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November 22, 1963 -- A Day Which Lives in Infamy

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 11:34 PM
November 22, 1963 -- A Day Which Lives in Infamy

While many, from the WWII era, recall the FDR speech on "A date which will live in Infamy" per the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we need to consider a like attack on America via those associated with the JFK assassination. The State of Texas was like no other in the American system and catered to low wages, many perks for industry, rigging the political system to rob the US Treasury, plugging in Sec. of Navy and Treasury types to fund the excesses of the Texas worship for the Mil / Ind Networks games to keep Americans in fear.

Like Hitler called his NAZI Germany as a "New World Order" that was run by his industrial giant called IG Farben, so has a Texas Oil person named Bush-41 spoke to this same method of NWO using the power and control of the world corporation founded upon the like methods of Germany's IG Farben. We have a newer NWO, patterned after Hitler's visions, but being controlled by the rise of fascist control over the world by essentially the Bilderberg system and the "Royalists" to which FDR often spoke. FDR also spoke to the of there is nothing to fear, but fear itself, as those that seek control over the masses have to have some sordid monster for their political excess to succeed. For Hitler's NWO, it was the Jewish, and for the Bush NWO, it was the Communists and now the Islamic's.

This NWO is all about the overthrow of the America Constitution as they seek a global oligarchic power in the world. JFK's murder kicked it off and the efforts solidified. It is no different than the goal of Hitler's Germany to set up their New World Order over the world using industrial giants and world banking control. It is all about treason against Americans and America's Constitution, as the goal is not one to preserve America. Those that promised to protect those values have sought to destroy it and the country. Those loyal to America would not be wrong to observe this as treason.

Those that see the Warren Commission's Report as a Political fabrication to pull the wool over American's eyes as to the Texas political machine should dare call it treason against America. JFK was pulling back into control the oligarchic Texas Political machine that was the beginning of a renegade group of extremist politicians in the highly corrupt state of Texas to run over the US Presidency and the US Constitution itself. Today, the Political Monster from Texas that killed JFK is still alive and growing in the form of Dick Cheney with Halliburton, and corrupt George Bush as one of the Houston oil elites from the 8F Group's beginnings. These are the persons, and others like them, that commit treason against America.

The State of Texas is so corrupt, in this period, that if they were to succeed from the Union, America would have nuked the State of Texas as enemies of America. Texas really was the "Nut Country" that JFK described, as they didn't act like any real part of America. Texas was an overbearing extremist state that intended to run over the Congressional processes to use them for their needs to gain and pushing for wars to gain accesses to resources they controlled and exploited. Connally was corrupt as the Governor of Texas and as the Sec. of Treasury. LBJ was corrupt as a Texas Senator and became a treasonous, murder involved, president in the White House. If the world served justice, both of them should have been executed by a firing squad for murder and treason, and about 40 others along with them. In Russia, such would have happened for such corruption.

Their designs are easily seen in the form of the Rockefeller originated John Birch Society to instill fear in the American public that there is a Communist behind every tree in America. All the while using that to slide in more unbalanced control over America to feed the Mil / Ind Networks need for weapons, more wars to expand the NWO footprint, and use Americas by playing fear games to their designs of NWO. Today, the same Beast that killed JFK is very much alive and sucking the life out of America's soldiers fighting in faked up reasons for wars to push the NWO design that the death of JFK facilitated. JFK would not allow their oligarch intentions to see any reality, and they'd not be allowed to join hands with the European Royalists that sought control over America's Banking and Treasury, but also its entire election process via big corporate election funding that they controlled and dominated.

What began in Texas as "Lying Lyndon" riding around in a Bell Helicopter in Texas for election advantage has been expanded to near total media controls to push their political pundits into office. The Microcosm of the Texas Political control has been extended to control all of America after JFK's death and that some oligarchic power is being foisted upon the world. America's young men are being plugged into service to be shredded up for the goals of these NWO plans to have world control. The Texas "Lying Lyndon" methods are now the orders of the day for setting up Americans to do the corrupt NWO's dirty work of killing and paying the economic price that drives the US into failure and depression.

Perhaps it is time, in the JFK assassination process of discovery, to call those that support the political lies of the Warren Commission as persons intent on treason against America. In place of the "Wanted for Treason" fliers that were handed out against JFK in Dallas, the America people need a more truthful flier or hand bill that tells the world and all of America that the Warren Commission is "Wanted for Treason", and its like followers in the present day. Americans Freedoms have been stolen and their economic power exploited not for Americans, but for dishonest oligarchs that essentially treat Americans to a new form of slavery and exploitation of their wealth.

