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My dreams from August 30th - Novemeber 23rd. Please help me understand.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 01:05 PM
MODS: Not sure if this is the right thread - please move it if need be.

First of all, I’d like to explain a bit. I’m on 150mg of Bupropion in the morning and 100mg of Teva Trazodone at night. Before anyone starts - these dreams have occurred started before I began my script. I have only been on them since October 19th for the Trazodone and October 24th for the Bupropion.

I drink one night a week - usually Fridays; I smoke marijuana maybe once a month - and it’s usually one or two hits and I don’t want to smoke anymore. I smoke cigarettes when I accompany my boyfriend outside, I’ll take like 3-6 drags, and that’s usually once or twice a week.

I attempt to astral project quite often throughout the week. Recently I made it to my boyfriends house, inside, tried to get down to his basement where his room is located, but I couldn’t make it past the last three steps. I kept trying, felt like I was running a marathon in place but something kept pushing me back - kind of like a wall. When I woke up after this experience my legs were very tight and in extreme pain - I couldn’t even walk myself to grab some water to drink.

I’ve always had pretty insane dreams all my life - some of which I can still remember but bits and pieces have gotten lost through-out the years. This is the first time in my life where I have been having dreams EVERY night. I know what you’re going to say - everyone dreams every night, they just don’t remember them. But I remember all these dreams, and usually if I get woken up can fall right back into wherever I left off. I’ve compiled a few that rattled me enough to want to write them down (this was at the beginning, now I write all of them down and I’ve found certain similarities and recurring symbolism throughout). Some I wrote on my iPod memo pad, random scraps of paper, phone memo pad and an unused ‘journal’ that now I use for my official dream book. I’m going to try to go in order, but sometimes I don’t date them because I’m usually writing them first thing in the morning, most of the time I’m not even writing on the lines.

Please forgive me I’m just paragraphing the dreams together and my verb tenses are insane- not really looking for the grammar award here.

August 30th - from my iPod notepad
I went on break from work (was not my ‘real’ place of work - in fact the only thing I remember is I worked in a mall setting). Instead of a food court in a mall to get my lunch - it turned into a 401 or interstate gas station with a few restaurants inside. (you know, like every 100 km/m they have one on the highway). I chose Wendy’s, I ordered an extreme amount of food. I seen my boyfriend Dave waiting in line at A & W (which, personally in real life would have chose instead of Wendy’s
). We ended up getting a table together near a television. At this point I distinctly remember thinking - almost out of the dream - why on Earth did I get so much food? Dave & I talked for a bit and then he turned the station on the television to a French speaking news channel. The television kept switching to a black man streaming from his webcam. It kept going back and forth for awhile - I began to get an uneasy feeling. The last shots were of the black man laughing. I wrote, “Apparently God”. I don’t believe in God - but I had the strong feeling that he was God? I have no idea. Then the dream went to me at my friend Andrew’s house we were watching television and the black man came on again dressed as Santa and the dream ended.

August 31st - from my iPod notepad
I dreamt that my mother called me to look out our front/side door. I could see two suns in the sky, and what looked like a black hole in between them. I remember saying, “We’re going to die.” and then I woke up. This dream stuck with me for awhile - really shook me up.

In fact - on October 18th I wrote “Rapture is really just a massive blackhole slowly sucking us in and controlling gravity. All those outside would rise up to the skies giving the illusion of going to heaven.” Obviously I know it wouldn’t work that way, people wouldn’t be the only things devoured by the black hole - but that thought just popped up out of nowhere.

