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The 666 riddle, Ba'alism and the lodge

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posted on Apr, 17 2003 @ 07:46 PM
Greetings and I hope you all will have a great Passover!

The Book of Revelation contains a series of riddles and the Tannakh (the Old Testament) serves keys and clues as to their sollutions. One of these riddles is the 666 mystery and Antichrist. There have been many clever theories about this riddle in particular, but few have tried to solve this riddle as what it is -- a classic riddle. And in Biblical riddles, one clue oftenly leads to another until you feel you're lost
. But it's usually then you have got the answer somewhere in your notes, or the bit of it you were looking for in the beginning. The Book of Revelation is a great jigzaw-puzzle, and you have to first find all the pieces, and they're spread out all through the Tannakh.

First let's search the Bible using a modern search engine for 666. This number is mentioned several places in the Bible. Quite odd actually, for it is surely a number that stands out, one you'd notice when you see it, atleast when written down using Arabic numbers and our modern positioning system. Well anyway. One time it is mentioned in the Tannakh, is in the Book of Ezra and a couple of more times in Kings and 2nd Chronicles. But let's stick with Ezra.

Ezra was a man of great wisdom and was called Ezra the Scribe and was an important figure in the rebuilding of Israel after the Babylonian occupation of the Land. According to one of his apocrypha, 4th Ezra, it is reveiled that he and some friends of his rewrote the whole Torah (the five books of Moses) and several other books while in a trance-like state of divine guidance. The book of his that is included in the Tannakh is the Book of Ezra. And the King James Version says in Ezra 2:13 "The children of Adonikam, six hundred sixty and six". The number comes up in a census over the returned Israelites from the Babylonian captivity and may seem like a blind lead at first, but let's look into it.

In Hebrew as in any other language on Earth, names have meanings. And this one, Adonikam, has it's own perticular meaning: "my lord arose". When I first found out this, I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew that I had seen this meaning connected to another name before. And I soon got lucky. As I was discussing names of Satan with one guy at Usenet it suddenly came to me: Beelzebul! That silly old cow! Beelzebul or Ba'al-Sebul means "the exalted lord" or "the elevated lord".

In the Book of Revelation 13:18 it says: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six". Here is wisdom. Him that hath understanding. Seems to me that it refers directly to the Tannakh and specifically Ezra the Scribe... He was extremely wise and had great understanding of the divine and he even counted the number of the men who returned from Babylon, even a clanleader at 666 and whose name has the exact same meaning as does Ba'al-Sebul. And his Book of Ezra is one of the books of wisdom in the Tannakh.

Now the other person of the Tannakh who has been refered to as extremely wise, is of course Solomon, the son of King David. And the two other times the number 666 is mentioned in the Tannakh is about Solomon. Each year it says he collected taxes from the neighbouring countries, and the weight of all the gold was 666 talents. Now appart from wisdom, what is it that connects Ezra and Solomon? The Temple of course. Solomon built it, Ezra rebuilt it.

Now I won't put all the answers in your lap, but one would be an idiot not to see a connection to the freemasons here, with their Solomon, Temple, princes and stone-work.

Now concider a part of the riddle solved and go on from there. Look into fertility worshipping and look for sollutions as to what the idol refered to by Daniel and Jesus as the Abomination of Desolation can be. Hint: In 167 BC the Syrian king ordered an altair to be risen on the Temple Mount uppon which he sacrificed to his gods. This incident fullfilled the prophecy of Daniel perfectly, but as Jesus says it will happen again in the endtime. And we now know that it has something to do with Ba'alism, the Temple and Wisdom. Sounds like a clear referance to the old brotherhood of the rings to me...

Blessings in Christ,


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