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incoming vaccination scare tactics/H5N1 (bird flu) pandemic?

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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 10:34 PM
first, some info about the source itself:

then, the article, translated using google translate:
and here's the original:

i'm polish, so i can translate any part in case of doubts, but i prefer to use somewhat 'official' translation to avoid being accused of mistranslation.

A woman infected with the so-called. swine flu died Friday in hospital in the north of the Czech Republic - Czech chief epidemiologist said Michael Vit. In the next five persons laboratory tests confirmed the presence of the virus.

swine flu?

How Havliczkova said, the virus is present in the country throughout the year, both in the form of epidemics, as well as in isolated manner. - The fact that now we found him in a larger number corresponds to the fact that it is late autumn - soothed.

yeah, bird flu epidemics. sure.

Czech media reported that during the period of increased influenza cases numbering in the country's 10 million inhabitants are infected with a virus about 1 million people, of whom died from 1500 to 2000 people - mostly the elderly or seriously ill, which the body has no strength to fight of infection.

in what time period? also, 1500 to 2000 people dead from bird flu? and only the elderly or seriously ill are supposed to be dying from it? isn't bird flu far more deadly than swine flu?

Czech-in-chief epidemiologist says that before the so-called. swine flu vaccine also protects against seasonal flu.

and here comes the vaccination scare tactics. get a shot or get ill and possibly die.

but now, the most interesting part:

- We have one death. Already tabled to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Vit said. - The biological material identified pandemic strain of H1N1 has five times - he added.

somehow google translate messed this one up, so i'll translate:

- We have one death. We've already submitted it to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Vit said. - We've identified pandemic strain of H1N1 in the biological material five times already - he added.

pandemic strain of H1N1? so what exactly killed that woman? swine flu? if yes, why 'avian flu' in the title of that article?

the fact is, new strain of H5N1 (bird flu), that can spread amongst humans far better than the strains we've encountered so far, was created in the lab - there are some threads about this here already. in any other case, it would be just a mistake in the title of that article - the whole thing obviously says about swine flu, not avian flu. but what if they know something we don't? what if they're using few cases of swine flu infection to imprint 'avian flu is coming' in the brains of the masses? what the average joe will remember from that article? the title and the place where it occured? what about the people that won't even read it but will see the header on the main page of the portal?

they're not the only polish portal that says about that event, saying 'avian flu' in the title - but the other one has much shorter info, so i've decided to skip it. what makes me wonder though is who is the source of this 'mistake'. remember 9/11? they've reported that building 7 has fallen few moments before it happened.

some people are dying from swine flu all the time. elderly, seriously ill - just like they've said. why make an article about it? people aren't buying that anymore and governments spent their cash on H1N1 vaccine already, so there's no point in going back to it, it's a beating of a dead horse - unless you want people to remember that 'avian flu + vaccine = safety' when it comes, thanks to 'mistake' in the title. i don't believe in coincidences.

makes one wonder, where are they planning to release that avian flu strain created in the lab? china? 'they had it already, it was just a matter of time' - perfect excuse. but wouldn't that get chinese a little bit pissed?

in case that article gets removed or corrected, here are the screenshots of both the original and the translation:
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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by jedi_hamster

The really scary part about this is that one of these days...eventually...this won't be a false alarm and fear-mongering for higher budgets. The Spanish Flu did happen. So did the plague outbreak across Europe. It most certainly will happen again.

My only hope is it waits another 30-40 years which puts it out past my life expectancy. My real fear about the pandemic fear-mongering by everyone from the U.N. to the CDC is that when it is the real thing. people will be too burnt out on their B.S. to pay the proper attention that would save a lot of lives.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Dig a little deeper into that Spanish flu and have a look at what the majority of the people that died have in common and then have a look at what the majority of the people that didn't die or catch the spanish flu have in common.

On topic, bird flu, swine flu, "normal" flu we are constantly bombarded with information about these flues and how the only way to save yourself is to have a vaccine injected into you. I can see your point op and it never ceases to amaze me, the dirty tricks and misrepresentation of information these vaccine pushers will do.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 04:36 AM
well, they've corrected the title of that article, it says 'swine flu' now. interesting thing though, it disappeared from the main page of that portal at the same time.

people noticed that it's not about avian flu - no more scare tactics, because they still remember how it went with that swine flu 'pandemic' - give up and try again later? i guess we'll see how fast they'll report any single death caused by actual avian flu then. i feel something is not right.

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