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Now that we have ruined Thanksgiving.....

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posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 07:39 PM
I think we have finally managed to ruin another holiday in the U.S., a holiday that is supposed to instill reflection in our lives and to give thanks for just being able to be here.

The culprit is "Black Friday". The past years it started out fairly simple, stores would discount items and be open until late in the day after Thanksgiving and it marked the start of the Christmas shopping season ( A holiday we destroyed many years ago due to mass commercialism).

This last "Black Friday" was the blackest... and really shows how we have managed to destroy the true nature of this holiday in the selfish interests that large department stores and shopping plaza's have been able to brainwash us into a compulsive buying spree, with total disregard for the peace and tranquility this holiday is supposed to represent.

Most have made "Black Friday" start on Thanksgiving day. Big chains like Best Buy come up with some ridiculously cheap prices for high end gadgets (TV, Hand-Helds,etc) that they only have a small quantity of. Toy's R Us virtually giving away some of this years most sought after toys, again, only a few of them. These are just a few examples of many of the large stores participating in this.... You have to be there when Black Friday starts.... 12:00:01 AM...

They have people camping out in the parking lots on Thanksgiving day so they will have a chance at purchasing something that goes on sale at Midnight. The result is lines of people in the malls in the afternoon of Thanksgiving, jockeying and pushing for a favorable position. It is sick.

Not only does this destroy what should be a more normal relaxing day, but it has an impact on the communities these stores are in. The traffic, police in the streets directing people in and out of malls, Aggravated motorists , some just trying to get across town to visit relatives, everyone honking at everyone else....

I wonder how many missed their family sit-down to be in those lines.... Some people were eating in the line from bags...
Again, Thanksgiving destroyed. Congratulations to the commercial interests that were able to pull it off.

Does anyone think I am off-base with this analysis? or was it just inevitable anyway....

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 07:48 PM
I just think the mass mindcontrol behind getting people to mob together and kill random numbers of themselves in the name of a cheaper IPhone should disgust even someone who is barely normal 25% of the time.

it should if nothing else does, point to behind the scenes Dark Conspirators who clearly find this amusing . I am sure it is nothing but a bloodsport ,like cockfighting

if anyone was there and even went to a shopping mall yesterday ,shame on you,,Baaaaa!!!

this kind of thing should be a catalyst for National Don't Buy Diddley Day

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 07:51 PM
I think it disgusting period, To me it shows the corporate power - over the people.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by le843

"I think it disgusting period, To me it shows the corporate power - over the people"

really shows me

Lack of self responsibliity

The suspension of morals , ethics , dignity , over a few bux of savings :p for many of these black friday addicts

how masses are still not educated enough to realize the full effect of what they are doing.

But we arm chair revolutionarys find it so easy to blame everything on corporate power without ever looking in the mirror of whom gives them suchh powers

lets occupy minds with information , education , and enlightenment , not camping sites , by drum banging hippies

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:05 PM
OP, I agree with your analysis and think you're spot on.

Black Friday is disgusting. When I drive by stores during the week leading up to Thanksgiving, I shake my head at the people posted up in tents waiting for the madness. Thanksgiving will never be the same.

On a side note, here's a bit of information I was told at the dinner table Thursday night by somebody that works in management for a major department store:

If you really want a deal and want to stick it to the black friday stores, walk in to a store 10 minutes before they close their last day before Black Friday, regardless if that day is Thanksgiving or the day before (some stores are closed on Thanksgiving so you would have to go the day before). They have to honor the Black Friday price of whatever item you want because technically the business day changes over. They make their employees sign waivers not to tell anybody.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by charlyv

Your absolutely right. The one day a year about gratitude,thanks, and giving is too much for the
merchants. They have to contaminate anything that is even remotely sacred.

The shoppers are even worse at times. What a Freak Show.


posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:11 PM
I say that if people want to get out into that shopping nightmare mess, then more power to them. I personally would rather be shot, but believe it or not, some people actually enjoy it. My sister in law, for example.

I finished my Christmas shopping by Tuesday, so I don't have to get out there at all in the mayhem. It feels great to be done. I'd rather spend more than get stuck in a crowd.

You really DON'T have to get sucked into the madness.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:13 PM
You can be critical, that is your right. I agree that this Black Friday thing has gotten out of hand. Walmarts especially have been the place for violence to break out. I heard the radio say today something about Black Saturday. UGH!

However, I myself get up early on Black Friday (not too early) and go to my favorite clothing stores to shop for my whole families winter coats and other necessities. For example, I was able to buy a $200 jacket for $39.00, and 6 pairs of high dollar jeans for $80. When your married and have kids those things add up! So yeah I find the best possible deals for the best quality items and do not feel ashamed. Besides, its the one time of the year I actually get to update my wardrobe....