So, it is time to turn the tables on those that sought to tell great lies on JFK and that table turn needs to charge those on the Warren Commission and their followers today with "Wanted for Treason". For those seeking the real reasons as to why JFK was killed, this is the fuller story. Now, we get to discover those loyal to America and its Constitution and those who are not. It is time to declare war on those traitors against America, as it has been taken over from within, not by Communists but by extremist fascist oligarchs intent on a NWO world fascism. This is what JFK tried to stop and LHO was trying to keep him alive to do that mission for the good of Americans. imho

Remember Why JFK Died and Why We The People need to carry on the fight for Freedom and Constitution.
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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 11:42 PM
Very good read. S+F for you

posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 11:47 PM
meh, ya its just so ironic, that a man that wanted to change the world in a good way, gets his brains blown out in Texas, and our country afterwards goes to crap in a slow decline afterwards thru greed, and corruption... Coincidence.. Heck no, he was assassinated not by some bum name Lee Oswald either..

I bet you if you lived back in the time kennedy and old school politicians were alive, you would enjoy life as an american, a little better....

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Nice thread, good read. I can't believe there are still a few people that think oswald was a lone gun man..gun man sure, but alone in his doing..I can't bite into that one. To many powerful people had good reason to want him out of the way. S+F OP

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 04:24 AM
This is home made documentary i guess , maybe related to the subject!

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 11:03 AM
An interesting and creative video that appears aimed at enlightenment for the masses. Thank You for sharing.

I see the Mason theme enter the documentary, and certainly the Masons are part of the problems of today. Perhaps, in the times of George Washington and the Boston Tea Party, the Masons had a more benovolent purpose than those of today. Certainly those George Washington Masons were tired of Tea Taxes and economic exploitation by the UK's King, and they didn't want any more taxes, so much so, that it started the Revolutionary War and gave the 13 Colonies their Independence, Freedom, and a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Today, we have a Grover Norquist doing much the same to resist those seeking overbearing rates of tax money to honor bad ideals, implement faked up reasons for wars, and destroy the US.

Great literature often mimics the problems and the JRR Tolkin series was one such vision into the future, as he lived in Russia and saw the differences between extreme right capitalism and socialism and how divide and conquor are used against the little peoples. Certainly the Twin Towers and the 911 was almost a vision of this days problems, and the quest for the Lord of the Rings for power and control. We the People are but the little people of the Shire.

In Russia other things were forecast with the US's Civil War, when the Czar had to supply war ships to Abe Lincoln to keep the UK Royalists from taking over America to support their Atlantic Triangle's trade route in Slavery, Sugar, Cotton trades for Liverpool. In the Civil War we also saw an extremely sociopathic person named Albert Pike rise into infamy, as his savagery was so extreme that the Czar was going to enter the Civil War just to exterminate the South's Albert Pike and his raiders. Then this same extreme sociopath came to write the Morals and Dogma for the Masons, and also all their Levels for Degrees in their subtile indoctrination methods. There became an extreme shift in the Masons of George Washington's era and those that followed a sociopath's morals and dogma for a NWO. Pike specified the designs for three great wars, and the first two have come to pass leaving one more that ferments from religious diffence and is the predictions from Revelation.

The Masons will tell you that they respect all religions, and lay out all the books of religion on their alter. But, they forbid the discussions of religions at their meetings. Then they turn right around in their Albert Pike created 17th Degree and make persons swear an oath to the 2 nd temple's vision. In essence, the Albert Pike loyalty to the UK have slipped into the Mason's design the prime element for the anti-Christ, which was the 2nd temple's perversion of religion. Albert Pike always was a traitor against America's Constitution and designed the system for wars that is tearing the US into near destruction today.

Persons like Jesus were of the Mt. Carmel Essen traditions of pious religion, and they valued all of religion's history but the teachings of the Babylon Talmud. They called this the Harlot religion that made the teachings impure and dishonest. The 2nd temple's teachings were seen as profane by the Essene and by Jesus teachings, and they referred to the 2nd temple as the Synogog of Satan. So, it is very important to also see that the teachings of Albert Pike have just as equally corrupted any benovolent designs by the Masons and why the Catholics once banned any Mason from their Membership. JFK was a Catholic and would remember these differences, how the UK's games for Empire controlled the Southern US and made this sociopathic Albert Pike. Technically, JFK was up against some of these evil teachings as he was going to block the link up of these extremist southern Texans with those Royalist bent on world domination.

