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High Strangeness: Joaquin Murrieta meets Billy the Kid

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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 10:14 AM

My cell phone ring tone is Michael Jackson's Thriller. My phone is known as the 'paranormal cellular hotline'. I get calls from all around the world. People asking me for advice or asking for an investigation, because they are witnessing 'paranormal activity'. I pick up the phone and on the other line is Jeremy Wilcox of North Highlands. Jeremy claims he is a psychic and had an unusual vision that he wishes to explain to me.

While sitting at the steps of the Sacramento courthouse, Jeremy envisioned that the clouds opened up and a man on a horse came through the opening and told him his name is William Bonney. Jeremy researches and discovers that William Bonney is no other than Billy the Kid.

Jeremy: "My vision of Billy the Kid was a spectacular vision. He was holding a large jar filled with liquid and in this jar I could see a mustached head of a man, that looked Hispanic. From the pouch strapped to his horse, he brought out another jar, it was a human hand that displayed only three fingers.

Billy the Kid pointed to me and said: Jeremy, your world is facing a great crisis. Your world with modern technology will crumble as we go into the world of 2012. Your world will become the world that I lived, a world in which you must ride the horse, a world without electricity, a world where men face anarchy, a world in which men will fight in endless gun battles to stay alive, a world where men settle their quarrels with dueling gunfights. Justice is preserving the head of your enemy or the body part of your enemy, showing his demise."

Paul: "It sounds like Billy the Kid is holding the head of Joaquin Murrieta, the Robin Hood of El Dorado County and the three fingered hand of Manuel Garcia aka Three-Fingered Jack. I am going to let you know now that Billy the Kid never met Joaquin Murrieta. While Murrieta sought revenge for the rape of his wife and his own beating, he became a notorious bandit throughout California. His legend inspired the writings of Zorro. Also his head and the hand of Three-Fingered Jack were displayed at the Stockton Courthouse at 222 East Weber Avenue, not on the steps of the Sacramento Courthouse. I don't even know if Joaquin Murrieta ever visited Sacramento.

Billy the Kid fought in the Lincoln County War and became a regulator and frequented the territory of New Mexico. Billy the Kid has no history of visiting California. While the California Rangers pursued Joaquin Murrieta and Manuel Garcia, Billy the Kid was being pursued by Pat Garrett and his posse. Your vision is quite odd as it teams up two outlaws that terrorized two different areas and neither outlaw visited Sacramento, CA as their scarce records indicate. Jeremy this is such an odd dream, just to let you know, I did visit Billy the Kid's grave in New Mexico. Now I just wonder.

Why would these outlaws seek you out at the Sacramento Courthouse?"

Jeremy: "Well, there is actually more to tell you. From the jars containing the head and the hand, two Hispanic cowboys appeared on their horses next to Billy the Kid. From the mouth of the one you call Joaquin, he says: Your world is giving you signs that you must pay attention to. The signs of large gaping holes in the ground, earthquakes, large waves, dead fish, dead birds that fall to the ground, eruptions of volcanoes. The times are here. Your world will not end, but what you love, your connection to the world through machines, will all be dissolved. Your world will fall back into time, your loss of machines will be forever gone. From this city you are from, you will face a great turbulent storm, one that you have never seen before, there will be many victims of your great deluge."

Paul: "It sounds like Joaquin is talking about an ArcStorm. Sacramento faced an ArcStorm in 1862 I believe and many people perished. Also, it sounds like he is talking about sink holes, tsunamis, etc. It is so odd, that so many people are having visions of the end times and your story is very incredible. Truly high strangeness and because of that, I am going to publish your story, it's a bizarre story that needs to be told. I am just wondering if Billy, Manuel and Joaquin are friends in the afterlife? So strange."

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:06 PM
Wow! S&F, the most interestng thing Ive read today. Its very possible...

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