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International Space Mapping of Lake Vostok Overridden by NSA

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posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 08:37 PM
In a brief announcment today, NASA and the JPL terminated all further study of Lake Vostok in S. Antarctica. In an apparent slip of confidentiality, spokeswoman Debra Shingteller alluded to "National Security Issues" allowing the NSA to assume full control of what had been an International effort to explore a huge, under-ice lake near the Russian Vostok research station. Ms. Shingteller was immediately led away from the podium, and an aid responded to the many further questions with the same answer: "the project has been halted due to environmental issues", and that no further releases were pending. The large crowd of press corp. were left clamoring as the officials left the stage. Ms. Shingteller has not responded to repeated attempts at contact.

The above is a report from an official JPL PR rep. who attended the announcement. The following is part of a letter written to an editor of Scientific American Magazine (who has requested anonimity). The linked photo at the end was released by NASA in Jan 2001 seemingly by mistake. It is no longer available from the official archive.

Approximately 300 miles from the South Pole there is a lake, a very large lake. It is Lake Vostok. It is also located over 3/4 mile beneath the Continental Ice Sheet. The best photos of Lk Vostok are from space, where the outline is clearly visible. Current ice-penetrating radar studies indicate that the water is up to 2000 ft deep in places, and has an over-arching dome up to 1/2 mile high. Estimates for filtered light at the lake surface indicate something like "continuous first morning light" during Antarctica's summer months. Thermograph imaging proposes an amazing 50-degree average water temperature with "hot spots" near 65 degrees. This can only be attributed to subsurface geothermal heat sources. At 300 miles long, and 50 miles wide, the encapsulated atmosphere should have the ability to cleanse itself through interaction with the lake, and possibly... plant life.
Also proposed as a possible route for atmospheric interaction with the lake's environment are what are being labeled "geothermal boils". These are thousands of bubbles in the ice sheet located in the some 200 sq. miles of "ice dunes" discovered by the late Russian scientist Ivan Toskovoi who was stationed at Vostok research base until his disappearance in March 2000. The surveyed bubbles range from a few to several hundred feet in diameter.
Quite possibly just as exciting as all of the data related so far, is the discovery through Magnetic Imaging that there is an extremely powerful source of magnetic energy located at the North end of the lake's shoreline. As of this writing, no one has suggested an explanation for the magnetic "anomaly".
As recently as February 2000, at least two international teams were planning separate probes of the lake. Both consisted of fairly similar robotic sensors that would have been lowered through shafts(to be drilled). The team based at Cambridge University, London were sponsored by the UK and US governments, and backed by NASA technology. For reasons not clear, both programs have been shelved indefinitely, with NASA going so far as to deny any involvement, and both governments citing "environmental concerns". An independent source that visited Norway's research base some 150 miles to the East stated that a large amount of new equipment and personnel have been arriving at Russia's Vostok Station over the last six months. This is interesting considering Russia's current financial situation.
A final note is a verified dispatch out of Casey Station(AU). The pair of women adventurers who were attempting to ski across the continent last month, and were extracted by plane during the last leg of their trip, did NOT request the intervention. Over the protests of the Australian crew at Casey, the two were airlifted via an extraordinary 48 hour flight by a USN Special Forces team out of American Samoa. According to the dispatch the women were insistent on reporting something unusual they had seen. The latest news reports have the pair resting in "seclusion".

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 08:41 PM
is it possible a submarine reptillian society is there? doubt it but i'm facinated with the idea of scaly green things at the moment. i still think it's strange, such a great discovery going to be muddled by feddies once again

posted on Apr, 13 2003 @ 08:44 PM
Not sure, but someone is obviously trying to hide something....

posted on Apr, 14 2003 @ 06:50 AM
Found a lovely bit of info on Lake Vostok here

"Put simply, Lake Vostok is cool"

posted on Apr, 14 2003 @ 07:12 AM
For anyone in the UK there was a large piece on Lake Vostock in Aprils issue of UFO magazine. Article draws on people seeing nuclear generators being put in place in the area, the case of the two australian skiers, a similiar experience by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Admiral Byrds trip down there after WWII, seems to link events down there to Nazis as well. The base down there seems to be called S8 as well, sound familiar? Very interesting piece.

Interested in this magnetic anomaly mentioned in the piece above, it seems most stories coming out about this mention it.

There does seem to be a hell of a lot of stuff about this at the mo, once again though questions will remain unanswered.

[Edited on 14-4-2003 by cassini]

posted on Apr, 14 2003 @ 11:10 PM
If you have ever done any research on Admiral Byrd and Operation HighJump, it becomes clear that WWII did NOT end with VJ day.

