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Here's what one of Europes largest newspaper says about the GOPs candidates:

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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:04 AM
link (German only)

I will try google.translate with some editing of my own to make it a litte more readable:

"U.S. Republicans
Club of liars, demagogues, ignorant

Team of the U.S. Republican candidates: from scandal to scandal

A reality show full of awkward moments do the U.S. Republicans in their primaries forward with ignorance, lies and scandals, notes SPIEGEL ONLINE correspondent Marc Pitzke. The party ruined the reputation of the country - and even has to fear the comeback of the ultimate scandal noodle.

Africa is a country. In Libya, the Taliban rule. Muslims are terrorists, immigrants are usually criminal, Occupy protesters always dirty. And women who feel sexually harassed, should please not put up such a fuss.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the U.S. Republicans . Or rather: the Distortion World in her presidential campaign. For months they hoof it around the country with their traveling circus, from debate to debate, from scandal to scandal, to be recommended for the most powerful office on earth - and rootlessness is not taboo to them.

Sure, on the road to the White House always all kinds of things go wrong. Goof-ups, blunder, embarrassments: No campaign would do without them. And this time it would all certainly very funny - if ones laughing were not stuck in the throat.

Because these eight would-be candidates are happily ruining not only her own reputation and that of her party, the party once worthy of Abraham Lincoln . They ruin the reputation of the United States.

They lie, feign bluster and talk so silly stuff. And they prove a political, economic, geographical and historical ignorance that George W. Bush appear as a scholar and make even friends of the party cringe. "When has the GOP lost touch with reality?" Said flabbergasted Ex-Bush speechwriter David Frum in the "New York Magazine." Ronald Reagan's chief of staff Kenneth Duberstein speaks of a reality show, columnist Peggy Noonan ("Wall Street Journal"), even from a freak show.

The latter nails it probably the best.

Platitudes instead of program: In serious times that require brains, wit, these figures only waffle, insulting the intelligence of all Americans. But like all freak shows they would also be unthinkable without their stage (the by sheer political correctness almost obsessively neutral U.S. media) (?????really??ManFromEurope) and their receptive audience (the apparently overnight stupefied party basis). Despite the below grade levels of this primary campaign press and TV stations one clown after another cheer for the new runner up in pretty reliable news cycles of 45 days.

Cain is a caricature of content

For example, Herman Cain . He is stitting out allegations by arguing that the vast majority of ladies whom he had met in his life had not complained. In the recent affair was revealed on Monday a woman who says to have been for 13 years his mistress. Cain dismisses this nonchalant - even though his attorney Lin Wood denies anything but clear. A consultant for Cain announced now at least him to reconsider his campaign - which may mean that he drops it soon.

This wouldn't be a loss. Cain is a caricature of content.

As head of the pizza chain "Godfather's" he destroyed jobs earlier, he now shows himself as a job magician. He mastered neither the basics of the economy nor shows rudimentary knowledge of politics and cartography. Libya confuses him, China he thinks it not a nuclear power, other questions he answered categorically with the exclamation, "9-9-9", the symbol of his tax cut plan, which would increase the taxes for 84 percent of Americans. (oops, have to go, try to understand the rest..)

Disturbed all the temporary rise of Cain? Not at all: Since 1 October, he donated his fans more than nine million dollars.

Newt Gingrich, the disgraced political dinosaurs

Or Newt Gingrich, the latest darling du jour . Because of the disgraced political dinosaur can say more complicated sentences than the other, the U.S. media glorify him reflexively to the "man of ideas" ("Washington Post"), although these ideas are often miserable. If not offensive - such as the firing, school caretaker and to do their jobs for poor children.

For the high-handed Berufsdemagoge is neither punished deserve to have and now selling it as a Washington outsider as the chutzpah, as a lobbyist millions of dollars. Or for play, moral authority, even though he is divorced twice - the first woman, ill with cancer, he surprised everyone with the divorce at the bedside, the second one he cheated with a 23 years younger employee, while serving as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives the impeachment Bill Clinton's advance drove in the Lewinsky affair. Chutzpah already there.

