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An offer you can't refuse...or maybe you can

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posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 05:14 PM
I was surfing through the web when I came across this:
InfowarCon gives you access to the most advanced, most effective technologies and strategies for protecting your shared infrastructures from external and internal attacks.

See the newest products and technology solutions

Learn first-hand how innovative solutions can protect your shared infrastructures

Participate in the high-level conference program chaired by Winn Schwartau and Douglas Dearth with Track session hosts from the U.S. Secret Service, NIPC/FBI, InfraGard, Air Force Information Warfare Center, White House Office of Homeland Defense and more!

Find out about the issues shaping the future of information security

Get your questions answered by technical experts

Who should attend?

Military personnel in offensive and defensive IW, and PSYOPS
Professionals in electronic civil defense, e-commerce, and information protection
Muncipal employees
Intelligence Agents
CEOs, CTOs, Managing Directors
IS Directors, Managers/Staff
MIS Managers
Legal Counselors
Law Enforcement Officers
Computer Crime Investigators
Security Consultants
Netowrk Security Architects
Network/LAN Administrators
Systems Analysts/Administrators
IT Auditors
Information Systems Managers
Academcis - Computer Science/IW Strategic Studies

....anyone responsible for enterprise and infrastructure information assurance and operations

Read more here


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