You will encounter the theme of PERMINDEX in the JFK assassination and this was a trade mart system that was intent on using the theme of IG Farben Corporatism to slowly gain power and control over the US and the world. JFK would block such an oligarchic power as it could well lord over the political system of the US. It has come to pass that this system does run the US and not We The People mentioned in the Constitution of the US. PERMINDEX was an extension of the IG Farben NW-7 unit, and both the concepts of NW-7 and IG Farben were set up in the mid 50s by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands into Bilderberg and PERMINDEX, which joined all of Europe's Royals and their money bankers into a corporate like system for a NWO. When JFK was killed the PERMINDEX methods were absorbed into the NY World Trade Center Rockefeller designs. Rockefeller taught Germany how to make IG Farben.

It is no wonder that the 911 event came into a JRR Tolkin like reality as the peoples of the world began to see this fascist like system attempt to take control of the world. Thanks for sharing the video that brings this to mind!

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 11:18 AM
Along similar lines of thought and brining the issues to light, consider this similarly JFK themed piece:

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 11:58 AM
Although there is a lot of truth to what you write, there is more to it.
First, George H.W. Bush is a transplanted Nazi from Germany, last name Scherf. He was never a Texan, really. LBJ was just an opportunist that did whatever he had to do to get power, ever more power. Deals were made, people were killed. It is the ways of the ruthless and the powerful. They are all the same.
Take for example the Clintons, from Arkansas. Same tactics, different state. All are drug runners.
It is not that Texas was particularly bad, the attractive climate for business and opportunity was hijacked by an international cabal. By the powers that, if they cannot buy influence in the courts and the media, they intimidate the courts and the media through mafia like threats and killings. This is not limited to Texas, never was, and is in fact the way power politics is done all over this once great nation.
What most people don't realize, is practically all are sexual deviants. Truly sick individuals.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by SurrealisticPillow
George H.W. Bush is a transplanted Nazi from Germany, last name Scherf. He was never a Texan, really. HE faked his birth certificate, too? Actually he was born in Mass. to Prescott Bush and Dorothy Bush. He also served during WWII. He never claimed to be "from Texas". He moved to Texas in the late 40's and got into the oil business.

Now, his CIA ties should raise eyebrows, but spreading the kind of disinformation you are spewing doesn't help your cause, whatever it is.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by flashtrum

Yes, he faked his birth certificate. Prescott was part of a group that attempted a coup when Roosevelt was president.
You did know that didn't you?
Truth is my only motive, not the fantasy many call fact. You have been misled.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 07:14 PM
Bush-41 is considered to be a Texan from the viewpoint that he got into the Houston Oil business and got hooked up with the 8F group there that were into the big time oil business. Bush-41 got into the offshore oil business via his Zapata operation and was operating off of Cuba. Bush-41 was right in the middle of trying to take Cuba back from Castro, and a part of the oil boys that caused the mess in the first place.

If one studies some of the Cuba issues one soons finds the Oil Boys via Schlumberger were into the overthrow Batista issue. Then, the 8F's gang in Texas installed a Sec. of Treasury that got into the game of telling the Cuban refineries to refuse a million barrels of oil that Castro got from Russia. That meddling caused Castro to kick out the US big oil boys and nationalize the refineries to get his Russian oil refined. Then the put sanctions on Cuba, so Castro kicked out the rest of the US Corporations and shifted the country into socialism. He finially got real mad and booted out the Mafia boys running the Hotels and Casinos and put the Cuba system into Communism backed by the USSR.

Per the Masons, their loyalty is pledged to the London Lodge it sets all the Mason's directions, and they also swear allegence to the 2nd temple. One cannot serve two masters and their masters are not the US, but foreign interests. Masons need to each be registered as Foreign Agents. If one studies the treachery that Albert Pike pulled off to align the Masons with UK interests and also push the Zionists 2nd temple games, one finds a process of sedition against the US. Pike was a Southerner loyar to the UK's Atlantic Triangle Trading interests and he was determined to overcome the opposition of the Union North using the tricks he placed into the Morals and Dogma for the Masons and their Degree Programs.

