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Threshold of the Starry Depths

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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 02:26 AM
A Cosmological Arrangement

Mother Terra has growing pains
And so, the star scathed, star scattered plane of mirrors reflecting back at us
So it has growing pains too

Asleep at the entablature of Ajanta and Ellora
In chronological agreement

Here in the laboratory of gold schemed blueprints, quick-jotted truths
Asking, but of no requirements
The strength of the limitless whom caters beyond limit
Into one enduring thin light
We will capture it, bury it, and and in time
We will ring out our pockets and watch as triangles close in our feet

In geometeric descent from charged quaint coin drops
Liquid vibrations reflect aged street vendors
Smashing the metric aura into a small tsunami
Where and when

To be born with no name, placed in a
Biologically integrated timecord holographic projection mechanism
Where we string forth our sticky synapses
And push forward snatching the bare air by the grounds which we murk
Oscillating on an isolated frequency

In event, with critical vertex
One foot on each side of the waterfall's dismay
In anger, surface tensions batter the vertebrae drenching
And in reversal for the sake of spite
Diametrically opposed polarity
Sped off with its contents in hand, into the mouth of a zephyr

In hypercyclonic amber fields beneath battered blue skies
With one leg kneeling east and two arms facing to latitudes
Spontaneous erupted sorrows encased in candescence
Dancing around their chariot
The thaw guides its wicked embers, in myriads, down their thick throats

In mass celestial bombardment
Dislodge from debris belts of broken platonic structures
Displace each basin, overrun the stars
Force each trace to the nail-hung arrangement
Break forth from the bowl of aquarius
Reclaim your hallowed grounds
Reclaim your hallowed mind


I have a bit of an obsession with abstract writing. I have a few short-stories kicking around but I'm one of those people who finds older writings unfavourable, I guess the word would be. I like to write abstract poetry because it appeals to my senses. Just by throwing a fleshy word and a colourful comparison into the one line can create a lot of juices in my place of sensory. Of course, I do have meaning behind my writings, but unless asked I'd rather each writing be a bit more subjective than so much as having a direct meaning.

When I read the work of others, I descend down a vortex of sometimes chilling imagery, other times warm and comforting imagery. I find it amazing how people are able to give music, hand-guided art and imaginative writing such depth and appeal.

Thanks for reading! I really do appreciate it.
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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 02:29 AM
The Tears of Tukuturi

He kneels, arms spread outwards to the gate's intruder
Hands bound to a liquid sheath
A moss-enslaved blade tight-tucked beneath his feet
Looking in, he
But a reflection at his feet
Vibrating an echo on the transparent glass epoch

The large pedestal placed to his back unwillingly
Bardo of senses relay the chakra's quartet
A one-for-the-ages symphony
A clash in the inbetween of such engraved harmonics

He sits stern, then bends over concerned
Confined to his chronological breathing-space
Outside where the one finger will govern, as five will threaten
He slumps back and sighs for a few seconds
And though engraved in time, the sixth millenia since he has settled
Frames per second belittle time's sepals, each temporal petal

He, with his cold basaltic palms infused in downtime
Nightshade cocoon embodiment of gentle tendril greens
Planting fifty calibur seeds
Shrapnel distortion, distorting fibrous torsion
Flesh ridden riddles of hemoglobin fallout

Deep breath on a half-life, emptying a hallway's mouth
To the top step of the staircase
Spilling out, like a train and rail conflict
One portion, inertia bound
Teetering on the axial tilt of drunken calcium deposits
Pickaxe in right-hand, aimed at the course bedrock

Treading sedimentary truths, squat-tight in layers
Treading over shattered tributary capillaries
A bloodied broth of plastered aurora
Borealis in free-fall, hung the stars over a belt of teeth

Slipping over a dark circle's shadow
Falling into the rabbit hole, a borehole bore from light
Walking into walls, we stare up through the borehole

As cultural data strips and assigns a data bound sensory
Web encryped reality scheme as we,
The overlords of minerals, maternally match magicians
In their vast complex schemes

