every week and last week I saw what I thought was a satellite until it disappeared, changed direction by 30 degrees, reappeared and then restarted a non-linear trajectory high up in the atmosphere. I didn't photograph it because I don't believe in "validation." It would be one of a million UFO dot photos. It was enough validation for myself, but one day soon I might set something up like this and "monitor the streaks."

If anyone else has any links to "interesting" night-lapse footage, post them here. I for one will check the streaks out and try and find intelligently controlled alien craft (ICAC) ;p. Perhaps we can find enough convincing evidence through this un-researched, un-policed and ever-widening "side door"...

(which may now mysteriously close)

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 01:01 AM
I suggest you look here, great video with somewhat of what your talking about. Worth the watch for anyone!!!
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