If we look at the Masonic issues on the JFK assassination we discover that J Edgar Hoover was a high level Mason and Earl Warren was also. LBJ was a Mason. Gerald Ford was a Mason. And the three highest people in the Warren Commission set-up and operations were Masons and they delivered contrived treason to keep America in the dark and push into the international globalism, which JFK would have opposed.

During the JFK administration a similar issue arose from the Zionist organizations and RFK was behind telling the Zionists to register as foreign agents. All kinds of games were played to dodge that issue. This is still causing problems today.

Foreign Agents - The American
Israel Public Affairs Committee
From The 1963 Fulbright Senate Hearings
Up To The 2005 Espionage Scandal


Americans Demand Justice Dep’t Regulate AIPAC as Israeli Foreign Agent – IRmep
May 31st, 2011


The problems in the US today stem from the highjacking of the Governmental process by foreign interests linked to big banking's Federal Reserve, and these globalist oriented Corporations that drive the dollars to elect every politician in the US and corrupt them absolutely with kick backs and insider trading games. imho

The US today is being exploited more than it ever was via the Colony Process, as they've become more clearver to conceal their control and lording over the freedom and liberty that America once knew. Everyone in the US is going to have to pay attention to the OWS methods to raise awareness and again take active roles in returning the US Govt to the People. It appears all the younger people are waking up as to what future all the old people just sitting around doing nothing have allowed to happen. Evil takes hold when good people do nothing.

It even appears that Masons 17th degree was involved in the creation of Zionist Israel, as Truman appears to be a Mason. Israel got started by stealing airplanes from the US. Israel is a nuclear weapons state that has treatened all of Europe via their Samson theme. Israel attacked a defenseless ship called the USS Liberty and killed Sailors and tried to sink the ship to blame it on the Egyptians. Israels spying is in the extreme and his done extreme harm to US Intelligence via the Pollad deal. Israel appears connected to stealing nuclear weapons materials from Apollo Pa., and also the Kerr-McGee plant in Oklahoma, that got Karen Silkwood killed. Kerr was part of the out of control Texas 8F group. Israel and JFK got into the nuclear proliferation issue via DeGaulle and many think they tried to kill DeGaulle using PERMINDEX because DeGaulle dropped Israel's nuclear project help because they refused to declair it and allow inspections. DeGaulle also freed Algeria, which went Communist. Israel and Ben Gurion got into it again with JFK over Germany helping Egypt build rockets and learn nuclear sciences, and many highly associate this was a part of the hate that came to kill JFK in Dallas, as PERMINDEX was associated with the JFK killing.

Israel has done enough attacks on the US to have the US to declair war on Zionist Israel and Nuke them. Even Israels own religion folks are turning against their extreme out of control problems.

My Farewell to Israel, Thorn of the Middle East
By Jack Bernstein

Even now, it appears WWIII is close with Russia and China backing Iran. And Israel is treatning to kill Russian technicians at the Iranian nuclear works and trying to get the US to bomb Iran. It is all following the games of the Sociopathic Albert Pike, and his loyalty to UK and Zionism's 2nd temple. imho
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posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

Very good information.

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 11:09 PM
Thanks to everyone that took the time for JFK Remembrance, as he was probably the last president that truly cared for America and its Constitution. Please consider helping everyone break open the fuller issues on the JFK assassination on or before the 50th anniversary.

I'll close this 48th anniversary day with this piece from Veterans Today Journal: els-power

John F. Kennedy Opposed Israel’s Power
by Bob Johnson

Tomorrow, November 22, 2011 is the 48th anniversary of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. One part of JFK’s character which will not be covered by the mass media is his courageous opposition to the power Israel enjoys over the United States of America.

In the thought provoking book, They Dare to Speak Out by Paul Findley we read on page 114 that during Kennedy’s campaign for president in 1960 he had a meeting with some prominent Jews. Kennedy was very insulted when one of the Jews said they knew Kennedy’s campaign was in financial difficulty and that he and his Jewish friends would “help and help significantly” John Kennedy’s campaign if, as president, Kennedy “would allow them to set the course of Middle East policy over the next four years.” It was this meeting that made JFK want to work for a law that would have the U.S. Treasury pay a set and equal amount for all politicians running for president who secured a to be determined percentage of signatures of people supporting their campaign. He saw this as the only way to prevent the nightmare of today, which has not only the President, but the overwhelming majority of people in Congress bought and paid for by the very powerful Israeli lobby. Israel’s lobby is so strong that hardly any politician will disobey their orders regarding U.S. Middle East foreign policy. And that includes starting wars, such as the war in Iraq, which benefit Israel and harm America and the rest of the world.

