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Religion and science : The number PI

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posted on Apr, 18 2003 @ 03:06 AM

I hope that this message will start a great discussion about the properties of number 7.
This is an old story, a little mystic about number PI.
Ancient hebrew used to calculate the number pi simply by dividing 22 (the number of letters in the hebrew alphabet) and 7. And that's true ! 22/7=3.14....

This short story, a little legendary is really near of the real we know :
Hebrew say that their alphabet is sacred (Kadosh) because god used this alphabet to create the world in seven days...

Indouhits and buddhists have the same story about the sanskrit scriptures. And it's interessant to notice that the two first letters of GOD, THE SUPREME, in sanskrit look like a 3-Follow by a letter that look like the Greek letter .

We, occidentals, "science believers", also conceive the world in number and letters, that we call equations, because we still try to understand the world we live.

The number 7 also others interesting properties, if they interest you, we'll talk about that later...

posted on Apr, 18 2003 @ 03:49 AM
Well it's far from accurate, but using Pi=22/7 is far better than Pi=3 that the 1Kings 7:23 seems to use. But we know that the old Jews used to add or subtract one number with thought of the Divine, and 21/7 is of course 3, so this might very well be the solution to the everlasting discussion about the Jews believed Pi was 3 or not. I haven't heared this one before. I have thought that they used some kind of table with a special system for the angelic ell (cubit) in combination with the regular ell. Very good!


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