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Escaping Danger

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posted on Apr, 14 2003 @ 01:59 AM
This is kind of reference to the thread about the 10 year old little girl who was nearly abducted.
I was wondering if any of you had ever been in a perilous situation, but escaped it before the worst "could" have happened? I have been in the arms of danger and escaped, and I will share my story a little later. First I'd like to hear some of yours.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 03:51 AM
Well guess I'll go first Geesh!!
When I was young and living in Florida, (you know when the mall was the coolest place to hang out) I left the mall and decided to walk to a friends house which was 10 miles from the mall. About halfway there I stopped to use a pay phone at a convenient store to call and see if she was home duh? Anyway the lady working there was talking to a man inside like they were buddies and when I walked in she asked if I needed a ride somewhere, I said no and she said are you sure? Well somehow she talked me into taking a ride with the man she was talking to (dumb dumb dumb)
He was dressed nice and very friendly, he was telling me all about himself on the way and asking alot of questions, which I answered eagerly. Nothing strange except he said it's early, let me show you where I'll be working.(?) He ended up taking me for a very long drive down one of the roads that goes to nowhere, just woods on either side. He pulled into a spot and took out a camera (a poloroid) and told me how pretty I was and he'd love to have a picture of me to keep. I was terrified beyond belief by now and he took the picture and told me to relax, he wasn't going to harm me. He said you wait here, I'll be right back, and he got out and went to the back of his pickup truck and I bolted! I ran so fast without looking back, and I heard him yelling to me. It was so dark no lights no cars, nothing but woods.
So I ran into the woods on the other side of the road and laid down on the ground. I heard him driving back and forth down the road several times yelling for me. when finally he was gone I started running back the way we came. I saw a car coming and new it was a car, not a truck and I stood in the middle of the road screaming for them to stop. It was a car load of guys with little room, but I squeezed in and told them through crying what had happened as they drove me home. They said they were going to go find the truck I described and kick his ass, but I never saw anyone from that night again, so who knows?
So this was the time in my life that I feel I came very close to extreme danger. I always think, what was he going to get when he got out of the truck? And it scares me to this day! I never told my mom either and I NEVER took a ride with a stranger again-ever!!
Ok I shared mine now share yours. It doesn't have to envolve the same type of danger, it could be any time where you felt you came close to being severely hurt or even worse.
sincerely, Magestica

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 02:05 PM
Sounds liike that was a frightening experience magestica, I guess you learned the hard way not to accept rides from strangers. Kind of ironic that you jumped in with a car load of guys after that, but I guess that was your only way back. Thanks for sharing that magestica.

I myself haven't been in any situations like that, but I have been in a couple of car accidents, they were pretty frightening. It happens so fast, but while it's happening it seems like slow motion, pretty weird.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 02:20 PM
Man that must have been pretty scary. I would have run like hell. I have never been in a "kidnapping" situatuion but I have had my fair share of horros.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 03:46 PM
when I lived in Saudi Arabia... I was in the 6th grade, 11 years old...

Anyhow, we lived in a compound, with other families that worked for Lockheed (a little outside of Riyadh). The compound was in the middle of nowhere, with just a road leading into the city, and then on to other compounds in the other direction.

Around the compound, was a stone wall, about 12 feet high. Naturally, as kids, we felt confined by such walls, and inevitably would go exploring. Once over the wall (via a conveniently placed palm tree), and after roaming a bit, we ran into a Beduoin camp (desert nomads). First, we were coralled by desert dogs (like tan greyhounds), then by the nomads themselves...brandishing khopeshes (large, curved swords). After we started motioning that we were idiots (by pointing to ourselves and saying "moffeemook"! (Arabic for no brains), and "shukron" (thank you), we were allowed to go (it seemed to amuse them), and needless to say, it curtailed our over the wall explorations. Before that, we had other over the wall adventures, that weren't as disastrous, but other stories, for other times...

posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 11:21 PM
Hmm middle name! *dun dun dun*.