In Seymour Hersh’s insightful book, The Samson Option, which addresses Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal, Hersh covers John Kennedy’s fight to stop Israel’s nuclear proliferation. He writes that Kennedy was “fixated” on stopping the Jewish state’s nuclear build up.

Another interesting point in Hersh’s book is that the Democrat John Kennedy appointed a Republican, John A. McCone, to lead the C.I.A. because McCone was not afraid to confront Israel about its nuclear weapons work at Dimona. In 1965 McCone resigned because Lyndon Johnson was afraid to confront Israel as Kennedy had done and Johnson was scared he would lose Jewish votes and support if he did try to stop Israel’s nuclear weapons program. In 1965 the Gilpatric report, which has since been declassified, called for the U.S. to pressure other nations, including Israel, to not build nuclear weapons. Johnson ignored and suppressed the report. Every politician after Kennedy toed the line with the Israeli lobby after the assassination of John Kennedy.


The well informed readers might want to take note that PERMINDEX was involved with a number of highly Zionist persons, and one that was highly connected to J Edgar Hoover, the USAEC, the German Missle works at Redstone, TVA, etc. Those Zionist elements well knew that LBJ underwrote the killing of JFK, and LBJ could not prevent Zionism from getting nuclear weapons unless he wanted to become exposed for treason against America via the plot to kill JFK and cover it up via the Warren Report.

There is also little doubt that part of the considerations was the Mason's 17th Degree Oath to the 2nd Temple, and the Mason's code to guard another Mason's secrets. David Ben Gurion was a Mason, as was LBJ, Hoover, Warren, etc Masons likely need to be banned from holding high office in the US.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 12:15 AM
Interesting read OP S&F for you!
The Texas Oligarchs have had the country under their thumb in one form or another for years from Vietnam to Afghanistan along with the Military/Industrial Complex.The Assassination was a blatant Coup.

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 12:20 PM
Yes, and the rise of Texas in political domination began in the 1930's and grew because of the Jesse Jones 8F group in Houston. Jessee Jones was associated with FDR's New Deal and he knew a bigger secret to empower the 8F gang and HL Hunt. There would come to be a replay of Days in Infamy.

Do keep in mind that the first person to say "A Day that will live in Infamy" was FDR, and there is good reason to suspect that before JFK was offed to slide in LBJ, that FDR was offed to slide in Harry S. Truman---a Mason.

Fetcher Prowdy and some others, if you snoop around, tell the story:


by Fletcher Prouty


Keep in mind that JFK was a huge FDR fan, and would be onto this issue. In fact, JFK made this huge secret society speech that condemned organizations like the Masons. That was a heads up notice that JFK was putting together their games of corruption and high level deceit and treachery.

Keep in mind that J Edgar Hoover---a great big Mason--- disbanded the OSS, which was largely run by the good guys, and Another Mason named Harry S. Truman OK'd Zionist Israel and started the CIA. Truman, the Mason, did two things to support Masons and that dump the more honest OSS leadership and open the door for the 2nd temple gang, just as the Masons 17 degree oath commands.

The first CIA director, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, due to the mess from Roswell in that time, became the charge person on the cover up of UFO's due to their relationship to US National Security. These were ours and often German technology and the Roswell issue was a human experiment war crime. JFK was also into opening up that issue.

When HL Hunt and Hoover forced the name of LBJ on the presidential ticket in California, it was with the full knowledge that they could insert LBJ into office at any opportune time, and it would be like plugging in their Mason Truman, except this time it was Mason LBJ.

Corrupt Mason Churchill was behind killing FDR, because he would not play ball with them. Churchill was also trying to knock off Stalin. And Churchill was another one of the Masons.

When you link up the many Masonic games used against the high office of president you begin to see the real light of day on what all happened, which JFK was onto, that led to his being killed in Dallas. You'll find Mason Hoover protecting HL Hunt, the prime ring leader of the JFK hit in Dallas. You'll also find Hoover protecting one of his gang named Bloomfield, a British Churchill Zionist agent that worked for Hoover via the DISC and Div. 5.

