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A Cornucopia of Conspiracy

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posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 12:17 AM
As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of the "final year" 2012, I thought a nice summary of some of the most "out-there" conspiracies I have encountered here on ATS and elsewhere was in order. Please add to the list anything I may unintentionally exclude. Let the fun begin:

How to start,... how to begin.....

Comet Elinin plunged through the Earth, destroying many reputations in it's path. The shapeshifting reptilians in powerful positions all rejoiced, as did the robotoids and synthetics of Dr. Peter Beter (who was a MASTER deBATER I may add) as did the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth. Many of the celebrities who had supposedly died, but had actually gone through much trouble to fake their deaths (such as Elvis [who graced us with his "extra" performance in Home Alone], and Jim Morrison [who is raising cattle in Oregon] met in private to discuss why the presumably dead Paul McCartney faked his life. It was agreed upon that he was just trying to be different. As for Brian Epstein, Don Knotts alone knows. Alex Jones, who is known to have previously been Bill Hicks was not invited to the conference.There was some gramma of 8-03, and some kid with no clue. I know we all had a small love affair with an armless peeping tom something or other named Bob. Oh Bob, If you hear us, please, know that we love you. We love your easily disproven picture. Your untruth is worth our entertainment.

All I ask of every ATS member is this:

After you have had your "fun" please disclose that you were a hoax or just having fun. You know, posting some weird sh^% can be fun, but let people know if it's just ideas. Now, I will continue, to persue why McCartney has faked his life!

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