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DOJ Asks Court To Keep Secret Any Partnership Between Google, NSA

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posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 11:26 AM

The Justice Department is defending the government's refusal to discuss—or even acknowledge the existence of—any cooperative research and development agreement between Google and the National Security Agency.

The Washington based advocacy group Electronic Privacy Information Center sued in federal district court here to obtain documents about any such agreement between the Internet search giant and the security agency.

Under the genuine mask of "Do no evil", the Mountain View-based company, hides some of the most horrible secrets. Robert David Steele, an ex-CIA agent, unveiled that Google was helped by CIA "when it was poor and it was starting up". Google is also known for "the deliberate stifling and manipulation of Alex Jones' Terror Storm film ranking on Google Video. Google was also caught red-handed attempting to bury the Charlie Sheen 9/11 story at the height of its notoriety."

In an interesting twist, Search Engine Journal, another reputable source of information, quotes Webmaster Radio's Jim Hedger who discovered that Google funds Hezbollah and Al Qaeda terrorist groups. The information was shocking: "Google is serving Adwords and Adsense advertisements on Google properties within Orkut which are managed by terrorist cells and sympathizers." But that's not all: "Google is serving advertising on the sites of Google AdSense members who are connected with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups which are benefiting from revenue which is originated by Google advertisers."

So a CIA-sponsored company helps terrorism. This is completely outrageous. I can't write about a such a company anymore. In fact, I'm logging off from Google for the last time.

So how many companies are either run by or intermingled with the government (CIA, FBI). It's been shown that facebook is...

Asking courts to keep quiet about a partnership between Google and the NSA, nothing to hide there

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 06:45 PM
"search" didn't really give me many good options for my post and this topic was as close to what i'm experiencing so i decided to post in here and didn't really think it warranted it's own topic/thread but google ad sense i think, fear, scans just a tad to deep for my liking.

it happens here but not exclusively, pretty much any site running it and the reason i'm bringing it up is, well.. without divulging to much information lets say i know someone who partakes in the round about way of acquiring "things" computer related things, no not stolen hardware and nothing very menacing that i'd worry about any federal raids, just for something i think should be offered anyway and yeah i know about "trial" but it's usually less than basic options so how are you suppose to get any real gauge on the matter so mainly just for testing purposes and if i like what i've tried then i'll usually buy it.. if not it'll get uninstalled.

ANYWAY enough making excuses for myself onto my problem..

my issue is google ad sense, which i think is a good thing for sites to generate money to stay online, is a tad more intrusive than it leads us to believe because a lot of the times it'll show me ads for recently acquired things and i keep all that sort of stuff on external hard drives.

so i'm wondering.. how deeply are our computers actually scanned and for anyone not sure what i'm talking about, we all say "ok" to google scanning our files and/or title key words, to a point, when we sign up for a gmail account but do they do the same for anyone not using their services? and while i admit to not reading the fine print i just assumed it was for scanning just key words in our email which is bad enough in and of itself but it's not a coincidence i'm seeing and have been for quite a while now, ads for stuff i shouldn't be seeing.

anyone else experiencing the same? or am i just another paranoid person on another conspiracy web site HA


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