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 05:54 PM
In the previous listing from Fletcher Proudy we get a great big hint of some of the problems from the times of FDR. JFK was an FDR oriented politician. And the OSS was FDR oriented with Kermit and Donovan. Fletcher Proudy is the shadow figure protrayed in the movie JFK as Colonel X, were they met on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and the actor that played him was Donald Southerland. He got to see the run up for the JFK assassination at the Pentagon level and noticed that all the typical security methods that usually used some military were not done in Dallas for JFK, opening the door for his assassination.

The rest of the story was that FDR had a standing deal with Stalin about Germany division after the war, and FDR was always keeping on the best terms with Stalin because he needed Russia to win the war in Europe. Stalin and FDR got along well, but that same was not as true for Stalin and Churchill.

When FDR died, that deal was gone, then it became a mad rush to gain ground and a siege on Berlin that required an airlift for the US to keep their side of Berlin. The aggrivation over Berlin and FDR's dealth aggrivated the issues of Berlin for decades to follow.

There are various stories from the NAZIs killed FDR to the Churchill gang. It is unlikely the Germans got to FDR because they wanted to surrender to the US, but it was easy for British elements to get close. Either way one slices it, FDR died at a very bad time and Truman made very bad decisions. Churchill was part of the European double dealing that had the displaced European bankers make deals with the UK to have the UK and Russia attack Germany and drag the US into the war. The US was busily funding Hitler's Germany before and often during the war. But the European money flowed to Germany, as the Royal Family in the UK were actually Germans and they'd accept the German Bankers money and support in making WWII.

That Stalin would hate Churchill is obvious because Stalin kicked out all the Jewish in the Russian Government to get on the good side of Hitler per who controlled the money strings and power. Stalin knew who and what had screwed his peace making with Hitler and so did FDR. FDR was always highly considerate of Stalin, and Churchill darn near runined the alliance.

There were at least 2 main reasons for the sudden death of President Roosevelt on April 12, 1945:

1. President Roosevelt had an agreement with Stalin and Churchill that Russia should conquer Berlin.
2. President Roosevelt was willing to receive a delegation of atomic scientists.

President Roosevelt met with Joseph Stalin and Prime Minister Churchill at Yalta in February, 1945. It was agreed at that conference that the Russians should take the Nazi headquarters of Berlin. This was only fair since the Russians had lost over 20 million men defeating Nazi Germany and Berlin was the Nazi capital.

By mid April 1945, the Russians were just over 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Berlin. However, the Allies were advancing swiftly across Germany at the same time and the Nazis were very anxious to surrender to the British or U.S. forces. Berlin lay within easy reach of the Allies.


After the war, they gotten rid of FDR, but there remained a highly loyal to FDR part of the OSS that those attempting to control things wanted to get rid of also. So, FDR's trusted persons like Kermit and Donovan were cut out of the system and the CIA was formed with a weaker knowledge base. This allowed the formation of Israel and the CIA almost hand in hand.

Fletcher Proudy was an advisor for the JFK movie by Oliver Stone and he got a little of his story worked into the plot:


Proudy seems to hit a number of issues on the head. The issue that oil is formed from deep within the planet from carbon is consistent with the Russian Sciences on oil is continually replenished and trapped within oil dome structures in the Earth's strata. Which means the Oil Depletion or Peak Oil was partly a lie, and these oil deposits tend to renew over time.


As a critic of the CIA, Prouty pointed out its influence in global matters, outside the realm of U.S. congressional and government oversight. His works detail the formation and development of the CIA, the origins of the Cold War, the U-2 incident, the Vietnam War, and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Prouty has written that he believes Kennedy's assassination was a coup d'etat, and that there is a secret, global "power elite" at work to direct world events.[1]

Prouty subscribed to the theory that oil is not derived from fossils but from carbon deposits deep within the Earth (abiogenic petroleum origin theory).


