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Paranoia. Not People Will Cause Your Demise If THSTF.

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:29 PM
I love the survival topic, and have written quite a few threads over the years here, and even after all this time, there is still a huge amount of people that choose to paranoid, instead of level headed.


Paranoia [ˌpar.rəˈnoɪ.ə] (adjective: paranoid [ˈpar.rə.noɪd]) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion.

Now I am not saying that if SHTF things aren't going to be complicated, yes they will, there will be food shortages, and we are fully aware of what would happen if martial law was set into place. There will be a massive uprising.... against the government/politicians, and whatever administration is in place.

Why do people think that this is what will happen in a matter of days?

These are in fact what movies want you to believe. Our media wants us to not trust each other. They know that us together is a very dangerous thing, especially if we come together for the same cause. What better way then to tell us that we are all secretly murderers/rapists, and thieves?


Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another sapient or semi-sapient being. Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion.

The word empathy has gotten a bad wrap, and I am sure that many out there will not ignore a starving child, or a helpless elderly person.

There are literally thousands of survival groups out there. What boggles my mind, is that we can share here, we can meet men and women online, bring a stranger home from a bar, and that doesn't seem dangerous, but help someone out that is in need, or get a group together for your livelihood, and now that seems to be wayyyy to much!?

I cant say that this hasn't been conditioned in our minds because it has, thoroughly, and repeatedly.
Here is a list of dozens of comics (maybe even a hundred or more) of, movies, novels, etc,. over the years thats main role was the apocalypse, the end of mankind, and you can pick any way this happens, whether alien/war/zombies, whatever.

We watch these types of movies because we like to see that good guy, get his life back. Who would go see a movie of him, in a flourishing community, gathering food, and getting water, when he can kill a few murders, and thieves. Mind you no one ever asks why those that only have murder on their mind live far longer then those that actually know better, but then again, I'm not a director/writer.

Right now all of the protesters in the world are survivalists, those in war are survivalists, families that are struggling right now with no money, and little food are survivalists, those countries that have had to manage with dirty water, and no crops are survivalists. And you know what I like to think that I am a survivalist. You are a survivalists.

Being a survivalist isn't just knowing how to gut and cook a fish, it is the want and need to stand and be strong when times are at there toughest.

You dont know how to cook, but you can bandage a wound, you are a survivalist.
You cant walk long distances, but you can carry large objects for short distances, you are a survivalist.
You cant hunt, but you can sew 2 pieces of cloths to make clothing, you are a survivalist.
You cant dig a ditch for shelter, but you can build a fire, you are a survivalist.

Our true strength as people is that we are resilient, and if we are taken from our t.v, and movies, newspapers, and MSM, and are forced to stand together for what we have the basic rights to have, such as food, and water, shelter, and safety. I believe that we can surprise one another.

Those that choose to do us harm, even if just a few, have no chance against many that choose to live, and help. Love, and care.

Even the thousands of you out there on ATS, I know that if we crossed paths at some point in our lives, and you needed help I would help you. Not everyone is kind, or gentle, and believe me those people will not last to long out there.

Kindness should NEVER be mistaken for weakness!!

BTW, that is rule #1.

If I am in a group of 10, and you a group of five, and threaten to take something from those that worked for it.... how do you think that will turn out?

Underestimation is also a big factor in this. Never underestimate yourself.

I know that there will be some out there that call me delusional but thats ok, because I promise you that even with my so called delusion, if your ever in need, you can bet your last dollar, I am the person that you are going to want to be on your side, or the stranger that comes to your aid, when you need or call for help

I leave you with this, thank you for taking the time to read my thread.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:36 PM
Or maybe movies depciting community work just aren't as exciting as apocalyptic ones.

Do you want Armageddon or a community documentary when you go to the cinema?

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by Jepic

I agree, and thats why I wrote this.

We watch these types of movies because we like to see that good guy, get his life back. Who would go see a movie of him, in a flourishing community, gathering food, and getting water, when he can kill a few murders, and thieves. Mind you no one ever asks why those that only have murder on their mind live far longer then those that actually know better, but then again, I'm not a director/writer.

Peace, NRE.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:48 PM
The rules have never changed since the beginning. At least not for me.

The terms survivalist and survivalism are dead.

The media killed them when they painted nut job across the picture. Now other terms are taking their places.

Truth being its not much different now than in 1935. People actually keep a pantry now like they did then. Grandpa kept war trophys locked up and they were legal. A browning B.A.R. or a thompson machine gun could be bought across the counter at the local hardware store. Now we can have neutered guns that look like those. Grandpa never needed to use his, and we probably wont either. But he kept those things and grandma kept lots of food case there were a couple bad crops in a row.

People in the cities were the same then as they are now. Clueless, living beyond their means and dependent on the system.

History repeats itself. The mind of the people has come full circle. nothing more.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:55 PM
I agree for the most part.

