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Double Slit Experiment a Key to Understanding the Mind/Body

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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:20 PM
I've been writing a lot lately about how the mind & body work. Specifically how for many centuries now we have been living in what I call a "belief-body". What this means is that we have been given a body-machine to be used for experiencing, cataloging and creating but have handicapped many of its features through a misunderstanding in how it works.

If a person chooses to do a little hacking, they can learn to use other more powerful features of the body creation-machine. The body isn't supposed to be operated from the thinking part of the brain, specifically the egoic component. The ego has it's place for sure but we have been taught to believe that the ego-thinking component is who we are. But if that is the case, then we are whatever message the thinking brain sends to our consciousness. If the thought arises, "I'm fat", left to autopilot, the creation-machine converts the electrical impulses into chemical reactions. The "I" then fleshes out that program. The eyes now look in the mirror and the reflection is imprinted along with the emotion and now the creation-machine has birthed an experience. We can label this experience as Self-Hate. Now go back and fill in the blanks for any other thought-emotion combination and you can clearly see that the creation-machine is designed to manifest thought into reality.

So what if we can hack this process? Historically humans have attempted to quiet the mind. Some through a hermit or stoic life, others through a life of meditation, others simply go to church to give rest and boundaries to the untamed horsepower that runs and gallops unchecked through the mind's fences.

But through the process of quieting the mind and simply observing it, the ego becomes revealed more clearly. You begin to use the body like a car. So when an indicator light goes on (emotion), you can check to see what is wrong and use it as a mirror to adjust the self. This usually means calming or tempering the egoic component. We can then learn and adapt so that we expend minimal creation energy that results in stress, anxiety, anger, fear, etc. Rather over time the ego has no audience and will sit back until called upon for specific tasks that Consciousness dictates rather than the random mind-chatter.

As you begin to understand and experiment with this process of learning to drive your creation-machine, you start to see the deprogramming process is like peeling away onion layers. The key to this is in opening the mind and holding no judgment or labels on what enters the senses. When consciousness acts as the driver, labels and judgments become secondary to experienced reality.

Each one of us arrives as pure untainted awareness with a blank hard-drive. From day one others programs including inputs from parents and society begin to program you. You learn to adopt their fears, their rules, their habits. As you try to fit in, you adapt to behavior as well.

The problem is, the new crop is supposed to evolve past the elders at some point. This has great implications for the parent role. Rather than impose an ego-filtered reality upon the child, the home should be treated as a lab for the child to experiment in. Bounce around, screw up, prepare for life in population. But the ego-training kills this process for future offspring. Rather than foster boundless experimentation and experience, we program our own version of DOS 1.0. The reality is we should be programming the new arrivals with the ability to eventually Open Source their own OS. We should be using the latest and greatest OS so they can go to school on us faster and faster. They need to stand on shoulders for sure, but we should be hoisting them up as quickly as we can.

This passing down of ego-control is what leads the world in despair and unhappiness. But what does this have to do with the double slit experiment?

The double slit experiment in physics, which led to the birth of Wave Theory, has revealed that the probability wave will behave as such until observed. Upon observation, the probability component of the wave collapses into a physically observed particle. The particle did not exist prior to observation. It only existed as a potential.

So consider a person who is captive in a belief-body. This person identifies emotionally with thoughts and beliefs. They live mentally in the past and the future with no real understanding of the present. They may get lost in work or absorbed in some activity and be fully present. But they have not learned to consciously quiet the mind and observe it's thinking and ego functions. Their behavior is like the wave potential passing through the slits and resulting in a life without conscious awareness. They operate from emotion and belief as a program and the creative wave potential is unused resulting in waves colliding and creating interference patterns. Interesting the wave pattern is bell shaped with most of the wave straight ahead and then dissipating the further away you go. Most of the world operates in this bell curve. The outliers are either medicated, locked up, killed or are geniuses--labels a bell curve society would put on misfits.

A person who operates the mind/body in this way is constantly observing the past and the future. They exercise the creation body through work and activity but most of the time the mind is occupied with past and future data. They attach emotion to these thoughts and live out, or better create the drama in real life that is conjured up by emotion and belief. Simply by observing, the body machine is transformed from a belief mechanism that operates on others programming to a creation machine that transforms wave energy into focused particles that manifest as reality. The interference waves are not created and the simple act of observation allows for a focused intention to be manifested.

