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Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP, Secret Sciences & High Tech Mind Control

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posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 07:48 AM

that is the most intellectually sound advice I have ever received into my ears and eyes. Thank you nick for allowing me to see what shall be someday. I felt as if you are speaking from a human being's maximum potential and out of wisdom and knowledge. please keep speaking for those who do not posses the understanding that you do so that we all may attain an understanding such as your own. Love is where it is all at and love is god and will prevail in the end. I love you all.

Dr. Nick Begich has been pursuing independent research in science and politics for most of his adult life. Dr Begich received a doctorate in traditional medicine from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines in November 2004. Dr. Begich the eldest son of US Congressman Nick Begich Sr. and political activist Pegge Begich. During this interview conducted by, Dr. Begich talks about many controversial science experiments, including HAARP, Mind Control technology, compartmentalization within the science community, and how these technologies, which might be used for the progress of all mankind, is currently controlled by secret military industrial complex interests putting all of humanity at risk. A D V E R T I S E M E N T Dr. Begich talks about Alaska as a strategic location that can be utilized by the United States as way to stimulate the economy and put America back on the map as the world’s economic leader. Finally, Dr. Begich spends some time telling us his perspective of the plane crash that killed his father, Congressman Nick Begich sr. and US House Majority leader, Hale Boggs. Dr. Begich recalls out the historical election that faced the U.S. immediately after this tragic plane crash. An almost forgotten event in American history, one that not only changed the course of U.S. history, but the history of the world as well.

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posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 08:01 AM
Biggest threats to the World:
1. Vatican, Zionists and Freemasons – “the elite”
2. HAARP*****
3. Hadron Collider
3. Nuclear technology
4. Overpopulation
5. Pollution
6. Monsanto
7. Electromagnetic pollution
8. Cyber technology
9. Gene manipulation, cloning, hybrids
10. Religions
11. Megalomania
12. Materialism

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 08:14 AM
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