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The United Status Quo

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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 07:56 PM
I intended for this to be a reply to the thread Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a "Battlefield" They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window, but I realized that I was getting a bit too riled up. Hence, a rant.

What is the end goal? What is the master plan?

- You take away the Bill of Rights little by little.

- You infringe upon everyone's unalienable rights (you know, the ones endowed by our creator).

- You take away habeus corpus and pretty much erase due process leaving us all guilty until you feel so inclined to prove us innocent.

- You already kill people in other countries whom we aren't even engaged in war with, American citizens included.

- You give those at the top of the corporate ladder the ability to be above the law, and a slap on the wrist for ruining the lives of other American citizens.

- You are now trying to give the military the ability to detain anyone on the planet.

American government, who the f-k do you think you are? You call yourselves public servants when those of us who can see past your bought media brainwashing propaganda that labels us as domestic terrorists because we are educated, are keenly aware of the disservice you do. And you know that we won't do anything about it but rant in a forum full of "crazies", feeling time spent expressing ourselves in this manner is a step in the right direction and so-called "proof" that we still have the right to voice our opinions because this web site hasn't been taken down yet, so our own argument is self-defeating. Except it isn't.

I sit in my chair and type these little words because you have drilled into my skull that MY actions mean nothing and never will because I am simply unimportant to you. When I can accidentally park my car in a no parking zone that is not clearly marked and expect a ticket and letter sent to my home within 2-5 business days with clear concise instructions as to how I must pay you money by a certain date or risk increased civil penalty, but there are still voting machines that can easily be tampered with and miscount votes or have different candidates on the ballot then others, or voting stations that are unprepared for a high turn-out when they had all year to prepare, it shows me that money coming from anyone's pockets to yours is more important to you then MY INDIVIDUAL RIGHT TO VOTE FOR WHOM I WANT TO BE MY PUBLIC SERVANT.

By all means let me get angry and strive to promote some kind of change in this system which seemingly exists only to provide a few individuals the assurance that they will be able to achieve everything they want in life and pass on their genes to a generation that already will be given the world before they are even conceived. Somebody held these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal-- well apparently you don't hold those truths to be evident to anyone. That must be the explanation as to why you write and pass laws that affect everyone who isn't you and your buddies who enjoy taking the bribes and gifts from those who put profit ahead of human life, to not only get ahead in your own existence, but to prevent others from ever having a hope to do the same.

But low and behold the only way to make change is to work from within the very system I'm trying to change, and there's no way in hell that those on the top tier will ever allow anyone with differing views to possibly alter the way they make their spending money or decide where they send their kids to school, or if they are going to have to put off their end of year vacation for an extra two weeks to actually vote on a bill. Unless, that is, of course, if I pander to them, if I come across "looking like a politician" to the public, who will only see me if I receive a generous contribution from Corporation XYZ to pay for ad space, who will only donate to my campaign if I intend to vote and pass bills that have a direct benefit to them, and unsurprisingly a direct detriment to the public, whom I'm supposed to be serving.

I ask again: What is the master plan? What is the end goal? Why treat the citizens of your country (and the World) like they are a herd of sheep or cow for you to sheer and butcher for your own survival? Why are you stupefying us with tailored entertainment and messages and instilling fear in us that there is no other way to exist? Why the hell are you so scared of life and existence that you need to do whatever it takes to put yourself and your loved ones in a position to control everyone and everything? Why are you so weak that power and fortune are the driving forces behind your existence when they do not lead to happiness, but a continued accumulation of more power and more fortune?

I was going to call you arrogant by the end of this long and drawn out thought, but I find myself feeling sorry for you. I, a mere sheep in a pasture designed to keep me and my lofty ideas sequestered to an online forum instead of acting upon them and finding the hard end of a police baton. I, an American citizen who is finding it harder and harder everyday to be proud of my country when the Government pulls the wool over our eyes daily, and we accept it and keep chewing grass. I pity YOU.

You are a bunch of babies. You are far more selfish and self serving then anyone I will ever meet in my life. Your greed rivals that of the CEOs, CFOs, and presidents of the biggest banks, who use MY money to make money, and then put restrictions on the use of MY money. And of the corporations who in the process of bringing me and everyone else the latest and greatest products and services, have no qualms about destroying the environment, destroying an indigenous culture's way of life, or taking human lives in general. The only difference is that you can make a corporation's bottom line look better by altering the legality of their actions, and what taxes they pay. And you have no problem doing it because they throw you the keys to a flashy private jet.

You are bunch of babies. Babies who are fearful of everyone it seems. Fearful that your life won't mean anything unless you can do more and afford more and experience more with less stress than anyone else. You've far exceeded the point of simply WANTING something, by actively NOT WANTING things for others. And somehow you spin this around (because you own the media) into it being the fault of the everyday American citizen who voted you into office. And then you call us stupid for believing you. Someone else comes along and sounds like a shining beacon of hope, and in the end we're stupid for believing them.

And before you say it, IT IS NOT THAT WE ARE NEVER HAPPY. IT IS THAT YOU HAVE PERPETUATED A SYSTEM WHICH MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO BE. How the hell can you force a country of 307 million people, with their own beliefs and views and ideas, into having to put their faith into one of TWO political parties, who begin each presidential term with a million things to do, maybe get through a few hundred that cater specifically to their own self-serving, 50 or 60 that cater to their constituents, and within two years lose a quarter of it's team to the other "players", and end up leaving work for the hands of the next administration? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BE HAPPY when a politician cares more about the "game" and towing the party line, then being a public servant??

I do not want to be represented by a baby. It's time for a time out.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 08:06 PM
I think Its time that the 99% is shown that the 1% can over power them at any given moment!!!!!

Its time for WAR Americans against their leaders! F$^% Obama,feds,congress F U ALL


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