I do however think there will be differences in how people deal with things. If a nuclear holocaust was to play out, those in big cities would quickly turn on one another. They do not have the means to produce food, and dont have enough wood to heat homes after fences, signs and the like are quickly pulled down and burnt for warmth. Lack or running water and destroyed infrastructure will all play into the big picture. Looting will become rampant, and eventually murder, rape and more. Those with the biggest guns will take food and shelter from those who cannot defend themselves.

Now the people in rural areas are another matter entirely. They are often used to farming, have well and livestock and usually own guns. I foresee smaller towns banding together for mutual protection.

I think all we need to do is look at Hurricane Katrina and similar disasters in large towns to see just how quickly mankind can sink.

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 05:36 PM
I have a few thoughts on this, some might be just me thinking out out loud so bare with me.

I do for the most part agree with what you are saying, and in truth have seen the majority of people be selfless in a crisis situation. Even just watching the news in disaster areas you see communities pulling together, helping each other out. I do believe society as a whole has empathy, I for one know that the majority of my friends and family would help others in need in a heart beat. Maybe I just have good upbringing and strong intuition. I am a good person who would do anything for an extent. I would not share my last loaf of bread with strangers if it would feed my kids for 2 more weeks.

I like the above poster mentioning Katrina because I really followed that story, it upset me and fascinated me at the same time. You'll hear me reference it alot because this is what inspired me to encourage people to pack BOB's and learn for themselves how to survive, how to take care of themselves. It was so heartbreaking for me, as a survivalist, to watch these people unprepared and dying as a result.

It seems silly for me to bring up, but I will. I live by the Appalachian trail and have hiked and volunteered it for 15 years. Everyone chooses to be there and live as survivalists so it may be different, but it always amazes me how everyone helps out. Someone broke their foot and 5 people, strangers, went out of their way to carry the person 10 miles because there was no cell phone reception. Soeone gets cold- they get a sweatshirt, another runs out food- someone shares, it's raining out and the shelters are full- someone invited them in their tent...pep talks up mountains, people sharing fires...people pick up litter, yell at the drunks and are patient with the elderly and children.

I don't know, but every time I see these things I like to think of it as a preview of what it would be like if the shtf. At least where I am. I know regulars of the AT would come up this way because it's harsh terrain and few will as a result (we've had these conversations) So maybe I'm just lucky to live in a place where people take care of themselves now anyway...

As for media, well, bad things happen daily all around the world; war, poverty, rape, murder. I mean, people still walk 10 miles to get fresh water, others only eat a small bowl of rice everyday. The shtf around the globe a long time ago. We, not in 3rd world countries, sitting at home and typing on our $900 laptops with our $180, month comcast bill just don't live it yet, so we fear it. I was in Peru a couple months ago and I again was given the chance to see what it might be like if the shtf. I envied these women and hope our country (US) would be as these countries live now, day to day, already.

Ok, rant over.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 05:43 PM
I agree that Katrina was horrific, and should be an example on what happens when you depend on government to take care of people.

People were warned, and though many people think they just didn't feel like leaving, many couldn't. Those that were not trapped in their homes helped one another, and even though the MSM said that there was rampant crime, rapes and murders, they retracted that when the smoke cleared.

Many people died because of being unprepared, and seriously if you have no money no way out, and are trapped on top of your house, your odds of surviving, are slim as it is, but for those that had to wander around, and help their neighbors, and share what little that they have, thats what I mean by people being able to come together as a community, and tough it out.

I have to make sure to add that the storm didn't cause the devastation but the levees breaking did.

Peace, NRE.
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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by NoRegretsEver

I'll never forget the people who broke through their attics to get on their roofs. Scalding heat, no water...I remember just wanting so badly to have my perfectly stocked BOB bag passed to them through the TV screen, knowing they would have survived. Many died on those roofs. It was so frustrating for me.

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 08:32 PM
I do agree with most of what you have said BUT not everyone are decent people who would help others. There are a lot of people who would kill you for what you have, it happens everyday and has happened every day since we started walking on two legs.
Also at no time has there been so many of us, not enough to feed us all now and a SHTF event would just make it all work.
Read a book called One second after, that is about EMP's going off to disable all electic's etc.
It is about a small town in the mountains and yes they do pull together but they go thru an alot to just survive.
Your Commander in chief has read this and made a commitie to look into the effects and aftermath of this and hopefully he has made up plan's to help you all out.
I really think that if SHTF event happens it will wipe most of us out and hopefully something better will spring out of the darkness.
I really hope it's the the nice guys who survive but like they say "nice guy's finish last" sigh

Also it isnt just paranoia we should be worried about, it's fear..people do crazy stuff when they are scared.
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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 07:17 AM

Would say its also a cultural thing..
In the west people have too much of the 'me first' attitude and think only of whats in it for them.. They dont stop to think of the community or people around them.. Look at the aftermath of hurricane katrina as a prime example..
Add in the violence solves all problems mentality that also runs rampant there and it adds to the problem..

Where in asia people tend to look at whats better for society as a whole and in times of need or disaster work together to help each other out .. Examples - after the earthquakes in china , cyclone nargis in myanmar, the tsunami, fukushima and its aftermath .. The people pulled together and helped each other out.

Hope not off topic with my observation.. S+F

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