The Americans have short memories. Forget that Gingrich was driven in disgrace from Congress reprimanded the first speaker in U.S. history because of ethics violations. Or that he always sharp scars along the border of racism when he speaks of Barack Obama. Or that he had a 500,000-dollar credit line at Tiffany's, during his campaign in the Meanies sank - and he railed against the national debt.

The media here to thank him but by his courtly umtänzeln daily. And the Republican voters, by making him sit in the polls just to the front. Mr. hypocrisy as a right hope.

"People are hungry for ideas," said Gingrich's just former Clinton nemesis whose "success" in an interview with the conservative magazine "Newsmax". "He is rewarded for thinking." Not only the Republicans have lost their minds.

"Um, sorry, oops"

Rick Perry - his unspeakable are legend

And the other candidates? Rick Perry's legend is unspeakable. His "Ooops" moment of South Carolina , his often drunk slurred voice, his TV ads, Obama put the words into the mouth, has not said (Americans are "lazy"), his claim as governor of Texas have created a million jobs, although there were in fact only 100,000: Elsewhere, Perry would be discredited as a serious candidate for a long time. Not in the USA.

Michele Bachmann . they have while they have relegated to the courts, yet they must continue to pretend that she was a serious candidate Ron Paul's fan base is all the more committed, more confused he talks . Jon Huntsman - the only one who from time to time useful suggestions making - has been played at the base, since it is relatively favorably commented on the Occupy demos.

If Mitt Romney , the flip-Flopper eternal and at the end almost guaranteed candidate, although nobody likes him right in the party. Stock still, he says his phrases by heart, after all, he carries it since 2008, when he failed, to make John McCain's nomination alienated.

Simply ignore everything?

Romney as investors raked in millions and kills jobs, and now he plays the savior of the economy - with a "business plan", the business magazine "Forbes" as dubbed dangerous and asks whether it would certainly be serious. Not to mention Romney's TV spots, which also abound in falsehoods that way.

So a nice club. A club of liars, debtors, unjust, adulterers, exaggeration, Pharisees and ignorant. No wonder that David Remnick, the editor of "New Yorkers", is already the "decline of America" ​​looks.

.. (it goes on like that)

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:19 AM
i was hoping to see their take on ron paul! did the story continue to include him?

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:20 AM
Hard not to agree with that article. Is what the media in the US should be saying or close to it, you know real analysis and reporting. But nooooo.

Oh and do they mention Ron Paul?

SnF for the thread and translation.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

Yes, did they mention Ron Paul. I wanna hear about him. He is the best. Tell me if they mention him. TelL Me nOW. dO It.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:25 AM


I swear by god, they are all RINO's, yet nobody seems to be saying the obvious

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:27 AM
Another example of the "tolerant" left, what a joke. When you read articles like this you know they're in panic mode.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by godWhisperer

They mentioned one line for Bachmann, Paul, and Huntsman.

The only they they had to say about Paul was that he sometimes sounds confusing. I guess it is true since he often talks about complicated political subjects the average person is not inclined to.

There was another german article linked to that page that was talking about Ron Paul and his young voter base, they misconstrued almost all of his positions, which I figure is typical of anybody that doesn't do their Ron Paul due diligence. I've met German tourists here in Los Angeles that love Ron Paul and I have a German friend here and he agrees with just about everything Ron Paul says. I think that German press site just want to make us look bad in general.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:54 AM
Heres the translated article about Ron Paul, mentioned in the posting above: (German only)

"Radical, simple, successful

By Sebastian Fischer , Washington
Video abspielen...Watch the video ...

God, drugs, free markets: the ultra-liberal U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul has promoted a special mixture for the favor of the Republicans. The 76-year-old lures his young fans with easy answers to difficult questions - and it knits a pretty conspiracy theory.

Ron Paul has no followers. Ron Paul's disciples. He is old and radical. They are young and hungry. Students the most, something technical, a life on the Internet. Nerds with a sense of mission. You want to make Paul as President of the United States of America. "Fan site", the clever old man called his page on the net and then calls the "Ron Paul Revolution".

"There are so many young people are flocking to Dr. Paul , because his ideas are young and it's about freedom, "says Joseph Pauli. The 25-year-old has come to Washington in October for Paul, arch-conservative Christians to an event. "Summit of the values ​​voters" They call it and because the troops are organized by Dr. Paul fine, his students are on buses in time for the straw vote on the Republican presidential candidates carted to the conference hotel. Paul wins.