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 02:33 AM
The Gestalt Effect

Neon sinew saps
My celebral faucet:
Cryosleep chamber six
Starsick, nausea

Fall from the depths into a
pure electron sea
Erase faction A, [restore to dislocate]
To become

an accretion disk
only concerned with its

Water below, i'm becoming
[Break Left]

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 02:34 AM
Mityushikha Bay

The kids down south
Swap their skipping stones
Then skip their atoms off chromosomes
These winds in tandem
So gold, this golden sunshine
Traverse, on verse
A warm breeze taints me

Expulsion of sweet sedatives
A chemical pneumonia
Disfiguring me
Before I regurgitate

VY Canis Majoris

Far away
Where silver wings collapse
And golden flares bring cinders
An iron lung rhythmically casts its melody
At the unready upheaval of its last dying breath
Its sight dragged through time and space
Into auditoriums of dark artistry
A spectra beyond words

Somehow I am no longer blinded
The message is becoming quite clear
That star shine to stardust
Will be forevermore

Impaling spires cast by numbers
No intellectual swords to detest

Uproot these cliffs, rearrange these stars
Scatter this soil, seed by seed
Unknit this galaxy of mine

Though each thought sketches its livid canvas
Each line connects the same

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 03:45 AM

On the horizon I stand
Earth in my hands
I see the sunbirds taking flight
The morning fades and I sigh

The summer fades unto winter
The crisp yellow leaves smelt through the snow
I rend the air with this flame of mine
And in sadness I whisper to you

The moon enrobes me with its rays
I carry in me a spell so pure
The cold it paints a thick white
Dispelling northern gold

In robes of black
They descend down stairwells
Crystalline at their feet
The sages of eternal winter

Drifting below
I see a cold lake
It spoke to me

I ride on fires of the northern sky
Enflaming the frozen lands
My heart it trembles with flame in hand
Unearthly emblem of mine

I am the sage, wizard of sadness
Enigma of time
Searching forever

My day it now fades
As I bathe in the ether of war
The tree branches laminate with frost
Drawn into the cold, to drift before time

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 03:56 AM
The Cliffs of Orion

Lover of all in a land enchanted
Beautiful, the harmonies you sang
The autumn leaves that fell, you leaned before
And those that remain attached to the trees
A gentle breeze that whispers untold truths
Truths depicted for centuries
Alas the life giver's well has dried

So surreal the dew covered hillsides
The luminous strain of light that petrifies
Esprit, the fabled nature I take in on my journey
An unreal journey over vast emerald fields
From afar you have spoken in amiable tongues
And I am left to wonder atop Orion's gaze

In solitude, the puerile seasons seem so divine
Her aria enclosed to a soft stirring requiem
With such perplexing dialogue she sang
Mystifying, the sound of such beauty diversed
Timeless, the array of morbid climate came
Deriving your nature's intrinsic life
And your emerald kingdom unto nothingness

I simulate your absence as you pass on
To far away planes unknown
Through throne strained eyes
A spectral fascination of astral dimensions
To stumble upon such a serene ordeal
Of great cosmic proportions

Many journeys have I endeavored
Illusively in a mind consumed fashion
To submerge through a frosted cover of fantasy
And emerge into a lake of deep thought
Just to meet the reflection of a past suffocation

Upon this old throne I sit in silence
Over my balcony I see winter's lifeless grasp
Vast fields of blue diamond dust
Nacreous mountains of frozen methane
An ancient war-ridden terrain

The halls of the north's broad citadel lay empty
Land that hordes would march valiantly to defend
The once emerald kingdom immortal
With virtue came armies of misanthropic hate
Angels in gleaming armor wielding blades of the sun

A vultures domain is all that remains
The unwed silence waves farewell
From neptune's tallest tower I grind the sphere
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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 04:20 AM
These poems are fantastic murkraz, did you write them yourself? You should put a small description next to the titles of each poem so people understand the context of what they are reading. Fimbulwinter and Mityushikha Bay were my favorites, after googling the mysterious titles it put the poems in perfect context for me.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 04:31 AM
I wrote this one in Grade 10. That was so long ago in my mind. I like the imagery, but dunno where I found the words.

