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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 08:51 PM
When they came is was swift and fast. Ships entered the earths atmosphere without warning. Not even the military's spy satillites detected them. They looked like big cigars, but on the side were these openings where it looked as though there were platforms. The ships came in fast, near the ground all over the world, and then bay doors opened and huge walking machines unlatched from the ship. There were probily 12 per ship. They began without warning, started to attack everything. Bringing down mans biggest atchevements. Buildings collaped, cars exploded, carnige everywere.

My name is Jack Boyal. I am in this bucker in Fort Benning, Georgia. The military is long gone, deployed, and I'm sure over run. I had a scanner on hearing all the confusion going on. They were bringing down those walkers, ( I call them that cause they had 2 legs, and massive weapons system), but the military was no match for their firepower. I am telling the story of man kinds darkest hour that we may be extermenated. We must be like ants to them. The military thought they rulled the sky, but that was short lived. In the first 3 hours, the aliens had knocked and depleted our airforce by 90%. Now all but a few retreated and regrouped.
I hear these aliens war machines topseide now and then as they walk through the base looking for pockets of resistance. Just days ago, they set up these Atmosphere Proccesing machins. I guess there are changing our world for them. A kind of teraforming. In a few days I have to go up and try to find supplies.
I went up today and found a few supplies, I had to kill a wolf to get meat, but it won't last long. Hungry mouths. If there changing our planet, we will have no choice to fight, cause we can't allow this to happen. So far it's been 3 weeks since I have seen anything. Mabey the tide has turned, but not for sure. But we can't stay here much longer. Need sunlight and strting to smell like ass, since not enough water to bath.
I am going to go up today, and take a peak and see what all there is. Leaving a few supplies behind, the door opens, climbs the later to the unknown. Lifts the hatch, and hears queitness all around. Not a stirr, or a chirp. OH MY GOD!
That is the last I heard from my father. I am his son, now it's my job to take care of my sister. I heard on the scanner today for the first time in about 3 weeks. The Military has brought down one of the ships, mabey the tides finally has turned........

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