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News From Libya & NATO Weapons Leftovers Found Scattered In Libya

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posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 01:16 AM
Source LBSOS

Maybe an expert can shed some light on that weapon create crate?

500 Cart. From 1 To 65000 And 75001 to 100000

These aer qutie interesting developments if this is true then that means NATO Was and is indeed breaking arms law its no wonder why they were worried about ICC Case
but they shouldnt worry the ICC is on there side as always.

* Any statement issued by person allegedly on behalf of Saif al- Islam, and doesnt come from his spokesman, is wasted and false. * Saif al-Islam did not go out of Libya as he leads the resistance

BENGHAZI, Libya - "The Muslim Brotherhood held its first public conference on Libyan soil on Thursday. Brotherhood leader Suleiman Abdelkader praised the rebellion and called on Libya's factions to unite."

Oh my looks like we were right the Muslim Brotherhood maybe they were behind the protests in the middle east? with the help of America and its allies?
Muslim Brotherhood Goes Public with Libya Summit

Things are getting qutie interesting including that

Abu Aishe Muhammed and Abdul Manan Abu Gul were beaten up unconscious in the street by Turkish people who oppose these terrorists, they were then taken to Taksim Training and Research Hospital. When they woke up they were still on some type of drug and heavily intoxicated. One fighter grabbed a needle from a nurse and started attacking random people in the hospital, when the other fighter woke up they both held doctors, nurses and visitors hostage for sometime until police came to arrest them.

Who knows maybe Gaddafi was correct about the drugs claims.

Trial of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi will test Libya justice

Saif al-Islam's rhetoric was certainly hostile during the uprising, but proving that he issued orders to pro-Gaddafi forces during the war, is an entirely different matter.

most are convinced he was a key player and many feel that anything less than a death sentence will not suffice.

So that means some still want to give him a prision term rather then a death sentence.

His trial is expected to lay much to rest within a population that is desperately seeking closure on his father's brutal regime.

Sorry but i dont believe that part, a population of Six Million people that was on the side with Gaddafi all of sudden switched to be rebels?

It is not just a question of putting the son of the deposed leader on trial, but also thousands of detainees from pro-Gaddafi forces and the suspected foreign mercenaries who fought alongside them.

Really and the suspected foreign mercenaries who fought alongside them does he mean the suspected NATO mercenaries from Qatar and elsewhere?

Heres the best line your going to love it ats
Luis Moreno-Ocampo: ''We are collecting more evidence... we are still investigating''

Thats right you heard it there still collecting evidence and still investigating that part is hilarious.

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 01:46 AM
its 7.62 belt ammunition for a machinegun .
Some that use that calibre
1. FN mag nato + uk

2. M60 u.s

not surprised..damn westerners leave unused ordinance everywhere that kills and maims long after their mass murder for profit ends... They dont give a damn as they go to their nice homes when theyre done and dont see the aftermath of their primitive barbarism..

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 01:46 AM
doublepost apologies
edit on 25/11/11 by Expat888 because: doublepost grr

posted on Nov, 25 2011 @ 03:03 AM
I notice the box date from 1975. PRO/142/69/1975

With the way NATO has been going through ammo in Iraq and Afghanistan i doubt that NATO has had this ammo in storage all this time.

I would have to see the head stamp on the ammo from this box.

There is a good possibility that there has not been ammo in that box for many years as the US sells these boxes surplus all the time or this box could have came from one of the many training exercises in Egypt that have been going on for years and left in the Egyptian desert.

The ammo that was in the box could have been used in the Dillon M134D Minigun, M60 Machine Gun, FN MAG, AA-52, HK21, and the MG3

And and some of these weapons have been sold to Egypt

I have the same boxes from as far back as Vietnam that i use for everything from tools to storing quarts of oil in the trunk of my car.(no oil spills)

I also use them for storing my reloaded ammo.

A old ammo box means nothing.

Arms traders buy and sell world wide and this box could have come from Korea. Pakistan.or a number of central or south American countries.

It also could have been left behind in Lebanon by the Israelis during one of there cross border attacks.

There are so many ways this old ammo box could have ended up in Libya that it defies tracking.

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