Admiral Byrds expedition to Antarctica was nothing more than an advanced recon mission.

Something not well publicized is that the Germans spent a LOT of money and time exploring Antarctica in the 1930s. The German Thule Society injected a lot of money and influence into these expeditions, and this is also where later Deputy fuhrer Rudolf Hess can to noteriety as leader of 2 missions to antarctica on behalf of Thule.

Just a couple of questions:

Operation HighJump was comprised of 3 fully equipped naval taskforces, with 5000 fully combat equipped marines. Were they expecting to meet highly agressive polar bears and penguins?

As has been suggested, the US was interested in establishing an Antarctic base in advance of Russian advances there. If so, why did we do so in 1946 when Russia was still pulling itself together to feed itself? If so, why did we promptly abandon it after just a couple of months.

There are rumors of massive casualties associated with Operation HighJump, upwards of 1000 dead, although I have a hard time finding any official information on this. Although I can see an odd man dying of frostbite/exposure, I have a hard time seeing 1000+ men dying, in the midst of a well equipped expedition, from anything other than a combat environment. If so, who were we fighting?

posted on Apr, 14 2003 @ 11:23 PM
but what they fought. i doubt an old german force was there. if there are indeed reptillians there, they most likely have adapted to the cold over the eons, and haven't the weakness of not being able to survive long in cold like us. i doubt i giant epidemic of freexin their arses off happened. too much is hidden from the people

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 12:02 AM
Sorry Dragonrider but I just don't believe it.
This part...

In a brief announcment today, NASA and the JPL terminated all further study of Lake Vostok in S. Antarctica. In an apparent slip of confidentiality, spokeswoman Debra Shingteller alluded to "National Security Issues" allowing the NSA to assume full control of what had been an International effort to explore a huge, under-ice lake near the Russian Vostok research station. Ms. Shingteller was immediately led away from the podium, and an aid responded to the many further questions with the same answer: "the project has been halted due to environmental issues", and that no further releases were pending. The large crowd of press corp. were left clamoring as the officials left the stage. Ms. Shingteller has not responded to repeated attempts at contact.

feels wrong, like its just an amaturish badly written bit of fluff.

I found similar here.

and here

who say the following (and this is rense king of the bull#ters!!)

I am sure that this is purely an editing error whilst attempting to cull the various dispatches forwarded to you by me a few months ago. In fact, I DID NOT write it, NOR have I verified its veracity. AND, in later emails on the subject matter over the last few months I have raised several redflag outpoints concerning different aspects of this allegedly true "NSA Overide-Coverup" Anon story.

In short, I am reasonably certain that 90% of the original Anon story is a concocted piece of bull# that was foistered upon Nexus Magazine via Scientific American magazine from person(s) unknown for reasons unknown.

mind you, this interesting article still raises some eyebrows...

The Interrupted Press Conference

Good morning. Could I speak with Debra Shingteller?

Of course, one moment, replied the switchboard operator at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

This was my second attempt at contacting the protagonist of the extremely bizarre press conference allegedly held by NASA regarding its involvement, or rather, the sudden end of its involvement, in the Lake Vostok project. It appeared that the agencys budgetary cuts had been so severe that not even background music could be heard while I was on hold.

Im sorry, sir. Shes not in at the moment.

Ah...could you please give me her voicemail?

Of course. Hold on, please.

Although I doubted that the elusive Ms. Shingteller would actually return my message, I thought that it was still worth a try. I was surprised, however, when the voice on the answering machine did not correspond to that of the spokesperson, but to another functionary of the NASA Public Information Office. It would appear that Ms. Shingteller had taken some time off after the conference that would make her a household name in conspiracy circles around the world. My question, in any event, was straightforward: why didnt the press release regarding the sudden distancing of NASA and JPL with the Lake Vostok project appear among the ones publicly available on the web (www.nasa. gov)?

[Edited on 15-4-2003 by Netchicken]

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 12:36 AM
Is there a link for where you got the article dragonrider?

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 04:10 AM
"Although I can see an odd man dying of frostbite/exposure, I have a hard time seeing 1000+ men dying, in the midst of a well equipped expedition, from anything other than a combat environment. If so, who were we fighting?"

Well if the figures of 1000+ men dying are true it does leave the question who were we fighting? The report on this I have seen mentions that *several ships and aircraft were lost" . This account appartently comes from chilean observers.

The following is what Admiral Byrd is alleged to have said to reporters after the expidition, "it was necessary for America to take defensive action against enemy air fighters which came from the polar region", Byrd also said that in the event of a new war the US risked being attacked by fighters able to fly from one pole to the other at incredible speeds.