October 17th - from my cell phone notepad
I dreamed there was a huge thunderstorm, after the winds and rain subsided there was a voice ‘from the sky’ that said, “Brought to you by Fox News!” and there was the symbol of Fox news in the sky. (like the bat signal). I somehow ended up in my ‘real life’ house. I remember looking out onto our deck in our backyard, and seen something in the corner. Again, I got an uneasy feeling, and hid in the corner of our living room. I could still see the sliding glass doors leading to the deck. All of a sudden, I see this little kids head - go through the sliding glass doors (almost like a hologram) and I then realized that he was a Black Eyed Kid. After this, I was outside in what seemed to be a war zone - now that I think of it though it was probably just damage from the storm. I see this cop helping this lady up from the street. The cop asked her, “Why did you do this?”. She answered “I wanted the forty grand for having the alien baby.” WTF. I got scared and ran to my old grade schools playground. I could hear more sounds of intense thunder and a vortex appeared in the sky. A ball of light ‘falls from the sky’ but stays and just hangs in the middle of the sky and begins to vibrate. The ball of light expands into hundreds of little ‘stars’ and then disappears.

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 01:06 PM
Now here is where the dates become non-existent but I know they were occurring from about the beginning of Novemeber.

Taken from my ‘journal’
I went to a party ( I was the only female I could see). There was a huge (HUGE) staircase and I was wearing a short dress with no nunnies. Everyone kept waiting at the bottom of the steps to see all that I was showing.
My ex-boyfriend Austin was at the top of the steps when I finally made it up and he was in a fight. A guy (Clement) from my old high school had a huge bruise on his arm. The fight broke up and Austin piggy backed me down the steps (didn’t take as long to descend when I was with him). We seen an old black man trying to start his car, Austin knew exactly where the key was and went to get it while still holding on to me. Somehow we ended up in a wire cage together, there was a snake in it and I ran out. I ended up at my Aunt Sonia’s (wasn’t really her house) but I couldn’t find my shoes - somehow I ended up naked. My clothes magically returned when my grandfather walked into the room (thankfully
). I got up and walked over to him for a hug, but he would not hug me. Looked at me like I wasn’t even human. I got upset and, again, ran out of the house.
This is where it gets insane. I ended up walking down the street from my Aunts house, only to see Michael Myers, he chased me into a house where the typical ‘hide & seek’ game happened for what seemed like hours. Met two boys who were also running away from him. I finally made it outside and hid beneath a boat hitch trailer thing. I could see the porch where I had run out of, Michael Myers came out on the porch - did that slow head move, decided to go back inside, but then turned around and started walking down the steps. (Classic Michael). I ran to the next door neighbours house and beat on the door until this old lady answered. “I’ve been expecting you!” she says and hands me an egg and tells me to open it. I do, and a baby chick falls out. One of the boys I had met in the house ran out from the side of the house and said, “Don’t worry! It was only a fever!” I woke up immediately covered in sweat.
This whole dream was fluid, it all ran smoothly into each other - which is probably the craziest part.

This one happened a few nights later (quite possibly the next night). Taken from my ‘journal’.
My boyfriend Dave and I were at my grandmothers house, about 5 of our mutual friends were sleeping all wrapped up in white bedding on bed in the basement where we were hanging out. Dave takes a plastic bag out and a hammer. He smashes EVERYONE’S heads in. The last friend though didn’t die, and Dave began tripping out. Almost a realization of what he had done. Snapped out of it. I obviously knew what had happened, but I kept saying I wouldn’t turn him in. I made up this ‘lie’ that I was playing my Nintendo Dsi and I didn’t hear or see anything.