More of the story involves that JFK and John Forrestal toured Germany right after the war and they were two Catholic oriented persons. Forrestal was against the division of Palestine to form Israal because it would cause continual wars. Forrestal was Sec. of Navy and the 8F gang sought to control that office after Forrestal. He later became the first Sec. of Defense and compligned of what appeared to be Zionist agents after him. Forrestal then appears to have been murdered via being tossed out a window at Bathesda Hospital in DC. JFK has a whole bunch of suspicious events in his time; from the worst time possible for FDR to die, to his friend Forrestal being killed. It was not only Fletcher Proudy that suspected a global power elite was screwing with world power games. Two presidents noticed a Mil / Ind Network screwing with them, and when JFK was mudered the doors were open to become a global elite cooperation that could literally control the US Govt. These were part the 8F group, linked with Rockefeller's oil, linked with Prince Berhard's Royalists elite, and pulling the strings for LBJ, Hoover, Warren and those Masons that worship that power elite.
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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by MagnumOpus

I just looked up J.R.R. on Wiki and nowhere does it say he ever lived in Russia. Unless I'm really blind or just can't read, I didn't see that anywhere.

I also don't buy your thoughts on The Lord of the Rings, but that's just me. Heck, I hated those books and never got through the second book(ain't watching the flicks either, screw that) so I am in no way a expert on the books.

Lastly, while Texas is far from perfect, it's a far cry from Chicago politics, which gave us "Vote early, vote often" and our current POTUS. I'd bet you can find just as screwy stuff regarding any state, it just so happens that JFK was murdered in Texas, which I'd bet had to do with the people involved and not necessarily the state of Texas. If LBJ and company(the guys I believe were behind the assassination) were from Alabama would you be bitching about the politics of that state?
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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 06:51 PM
You are corrent on JRR Tolkien was not Russian, he was a UK person. His books became very popular in Russia after the translations were allowed to be published there. He was a Catholic, resisted Church of England, was into environmental protection thinking, and his imagery in his books brings out the issues of Communism and Capitalism. His books were translated into various languages.

I liked the movie editions because of the fantastic photography partially, then the various imagery for greed for gold, twin towers symbolism, the little people of the Shire drawn up into things that basically had little choice in being drawn into. These days the fictional world of Tolkien's writing come much to close to the plight the world faces today from the global elite.

When one gets into the JFK issues and looks at the issues of PERMINDEX and how Ferenc Nagy sought to have Rockefeller be inclusive of the PERMINDEX globalism ideas, PERMINDEX disappeared and changed into the World Trade Center issues and alliances with Bilderberg concepts of those of Prince Bernhard's wanting to make a bigger world corporation IG Farben model.


The underground popularity of Tolkien in Russia:

Further information: Russian translations of The Lord of the Rings
Interest in Russia awoke soon after the publication of The Lord of the Rings in 1955, long before the first Russian translation. A first effort at publication was made in the 1960s, but in order to comply with literary censorship in Soviet Russia, the work was considerably abridged and transformed. The ideological danger of the book was seen in the "hidden allegory 'of the conflict between the individualist West and the totalitarian, Communist East.'" (Markova 2006), while, ironically, Marxist readings in the west conversely identified Tolkien's anti-industrial ideas as presented in the Shire with primitive communism, in a struggle with the evil forces of technocratic capitalism. Russian translations of The Lord of the Rings were published only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but then in great numbers, no less than ten official Russian translations appeared between 1990 and 2005 (Markova 2006). Tolkien fandom in Russia grew especially rapidly during the early 1990s at Moscow State University. Many unofficial and partly fragmentary translations are in circulation. The first translation appearing in print was that by Kistyakovskij and Muraev (volume 1, published 1982).


John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, CBE (3 January 1892 – 2 September 1973)[1] was an English writer, poet, philologist, and university professor, best known as the author of the classic high fantasy works The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

Tolkien was Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Pembroke College, Oxford, from 1925 to 1945 and Merton Professor of English Language and Literature there from 1945 to 1959.[2] He was a close friend of C. S. Lewis—they were both members of the informal literary discussion group known as the Inklings. Tolkien was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II on 28 March 1972.