Aliens, Atlanteans or Nazis???

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 08:20 PM
Is there a link for where you got the article dragonrider? Posted by William One Sac

Actually, that came from my archives, and is at least a year or more old, so no, I dont have a link to it (sorry about that!)

I dont know how true or defensible the original article is, although I had *not* seen it on rense. But, it does jive at least in part with other more accepted articles regarding activity in antarctica and other Operation HighJump information.

If anyone does have solid information confirming or denying this article, please do post.

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 08:48 PM
This would be an interesting story to see verified...

posted on Apr, 15 2003 @ 10:58 PM
I came across this on the old ats ezboard. It was posted by Netchicken. I originally was looking for the original thread we had on Lake Vostok, but its gone,
this thread was there, but all of the replies were deleted somehow!
Its a unique ezboard error, strange indeed....

Mystery of the Eltanin Antenna

Between 1962 and 1979 the NSF Polar Research Vessel Eltanin surveyed Antarctic waters, studying the ocean and ocean bottom. In 1964, the ship photographed an unusual object at a depth of 13,500 feet. At the time, there was no submarine that could have carried a piece of technology to this depth.
The object appears to be a pole rising from the ocean floor with twelve spokes radiating from it, each ending in a sphere. The spokes are at fifteen degree angles to each other. It is located approximately 1,000 miles south of Cape Horn, beneath some of the most inhospitable seas in the world.

Marine biologists have speculated that it might be some sort of an organism, largely because it is otherwise so difficult to explain. However, there is no known form of marine life that looks remotely like this object.

There exists the possibility that it is an antenna or other scientific instrument that was lost by an early research vessel, but once again, this would appear to be a very forced explanation. It seems unlikely that an object could drop through three miles of ocean, and anchor itself on the bottom.

In addition, the position of the antenna is so exact, and so strangely significant, that it would seem almost certain that it was intentionally put there. Who did it, with what technology and why remains unknown. However, it's clear that there could be an enormous secret connected with the Eltanin antenna, and one that might not be entirely unknown to certain members of the scientific community, as will be seen.

Researcher Bruce Cathie, a New Zealander who, among other things, had a famous series of UFO sightings, has developed a theory about the antenna based on its position on the planet. Cathie's theories suggest that the antenna may be part of an ancient planetary grid that is of fundamental importance to an understanding of our planet and the great 25,000 year cycle known as the precession of the equinox.

Could it be possible that the Eltanin Antenna is a piece of ancient technology, or even technology that comes from another world? Cathie certainly thinks so. Other researchers are now suggesting that modern science might be well aware of the purpose of the object, and might be actively monitoring it or using it in some way.

Mr. Cathie considers 144, the harmonic recriprocal of the speed of light, to be an important measure of the earth's grid because it divides into the planet's 21,600 minutes of arc exactly 150 times. An individual interested in Cathie's ideas began measuring outward in steps from the antenna, and to his surprise found that the Prospect Point Antarctic Base is precisely eight of these measures away. Add another unit of 144 and you find two more antarctic bases, Hemus and St. Kilmet.

Remarkably, a whole array of bases and earthquake stations surround the Eltanin Antenna. What this may mean is unknown, but it is certainly suggestive that the Eltanin antenna is no strange marine creature, but rather an object of great importance, that somebody understands very well.

The original ez board thread

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 06:02 AM
Was doing a little poking around on whether I could locate a "drilling schedule" or such in relation to the seismic activity in Antarctica being discussed right now on the WWS thread.

Found this on another message board. Note that allegedly there was to be some type of meeting this month between the "parties of interest" concerning who would do what and how. Could the recent upstart of the drilling signature on the seismic record be an indication that this meeting has taken place and an agreement reached?

Also, note the comments about reported illness in some of the people present. Thought I'd throw that in in case some one can find any information to support it.


Something VERY weird is happening in Antarctica
I've been getting some very strange news from the south pole...
at Lake Vostok(a fresh water volcanic lake that's been under 2 miles of ice for millions of years), they were doing some core drilling to get samples....
then there were stories of people getting sick....
now there's absolutely zero news coming out of there
my usual russian and british contacts down there are suddenly uncharacteristically silent...
something is going on...
has anybody else heard anything?