I also would like to add that many people also work on Thanksgiving, like myself, every year so it really has no meaning for me. I like to be thankful every day, not just one day out of the year...
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posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:32 PM
If a sports event gets out of control, it's shut down.

If a public gathering is seen as "Potentially Dangerous", it's disbanded.

If people push, shove, injure each other to buy a TV at half price, it's all good!

Why? Because Corporate America writes the laws.

Happy Thanksgiving!

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by charlyv

L the headline of a local newsrag [PR]
noted that a man was briefly detained and lectured by mall security [not arrested] on black friday
for using pepper- spray on people who tried to get ahead of him in the line.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:45 PM
why so many people disgusted?

isn't almost every one here hoping and/or joking about the zombie-apocalypse?

this is the shape of things to come

when TSHTF these same savages will be at it again, for real
only for food and will also be the 1st to indulge in cannibalism, after going hungry for a day or two.

start planning and arming yourselves
it's coming

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:48 PM
the stats are in and it was a HUGE success

and you don't have to shop until it suits you

feel bad for the employees that have to work on turkey day tho

my day with my family was wonderful, my dad and son had a very touching moment

not sure how it was ruined

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:50 PM
From a uk point of view we see Thanksgiving as Scmaltzy and a bit false.Forcing yourself to find something to give thanks for.However the Lady Gaga thanksgiving show was great.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by syrinx high priest

Well it is obvious this is a point of view. Rabbit in the yard or in the stew!

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by charlyv

Very well said, and I totally agree! After signing the petition, I vowed to NOT SHOP at any store that did this. I'll find what I need elsewhere from now to Christmas! Corporate Punks... Of course, they wouldn't be so eager to open if people weren't soooo eager to give them their hard earned money.

S and F from me!

Happy Thanksgiving (which I was blessed to spend with 29 other family members - except the 1 that had to leave early so she could get some rest before working 14 hours beginning at 2:00 a.m... REALLY....

My kids know what Thanksgiving is about... Back yard football, afternoon nap, COUSINS, fishing in the creek, shooting bb guns!)

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 09:13 PM
It is truly disheartening to see how low Americans have sunk. They have sold their souls and their lives for transitory and meaningless material things. I have always boycotted shopping on Black Friday, and in fact, have always found ways to be with family in nature, away from the insanity of consumerism, materialism and greed. Christmas has also been destroyed by money-grubbing corporations as well. It's gotten to the point, I find myself buying less and less every year. If fact, my daughter and I have agreed not to exchange presents this year. After all, who needs so many things. We as a society have way too much to begin with, and we are drowning in it all. If anything, we need to declutter our lives. As a wise old woman used to tell me, her goal was to be "soothed" = "Something Out Of The House Every Day!"

When people begin to wake up and realize happiness cannot be found in material goods, they will find that less is in fact more. Less stuff = more life. Less time spent at work = more time spent with loved ones. Fewer toys = greater creativity. Less time glued to TVs/computers/cell phones = more time to talk to real people and to create real communities.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 10:39 PM
Absolutely agree 100%. We were talking about how the ratio of Thanksgiving things on tv vs. Black Friday crap was easily 100 to 1. It was like Thanksgiving wasnt even happening, regardless of what peoples views on it are, it was just cancelled. Its sad.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by charlyv

there are what, 280 million people in the us ?

how many did you see on tv ?

200 ?

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by syrinx high priest

Nope, first hand. I was out trying to buy some more soda for our family gathering.
It took me 3 times longer to get in and out of the shopping center due to all of the commotion.

posted on Nov, 27 2011 @ 04:14 AM
You are too right. All Holidays are simply to help boost the economy (make corporate companies a crap ton of money so they can spend it and ask our president for a bailout).
This is the end of those times however, they have taken all we have. Even my 8-year old son sees these things in the air. Today he was so mad because the "Big Fish" from Burger King that he always gets is well big, but not anymore. They have shrank the size down again as fast food always does-too funny my son was upset...

I have seen Christmas decorations up all over the place since before Halloween. That's why they are trying to phase out Halloween, because it doesn't make a much money as the others.

Now they are beating people in stores around the Nation, pepper spraying people.

Rage is in the air, the world is very unstable. I think we are all acting crazy because of the intense solar activity. I have heard a number of stories from family and friends about their friends/family going through a phase of rage. I don't think it's coincidental that the "whole world" is going mad.

Politicians have turned into "Hollywood Stars", and the Hollywood stars have moved into the realms of science?.. Religion is flying out the window, morals went pppllllll, wars are emerging. Nations are growing weary of the tyrants who run it, and now we sit at the brink of multiple wars. These times are getting crazy. You and I know they can't spoil Christmas with a war-so February is my guess into the starting date of the Iran War.

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