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The ""Most unfortunate surname" award goes to...

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posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 08:40 PM

In the densely populated northeastern slum area of Saddam City, US Marines pulled back to allow local people to hunt ýmujahideenţ volunteer fighters holed up in the area.

ýThe locals said they wanted to take charge of Saddam City and we said: ŰRoger thatÝ,ţ Lt. Col. Lew Craparotta, commander of a Marine unit that moved back from the fringes of the suburb, said.

Craparotta said it was not clear how many ýthird country nationalsţ, as the US describes them, were in Saddam City.

Iraq has said thousands of volunteers from across the Arab world came to the country to help fight the US-led invasion.

Local militia and the ýmujahideenţ fought fiercely through Friday night until after dawn, with the sound of sustained small arms and heavy machinegun fire suggesting substantial clashes between the two groups. US forces were not involved.

Craparotta said a Marine was killed and another injured in an ambush on Friday in the northern sector his unit has moved into.


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