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S&P may cut France rating outlook to negative: report

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posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 08:13 PM

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's could change the outlook for France's triple-A rating to negative within the next 10 days, a French newspaper reported on Monday, citing several sources. Such a move would signal a possible downgrade.

"It could happen within a week, perhaps 10 days," La Tribune quoted a source as saying of a change to the outlook

Fire in the hole ! Looks like that "error" a few weeks back may have been legit, but just not market ready. France and Germany are the pillars of the Euro, this will only further distress an already fragile currency. I've read that Germany is essentially where the US was in 1931. Couple this with the UK warnings of potential widespread riots and bank runs, it should be quite the ride between now and xmas and into early 2012.



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