Re: Something VERY weird is happening in Antarctica
Drilling has been going on Lake Vostok since 1996. Since the water in the lake has been isolated from the rest of the world for over 1 million years, scientists believe that life could have taken a different evolution path, hence they want to study the kind of organisms they find in that lake. So far, they had not reached to the bottom of the lake, and had stopped drilling around 100 metres before the lake. Last I know, they were still deciding on the type of equipment to use so that they do not contaminate the water in the lake, and who gets to study the water (apparantly, some political games between the countries involved in the drilling - US, Britain, Russians, France, et al). There is supposed to be a meeting between these countries sometime in July in Beijing (China) where they are going to decide on the who and how.

Why they are doing this? Because, the lake provides the similar environment as seen on different moons and planets - eg, the frozen ice on Mars and the lakes under frozen ice in Europa (one of the moons of Jupiter). So, studying life-forms that do not require photosynthesis, and thrive under extreme conditions such as very high temperatures (through volcanic vents under the sea), or very low temperatures such as Lake Vostok, would give the scientists some clue on extra-terrestrial life.

SkelMonkey, do keep us posted whenever you hear from any of your sources. The only source of information I get is thru the URLs - NASA, BBC, etc., and they don't publish much until they really want the public to know about things.

[Edited on 28-7-2003 by Valhall]

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 09:52 PM
Very good info Val, thanks!!!!

I would just like to interject what I mentioned on the seismic thread... I spent 2 years working on a geotechnical exploratory drill rig, and granted that this expedition may well warrant larger equipment, I CANNOT IMAGINE ANY EXPLORATORY DRILL RIG CREATING THIS KIND OF SIGNATURE.

Even a full blown oil production well would not create the kinds of seismic signatures that are coming through the USGS, and it appears that the drilling goes on for between 14-24 hours continuously without break.

My guess is a completely subterranian drilling machine similar to what was used to excavate the English Channel Tunnel (Chunnel).

Considering the extreme expense of such enterprises, and the vastly added expense of running such operations in ANTARCTICA, the question raises, exactly what would they want to expend that kind of money???

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 09:57 PM
I would like to go a little further with this. It is MOST DEFINITELY NOT an ice coring signature. Ice coring would be done in EXTREMELY small segments (20, maybe 40 feet at a time) and then the string would have to be pulled.

So, I might have missed your theories on what they would be "chunneling" for, but what is your theory???

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 10:03 PM
I would agree that this is NOT an exploratory operation. When I worked on geotechnical investigations, we extracted rock cores in 5 or 10 foot sections, and I never worked on a job that exceeded 100 feet depth. (Our rigs tapped out at 150 feet depth)

I just posted in seismic, I have NO idea why in the hell someone would go to the effort and expense to excavate some kind of underground facility in antarctica. It is the coldest, most hostile, and most isolated environment on the planet. In addition, it is protectected by international treaty in terms of exploiting any and all natural resources (It is currently illegal to explore for oil and gas reserves in antarctica per international law).

I would say, based on the seismic signatures, that whatever is going on, they are now drilling/tunnelling through soild bedrock and NOT ice. I say this because it is far easier to use thermal techniques (essentially melting a tunnel) in solid ice, and this would leave no seismic signature. So, I would say based on the siesmic information, they have since penetrated the 2+ km of ice and are now tunnelling through the bedrock.

Still have no idea what this would do for anyone... unless they know something we dont....

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 10:07 PM
I've got a clue what it would reveal. Same thing found in Siberia along the polar circle...evidence that the continent of Antarctica wasn't a big block of ice, but a nice fertile landscape...and then all of a sudden POW! things got real cold real fast.

BUT, what benefit is it to finding that out? Could it possibly be that they are doing this just for the sake of knowledge??? And when it flies in the face of current scientific geologic theories of "noncataclysmic events"...hmmm. It gets weirder.

p.s. For anybody even considering that I don't know Siberia is on the NORTHERN polar circle...forget it. If the northern polar circle was not at the environmental conditions it is now, it stands to reason neither was the southern.

[Edited on 29-7-2003 by Valhall]

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 10:11 PM
Current seismic profile for Palmer Station Antarcitca...

Shows the "tunnelling" signature for at least the last 24 hours...

Scott Base Antarctica...

Very attenuated, but very similar as well... almost looks sinusoidal if you look at it for a while...

Val, I agree, there may well be evidence that contradicts current geological models... however, why would they need to tunnel to find it? That kind of evidence COULD be found with normal exploratory drill rigs... and FAR cheaper and easier than with tunnelling machines... and it WOULDNT produce this kind of seismic signatures...

posted on Jul, 28 2003 @ 10:14 PM
Well if conditions are so good at that lake...we could perhaps turn it into a shelter for world leaders and scientists assuming something terrible was about to happen.

It seems better protected than many deep level bunkers. And it has a water source to sustain thousands of people.

I'm brainstorming now

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