Again, a few nights later - taken from a post it note
This dream seemed to be a recurring dream - because in the dream I remember knowing everything that was going to happen. And even thought while still dreaming - but was thought out of dream - I’ve had this one before, I know what’s going to happen. Anyways, I was apparently an FBI agent, Fox Mulder was actually my partner.. LOL. I’m in a house, where a girl won’t fall asleep, I plug in a nightlight for her - thinking it would help - but the power starts to go off and on repeatedly. I go outside to see if something is happening and see an old man and about 7 kids in the backyard of the adjoining house. It sounds like a thunderstorm is about to occur but an orange ‘plane’ with a ‘rocket’ attached to it flies past really low. I see another ship - I’m the only one looking because I KNEW it would be there already - It moves extremely fast and eventually brake stops and hovers in the old mans backyard. Then just as quickly as it stopped, it darts away. Again, because I knew where to look, another comes and hovers in the backyard that we’re all in. I yell out, “no one sit in it!” - I remember Mulder looking at me like,
. The ship opens up, and all the kids go and sit inside the ’seats’ that are now visible. The ship takes off super fast. That’s the end of it.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 01:06 PM
November 21st - from my ’journal’
Me and a BUNCH of people were at some ’field trip’. I seen my deceased friend Courtney(she jumped out her sixth floor apartment window a few years ago), but she wanted nothing to do with me. Which I found heartbreaking, so I left the ‘field trip’. Ended up in my neighbours ‘real life’ house, seen a man and woman downstairs that didn’t belong so I went to investigate. I ended up on a couch, with a sleeping bag partially covering me. The man walked up to me with a gun and told me to put the sleeping bag covering my head. So I’m thinking that he’s going to shoot me, but I hear a gunshot and I’m still alive. I try to peek out and see a man that I used to work with shot in the head on the floor. I can hear everyone coming home from the ‘field trip’ then guy who pulled the trigger tells me to stop everyone from coming downstairs. So I do, they clean up the body and all the blood and the woman takes a huge duffel bag to her car. The man, who is actually very good looking, comes to sit with all of us at the party table upstairs, pours himself a drink, sits across from me and starts flirting with me. I wake up soon after.

November 22nd - taken from a post it
Was at an air show for the same orange flying objects from a previous dream, my ex-boyfriend Justin hands me a bag of 4 rocks of coc aine. I end up on my front lawn with a bunch of girls from my grade school - I can’t get away to do the coc aine, which I really want to. They end up talking about my next door neighbour having Aids. I feel like something more happened here, but for some reason it’s lost. I actually didn’t even remember this dream until I looked in the mirror yesterday - it all came rushing back to me.

November 23rd - taken from my iPod notepad
I was at my old high school waiting on this huge staircase. It didn’t seem to be moving at all - a bunch of people were in line with me. I was getting angry because I had a doctors appointment at 3:00pm and I was already running late. Apparently the doctors office was inside the high school at the top of this staircase. Finally I end up getting through - showing my student card - and get directed towards the doctors office. I never make it there, instead the dream turns to me in a forbidden wooden area where I’m climbing over rivers and streams. It turns out to be a backyard of a house on a populated road. My friend Cory is there with his dog, he lets his dog run away, and takes me up to his bedroom. We end up having sex, and he buys me a ticket to ‘paradise’ (Cheesy - right?
) Then I wake up. I feel like something more happened while I was in the wooded area - I can picture two other people there, but not sure why/what happened.

Wow, this is three pages on my Microsoft Word file, so I applaud anyone who actually read any of this. The one symbol in most of my dreams is dealing with a long staircase where I either seem to be going nowhere or stuck. What really sticks out to me is when I tried to astral project to Dave’s house - I got stuck on his staircase and could NOT for the life of me get past whatever was blocking me. If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it greatly!

Thank you and happy dreaming.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Well in psychology 101 we learned that dreams are linked to events from your day and some of the events from your day incorporate into your dreams. Maybe you spend alot of time thinking about these things throughout your day. Try thinking about more positive things and see if that helps.(maybe stay off ATS if you can)

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 05:39 PM
Your subconscious is the all knowing steady rail....your conscious is affected by the onslaught of daily integrations. Dreams are a wave between conscious and subconscious aspects....I would like to give my thoughts, but in the is inside you.

The War is not only on the outside but on the inside of us. Like the Cherokee saying is:

The grandson says....There are two is bad and blood thirsty, the other is good and benevolent....there is a battle inside me....which one will win...Grandfather?

The Grandfather says "The one that you feed"

Hope this helps!
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