The disciples rejoice, booing the values ​​voters.

A trained gynecologist, America's 45th President wants to be is hard to grasp. He is conservative. And radical-liberal. As a sponsor of the Tea Party movement because he does some of his campaign against taxes and against the government. Germany's market liberals would lick their fingers.

Paul does not belong to the Establishment, the student says Pauli. Really? The man sits in three decades for Texas' 14 Congressional district in parliament and is already 76 years old. The third time he has now fallen in the battle for the White House, after 1988 and 2008. His views have caused a stir every time and attention:

The taxes in the low-tax country America will fall heavily - or better yet, disappear. About the income tax. The state does not belong ultimately the lives of citizens, says Paul. Anyway: Even Marx and Engels had praised this kind of taxation. So get rid of it.
In the first year of his presidency had hoped Paul wants to save one trillion dollars, the ministries of energy, education, home affairs, economic and urban development should be abolished.
Even the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and the federal agency responsible for airport security to believe it. Air traffic safety should be a private affair of the airlines, says Paul.
He is against abortion.
Legalization of drugs? In the states should decide. Paul himself had apparently no problem with the release of heroin. "How many people here would take heroin if it were legal," he said recently during a televised debate to the audience: "I bet no one raises a hand."
The attacks of the 11th September 2001 Paul evaluates as result of years of occupation of foreign countries by the United States: "Think about it how you would feel you, if another country occupied by the United States to install military bases and troops sent in your cities." The deadly attack on top terrorist Osama bin Laden in the spring, he has rejected.

And so on. It is a crude, a polarizing mixture, which served as Ron Paul. His supporters do not mind. In polls of the presidential candidates is always stable for months at around ten percent - while nearly all other candidates are subjected to an up and down: Only the values ​​of Tea Party icon shot Michele Bachman in the air. Then came the crash. The same thing happened last even the Texas governor Rick Perry . Currently, ex-pizza entrepreneur Herman Cain to be high.

Leased truth

But politics is the question of faith, play the battle of arguments does not matter anymore. What is counter to Paul's disciples, even if they still owned the one saving truth are? Herman Cain, the competitor, has already complained about the young "Radikalinskis" from Paul's camp, because everywhere he appearing to agitate were looking for.

And then if there is no chance but to run for president - are finally the conspiracy theorists on the train - because ten percent just ten percent.

Because Ron Paul was the only one who had predicted the financial crisis, they say, now would be the financial industry in conjunction with the incumbent to prevent his candidacy. The media must of course be in league with. Paul himself has even complained that reports would be too little about him.

"My orders come from our Creator"


posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:54 AM
It’s from where? And it’s New Left foaming at the mouth? Oh Germany, no that is not a surprise, the Frankfurt School got to experiment on that country pretty thoroughly. Please ignore facts and proceed with your PC-driven denial of reality. Recite it with me everyone: “Turkey for Turks, Germany for Everyone! Turkey for Turks, Germany for Everyone! We must prove for our non-racism by committing self-genocide!”

Sorry to be brutal and a little off-topic, but when the largest (or one of the largest) newspaper’s in Germany can espouse such non-stop ridiculous, completely ideologically charged, and vile material and be labeled a credible source for news I cannot help but become angry. Of all the things I keep reading about coming from Germany with the proposed importing of 200,000 Africans by the Green Party (environmentalism my ass), arrest of David Duke before he could even speak (the state must approve your thoughts), and so much more over the years I cannot help but think Germany is a washed-up feminized country.

Not that all the people are bad, or brainwashed, but they seem at least one step further than the already bat# insane United States with its loony left-wing. But at least we do not have the ‘we will intimidate anyone we disagree with’ Antifa (call yourself ‘Anti-fascist’ but you sure seem a lot like your imaginary enemy). Der Spiegel and its viewer base should do everyone a favor and throw themselves off the Zugspitze.