The person who observes the mind can harness the power of creation. Simply by observing, the potential becomes real. Therefore, through purposeful thinking, consciousness can attach emotion (passion) to the thought and act upon it thereby taking the wave potential and collapsing it into observable reality. By not observing, prior programming occurs much like the wave potential. It passes by, collides with itself and creates an interference pattern to others.

The unconscious person does the same thing but their actions are a function of the programming that allowed for the attachment of emotions to thought. This person lives a drama in the mind and fleshes out an existence based on that emotional wiring.

The double-slit experiment is the key to understanding how awareness or observation works in the creation machine we call a body. When awareness takes over from the ego, one is able to begin to evaluate and either keep or delete certain programs. They can then begin to add new programs, chosen consciously, and harness the creation powers of the body machine. The observed mind becomes focused and purposeful, resulting in creation without interference. So a though wave potential occurs. Consciousness observes the thought. The thought is then deleted on the spot prior to passing into reality or it is observed and focused into reality focused by consciousness.

Labels, judgments and beliefs, while useful for research and experience, are too easily attached to emotion. You begin to see how our society has become a barrage of inputs all trying to captivate your mind. Society becomes a matrix-like existence and only by opening the mind and deleting dogmatic programs can one have any chance of experiencing this life on a new plateau of understanding.

It's not apples to apples but it serves as an valuable metaphor in helping to understand and hopefully begin to unlock the peace and purpose of presence.
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posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:04 PM
I'd like to discuss something more positive, because I think your post is good info.

However, I can't help but point out that your, "ego" is showing through because of the propensity to want to rush along a child's development. For example, you say "We should be using the latest and greatest OS so they can go to school on us faster and faster. They need to stand on shoulders for sure, but we should be hoisting them up as quickly as we can."

I would say, be a guide and guide them. A child should be free to discover on their own. Sure, a little encouragement is also what they need to keep going, but education aught to be something acquired in due time without haste. Encourage their natural curiosity. =)

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:46 PM
I thought this was a great thread.
Well written and easy to understand
even though it is an immense subject.
Great recap of how incredible the Quantum world and Observation are.

I will admit, living in the moment consciously,along with quieting my mind,
is difficult. And yet I know, that quieting, holds a key to happiness.

wait..what were we talking about?? I lost my train of thought..

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 04:18 AM
Awesome thread & info!

I found the quantum slit stuff (high tech aint I? heh heh!), particularly fascinating.
Lots of food for thought here,but have you OP, been conscientiously practicing the observing of your thoughts?
And if so, have you noticed any significant changes/outcomes to usual behaviors as a result?

(Wooo- I'm observing myself observing myself observing myself.......trippy!!)

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 06:17 AM
"The double slit experiment in physics, which led to the birth of Wave Theory, has revealed that the probability wave will behave as such until observed. Upon observation, the probability component of the wave collapses into a physically observed particle. The particle did not exist prior to observation. It only existed as a potential."

NOTHING physically collapses. Your use of metaphor to convey a literal meaning that begs the question about what really happens when a quantum particle is "observed" only adds confusion to the analogy you are trying to establish between the mind-body problem and the measurement problem in quantum mechanics.

