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the Internet is the pulse of the people that dictate what comes next

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:23 AM
Why I believe It is almost impossible to topple the ruling Elite

The 1% of the 1% are our true danger that control the planet crunching this number you get 700K

The Saudis king and his 500 royals are most likely the biggest family in this Elite group of puppet masters
But in total this group most likely breaks down to 20 thousand family who control 99.99% of all major moves that are made today.
They Control the world wide Military industry
They control all News papers
They control all banks
They control foods & medicine
They control all governments world wide by proxy.
they control transport and shipping.
they control prices of commodities
They Own the OWS movement
the are so super wealthy they can buy private Armies or state protection.

The own most of our politicians and dictate what come next.

they are ruthless if you are part of the inner circle and fall out you end up like Saddam or Qaddafi

they squeeze us like lemons to obtain the lion share from our sweat and keep us in a Constance state of fear and despair to avoid us thinking to much.
They use the Internet as a tool to measure our pulse and write the script accordingly.
And when all else fail and they think we are out of hand they plan a coup or war and then they restart this endless circle.
the only time these elite took a small licking was during the french revolution.
look at Egypt one military government for another.
No wonder the people are cheesed off.
Peace & hope


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