So much for a once glorious and magnificent country/people, when the Left are done with you there will be no more ‘Germany’ or ‘Germans’, not any worth mentioning at least.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:54 AM
Rest of the article as following:

It's not that Paul would be a political Grandpa unsympathetic. Not at all. He not only allows for nuances, his answers are radically simple. Financial crisis? Back to the gold standard! Abolish the Fed! The government? Is absolutist and the devil. "We have accepted that the king is looking out for us. But I take God as the true king. My instructions come from our Creator."

The simple acts sexy. Especially on young Americans who get lost with all the economic and security mess in which lies the land to feel their future cheated. Even at anti-capitalist Occupy-Wall Street demonstrations can find posters with the names of the man who but the man just prescribes the free play of markets as a panacea. He recently gave the Africans this tip.

Finally, it is the total failure of foreign policy other Republican candidates , the Ron Paul knows how to use it for themselves. While Rick Perry to the Indians recommends F-16 fighter jets against the Taliban, Mitt Romney to increase the budget of the Defense Department wants more - actually, with what money? - And Herman Cain joked about the name of a U.S. ally ("Ubeki-beki beki, beki-standardized-stan '), the old man has a clear message: isolationism. He wants to bring home all U.S. troops, close military bases abroad, aid, stop.

In war-weary America, he scores with it. He has twice received so many donations from active duty, like all other Republican candidates together, Paul has just said. Why, he asked recently, the Americans should be about the "socialist" system of finance in Germany continue .

When his disciples came to pretty good. "
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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:02 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

lol, isolationism? even the German mainstream media watches too much American mainstream media.

Maybe its the bad google translation but these guys are horrible journalists, maybe its a German thing that we just don't get though.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by Misoir

David Duke:
As a country we Germans have a rather special liabillity to observe visitors intentions and past. There is and always will be a very sensitive view of all of our politicians on extreme right wing visitors if and when they are trying to hold public speeches, we are brandmarked. Mr Duke was arrested in Prague, not in Germany.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by eLPresidente

Yepp, its isolationism even in the German original. Is that a wrong view on Paul? As far as I could see in the threads on ATS he is quite america-centered and wants to bring back the troops, spend less money on foreign development etc. - which is quite the isolationistic way, I think.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

How is it a brandmark that a person who is right-wing gives a speech to about a hundred individuals in Germany? Oh and also you may want to talk to your news media about reporting when they arrest a person based on a twisting of travel laws to fit the state's political needs.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by eLPresidente

I've done enough translating to know that what I read was not bad journalism. The Google translater may not be the best but other languages do not always have an exact match for each and every one of our English words. Like "equivalent" for example. So when you have a long text like the one the op presented you have to keep that in mind and think outside the box so you can get the message that was intended in German ( In this case ).

If you think that was a hard read be thankful that it didn't come from a Russian news source. I haven't found a translater tool yet that can do that language justice.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:39 AM

Originally posted by Misoir
reply to post by ManFromEurope

How is it a brandmark that a person who is right-wing gives a speech to about a hundred individuals in Germany? Oh and also you may want to talk to your news media about reporting when they arrest a person based on a twisting of travel laws to fit the state's political needs.

As soon as he would have denied the holocaust in German public, he would have had to face legal problems here anyway, because that's a criminal offence in Germany. We don't and won't tolerate the Holocaust denial, its part of our special heritage. It's not a twist, it's German law, respect that. Deny the Holocaust publicy and repeatedly and you will find yourself on the black list.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

Thank you for that post op. You did a great job. Not only in the translating part, but in the fact that more Americans need to know what the rest of the world thinks about us.

What I find interesting is that most Americans don't seem to care much about what the rest of the world thinks about us, yet we seem to have no problems with going over to other countries and butting in where we don't belong. I think that's called arrogance. And I also think that Ron Paul doesn't seem to have too much of that which is why the media discounts him at every opportunity.

It's amost as if you have to be an a**hole to be accepted by TPTB in order to become President.

And then we wonder why the rest of the world doesn't like us.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

Sounds like real freedom right there.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by ManFromEurope

Maybe you see isolationism in a less negative light than most others.

My examples are:

isolationism = North Korea

non-interventionism = Switzerland.

Pulling out our troops and trying our best to be neutral while working on our own issues and not meddling in the affairs of others, won't make us isolationists.
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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Just for the Holocaust part of our history. We won't accept any denial there.

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