If one believes that the probability wave governed by Schrodinger's equation is a physical wave, then one has to point out both theoretically and experimentally what the medium is that is supposed to have oscillations in it that are attributed to "particles". No one has ever managed to do that, physics having discarded the notion of the aether when Einstein made it redundant and replaced it with Minkowski's four-dimensional space-time continuum. It is NOT the particle that "did not exist prior to observation." It is the particular quantum state of the particle that the measurement detected that did not exist prior to it. It was the measured quantum state that existed only as a potential, not the particle itself. Does something not exist until you look at it?! Of course not! What does not exist is merely your certain knowledge of what state it was in. The measurement process did not CREATE the particle but merely - in some way that quantum mechanics cannot explain - caused a supposition of quantum possibilities of a previously existing particle to be replaced INSTANTANEOUSLY (note that word - it is where Einstein thought quantum mechanics went wrong) by the discrete eigenstate corresponding to the particular eigenvalue that was measured. Quantum mechanics cannot describe this instantanous collapse of many superposed probability waves because its dominant school of interpretation wrongly takes this collapse literally as though each probabilty wave component were a wave in some physical medium that suddenly ceased to obey Schrodinger's equation. One instant the particle was everywhere in the several million cubic feet of a laboratory and the next instant it exists only at the point in space where the detector registered its presence. That's what the Copenhagen School of interpretation of quantum mechanics wants you to believe - that the intervention of the conscious observer introduces random discontinuity to physical waves that makes them instantaneously turn into discrete points even though they may have been -according to wave mechanics - spherical waves dozens of light years in diameter up to the very instant the physicist's detector got in their way. Most theoretical physicists have rejected this interpretation, which requires consciousness somehow to generate reality, because they cannot accept its absurd implications, e.g., that the wave collapse is suspended until the very instant - perhaps a week later - when the experimenter switches on the light in his office, turns his computer on and examines the data showing what quantum state he happened to measure a week previously! This is NOT what experiments force us to accept. It's is merely what one school of interpretation of quantum mechanics asks you to believe is going on. I reject it, as Einstein did, because such magical action at-a-distance is absurd. It is a pathological symptom of a theory that is incomplete because it is based upon the false Cartesian dichotomy still prevalent in physics that views mind and matter as disjoint, mutually exclusive categories.
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posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by micpsi

Great post and yeah you have the physics down.

I've left the path for the more esoteric fringe. Thomas Campbell and Robert Monroe's works have impacted me to drift to the outliers of the bell curve of science and understanding.

My own experimentation and experience in meditation and also in learning to quiet the mind, has led me to a deeper understanding of the psychology of humanity. Psychology underlies even physics because so much is dependent upon the observer and any bias (belief) they hold.

Physics can't measure qi (chi) energy yet it is proven to exist and even assist and even enable the body to cure itself. There's a great thread on it right now: The Devil's Chord...

Studies are showing QiGong as a valid, non-invasive option for treatment of all kinds: Medical Research & Spring Forest QiGong

Much of what's in that thread has implications that are unmeasurable with our current understanding. Yet there is undeniable proof that there is what some call "magic" at play in our reality.

Anyhow, your physics is solid per today's understanding. Keep in mind though, myth arises from the unanswerable questions of the day and are sufficient until the truth arises. After that it takes generations to break down past paradigms of myth and accept a new understanding of reality.

Being able to ask oneself, "What is my own flat-earth theory" requires a completely open mind. We are products of our programming. When you deprogram you really won't know what to believe anymore!
But the veil of illusion is gone and you enable the mind/body to advance to a different perspective. It causes you to pretty much ditch the old way and never go back. Sounds arrogant but its not. It's for everyone but it takes work and keeping the ego in check and learning to understand love as the creative force.

And I agree, it's all a metaphor for sure. Even our physics is metaphor (explanation) for what we experience to a degree if not completely.

posted on Mar, 14 2012 @ 01:09 PM
People often ask: “What is the meaning of life” since the (non-thinking) walls of the double slit experiment (or indeed the box in Schroder’s Cat) do no effect the experiment in question, the answer must simply be: “To observe”
In this way even a CCTV camera footage box, has a kind of "life" (which I suppose, it does).

What makes a human body is atoms, what makes up a human body & personality is abstract concepts. It’s like how a computer filled with information weighs the same mass whether it’s full with data, or brand new.
If you destroy the computer (say with the only known cure to cancer on it) you do not destroy the cure to cancer itself (this being an abstract concept, remains the same) all you destroy is our ability to access the cure to cancer through that computer.
The same happens to a person when we die. A dead person does not (necessarily) weigh less than a living person, and whilst our ability to access them and their personality through their body is destroyed, I believe the persons being continues to live on in the abstract.

This is probably one reason why ghosts cause temperature drops during manifestations. They cannot break the laws of physics by creating energy out of nothing. So they instead employ the photons of infrared, and whenever it’s 26 degrees hot it’s actually 300 above absolute zero. Even deepest space is several degrees above absolute zero.
But the consequence of ghosts manipulating infrared through observation (e.g. to make a chair move, or produce the coloured light in a ghost photo) is to cause a temperature drop, since the ghost light-kinetic energy, had to be taken from the real world in the form of infrared, in order to produce the colours recorded in say a pre-digital photo (also of the real world! –Or more specifically ours).

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