Was like 10 or something and fell down a hill stopping myself by jaming my leg into a rock...still don't know why that didn't break my hip

Some time I think in Middle School...I was out on a rock outcropping and got hit in the head by a hail stone *yes I was out in the hail...* and fell off one big boulder onto another about 20 feet down. Walked away though

Friend was driving too fast sometime after High School and we hit the dirt and into a boulder we went
Well three actually...he was to say the least...pissed.

Oh during high school I was playing football on a soccer feild and slid to trip someone running for the inzone, and missed by a hair to slaming my face into the goal post
But still put a good sized hole in my leg.

Oh can't forget the stupid time my friend talked me into climbing up a 100+foot crane in the freezing cold of winter night. I must say it looked like the bars were less far apart from the outside, turned out they were actually man I don't know if that would classify "escaping danger" but one wrong hand movement and out you'd go lol

Hmm...almost was blown off a ridge by 150mph+ winds about hug the ground.

Almost stampeaded by cows. *Don't throw rocks at cows when the farmer comes back, they get brave*

Almost burned up in a shack we made that a stupid friend of mine engulfed in flames, cleaning up the mess was the worst part of it though.

Almost sleded right into a tree...I turned backwards and the sled hit the tree and I went flying past it

My friends and I were racing this truck at about 100 - 120 mph and they turned out their headlights *night time* and and my friend slowed down because of that, next thing we see is the truck like stopped right in front of us turning around. Retards cut in front of us forcing us to swerve out of the way.

Oh and don't play chicken with those painting least...not when you're raised up

Oh yeah and there was the time where we reversed down a hill at about 50 mph or so into a nearly 2 ton boulder, the car was wasted, but we moved the boulder
It sucked more though for the people in the trunk. But I swear we're all the luckiest people alive...

I'm sure I've done some other things that were incredibly ... stupid...but I can't think of them off hand.

Oh well...never broken a bone though despite how many times I've fallen off of things lol.

I know this doesn't compare to danger by other persons but danger comes in many ways

Like having the back end of a car fall on your knee...probably explains why it hurts off and on

And there's the wrestling experience...don't let someone slam your head into the ground...even if they miss you still land on the back of your neck and that's NO better

Hmm, and now I play with chemicals that are really dangerous lol

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 09:30 PM

I was 4 years old on my uncle's pineapple farm...I used to love riding on the back of the tractors around the farm. One day I was picking the pines of the conveyor belt and putting them in the crate, when my glove I was wearing got caught in the cogs that run the conveyor belt. Needless to say The cogs ripped into the glove and my hand pretty badly...

My dad was picking the pines..feeling no pain at first I turned to dad and said umm dad better get a band aid..showing him the mutilated hand with a finger missing and blood spurting out of where my index finger should have been.

I have never heard my dad say so many swear words in one sentence....I was rushed to the farm house then promptly put on my grandad's knee as dad sped into the hospital 15 mins drive away....

I can vividly remember wanting to go to sleep so bad...I was told later that if I had of gone to sleep...then I would be asleep for a very long time....I lost 2.5 litres of blood...and for a four year old that has only about 5 litres of blood , well it's a hella lot of blood to lose...

We got pulled over by the cops before we got to the hospital cause dad was doing close to warp 9. The copper looked in the car said any reason ...HOLY SHIIIIIITTTTT....Quick follow me he says.. So I got my very own police escort through town.

Anyway after 6 months in hospital and about 1040 stitches, micro surgery and many ...many...many injections (god I hate those things), I came out with just one finger missing..

It's funny how you can remember so vividly an incident that happened over 21 years ago..It doesn't bother me missing a finger.. I do all the things everyone else can do, you just learn to live with what you got.

posted on May, 1 2003 @ 02:40 AM
...have many stories about escaping from danger...kinda grew up in 'interesting times' with 'interesting' people.

Hmmm...isn't that like some kind of old curse... "May you live in interesting times"...well anyway, yeah, I've had to face mortality more than once. Just from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or from stepping outside my abilities...pushing the limits a bit much...

...perhaps the real memorable ones are escaping not from physical danger...but spiritual I'm pretty sure you could relate to. Those instances are far more mind-blowing/life-altering...for during them you aren't just facing pain/injury/death to your body - but destruction of your very essence...


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