The Silhouetted Ember

With distortion came daybreak
In the midst of the stillness arose diversity
Lamentable by all means
The cold stalemate fades within ember

Deliver from sands, tall metallic architecture
Serenity blankets her land
Amethyst eyes of autumn twilight
Shaping seasons and jading nightfall
Adoring the masterpiece

Wishful thinking clouds the clearest of crystals
Deliver us to harmonious forest greens
The beautiful tranquility
Peace, your embodiment grasps hold
Enclosing a smile in a warm stretched out hand
In solitude they turn to winter

Then it came
The silhouetted fury
As any two roots will collide
The buried flame ablaze inside
Perplexing tones shade from gray to black
Oh, what an unmistakable harvest

Blazing oaks are my rooftops
While winds keep me cold
The ash takes hold
A sepulchral downfall

Memories of magenta blanket outstretched arms
Immortality proceeds into view
The tandem deems my frail wings
In form I am swift

Amber pools bleed from golden nectars
Beneath her warm and fervid sky
Splitting into streams, cascading down slopes
The ever-winding liquid casts a prismatic flood

For days we've wandered these rain-lashed shores
Following whispers and empty words
Contemplating on the premise of a lost hope
Never knowing that it ceased to exist

Again the wind changes to the north
Lashing and attacking the mountainside
Uncovering an eroded past of victory and defeat

Through endless fjords and marshes I wander
The seasons challenge with the fury of the gods
Unmerciful, the coil of winter, but I won't give in
Valgrind, not yet my paradise but sheer defeat

Near the sea I stand against the painted horizon
A wave washes up against the shore
The sweet ambience relinquishes my tension
Still I search for the truth

The path I walk is drawn out and fading
I see no colors through this imagination
Time has taken its toll and I must return
Back to the amiable vault, my kingdom

He closes his eyes and throws his pride to the sky
Releasing his shards of tiring affliction

The skyshore strangles the mountainside
Tearing the wings of Sirius from the highest of peaks
Timeless, we negate
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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 04:39 AM

Originally posted by Atzil321
These poems are fantastic murkraz, did you write them yourself? You should put a small description next to the titles of each poem so people understand the context of what they are reading. Fimbulwinter and Mityushikha Bay were my favorites, after googling the mysterious titles it put the poems in perfect context for me.

I'm glad. Yup, the first two are most recent, the rest are from 2007-2010. Most of my writings are heavily astronomy related and ancient culture related I would say. There's a somewhat rich viking culture here, or at least I visited the site. The history is great and I sure had an interest in trying to portray really cold or hot landscapes. I'm sure I sound downright crazy in some but it doesn't bother me too much.

If people are interested in particular ones I can explain what it means to me. It's so weird that I found Fimbulwinter after all this time on a day like today. The sky is purely grey and there are snow banks now of like 4-5 feet, and it's really quiet, you can hear a pin drop outside. The snow just builds and builds and builds, and it really sucks being stuck in half of the year for the most part. I don't think I've ever really gotten in writing in the summer to think of it, I had a lot of time indoors freezing my ass off during almost every winter since birth.

Thanks a bunch for reading my writings, again. I never bothered to post them many places.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 07:42 AM
You should consider trying to get your work published. I'm no expert but i know what i like, and your work is of a high quality and beautifully written. I find it sad that you never attracted more attention with your thread, maybe post on poetry websites where you will be appreciated more.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 08:07 AM
Thanks, that means a lot! I don't know, I'm one of those people who's picky, who thinks its all too complicating so why bother. What are the more known writing websites? I have no clue lol

I see the site is rich in poetry and stories, I'm glad I found it, never heard of ATS before.

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