In the run-up to World War II, Tolkien was earmarked as a codebreaker.[66][67] In January 1939, he was asked whether he would be prepared to serve in the cryptographical department of the Foreign Office in the event of national emergency.[66][67] He replied in the affirmative and, beginning on 27 March, took an instructional course at the London HQ of the Government Code and Cypher School.[66][67] However, although he was "keen"[68] to become a codebreaker, he was informed in October that his services would not be required at that time.[66][67] Ultimately he never served as one.[66][67] In 2009, The Daily Telegraph claimed Tolkien turned down a £500-a-year offer to become a full-time recruit for unknown reasons.[68]

Although Tolkien detested Adolf Hitler and Nazism, he was also appalled by Allied total war tactics against German civilians. In a 1945 letter to his son Christopher, Tolkien wrote:

We were supposed to have reached a stage of civilization in which it might still be necessary to execute a criminal, but not to gloat, or to hang his wife and child by him while the orc-crowd hooted. The destruction of Germany, be it 100 times merited, is one of the most appalling world-catastrophes. Well, well, — you and I can do nothing about it. And that should be a measure of the amount of guilt that can justly be assumed to attach to any member of a country who is not a member of its actual Government. Well the first War of the Machines seems to be drawing to its final inconclusive chapter—leaving, alas, everyone the poorer, many bereaved or maimed and millions dead, and only one thing triumphant: the Machines.[69]


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I think the JFK plot is inclusive of Chicago, it just isn't the prime factor. The JFK assassination had lots of elements involved. But the biggest of the power elites were Houston 8F and Dallas HL Hunt. Dallas also has the element that connects 8F gang to the Bilderberg gang via Rockefeller and Ferenc Nagy. That then becoming the Mega World Trade Center games, which was the intentions of the IG Farben based Bilderberg moves. We all know the Foreign elements that don't like the WTC methods targeted the WTC for some major reason.

Jack Ruby was from Chicago and the story goes that he got into dealing drugs up there from the Bronfman connections and the Chicago Boys were going to off him, but one of his Mafia pals convinced them to allow him to move down to the South. So, he plugs into Dallas. He is mixed up with Lansky pals like Lewis McWillie, gets into the Cuba mess. Ends up complainging the John Birch types set him up and that is HL Hunt. He is pointing the finger at LBJ pretty strongly. He didn't finger the anti-Castros, the Mafia, the Cubans, or the Russians.

Ruby has an old High School buddy from Chicago and Texas that came to work for Oak Ridge, that many tell was a root of the switch from killing Castro to killing JFK.

Lots of elements had to coperate to kill JFK, some were more pivotal areas to expose than others. Ruby was into gun running for the early Cuba operations, he knew HL Hunt who wanted to use his Jewish associations like those of Bernard Weiss, and Ruby had to kill LHO to prevent the whole deal from falling on his head and the rest of the gang's involvements. JFK was certainly screwing with Chicago types via Exner and his brother screwing the Mafia. Chicago wasn't happy with JFK, but they didn't have the power to off JFK and get away with it.

It gets down to the logic that the Russians didn't kill JFK, as they didn't want a war and JFK was buddies with Khruschev. Same with Cuba, as JFK was working on Peace with Cuba and Castro. Those that wanted JFK dead the most wanted arms build up, a cold war, and profit for the Mil / Ind network. Those that were associated with a Secret Society, a Secret team to off JFK, are the force to be exposed.

The top ring leaders had strong associations with big banking, strong connections at the highest levels of Govt, such as LBJ and Hoover. So, it was not going to be the Mafia as the ring leaders.

It pretty much boils down to the global elite's connections in Dallas with LBJ, Hoover, Warren. HL Hunt, the ring leader, seeking marriage of his plans with Ferenc Nagy's games with PERMINDEX and the links to International Globalism connected with Bilderberg directions. That Foreign link up could not be made with JFK alive, as they were busy looking at Foreign Agents trying to control the US. Their only way to succeed in that Global Elite link up was to have the JFK death plotters become allied with PERMINDEX, Rockefeller WTC games, and Bilderberg wealth and power via world corporatism.

It looks like Khruschev clued JFK into who screwed over the peace deals with DDE, who was trying to kill off Stalin, and for JFK the bigger pieces were coming into view.

Look around, the Citizens haven't run the US in decades. Nor are the Presidents accountable to the American people any longer, nor Congress.

The Mafia wasn't after that as a goal. The CIA didn't want that as a goal. The Anti-Castros didn't need that as a goal. But the Foreign anti-Communist global elites had that as a goal and they had a few CIA supporters, a few Mafia supporters, a good many of the oil elites and rich oil types in the US connected with Standard Oil and Texas millionaires as supporters. JFK was trying to shut down those alliances, so they killed him. Those alliances took over the foreign affairs of state and were screwing over JFK at almost every turn, so he wanted them in jail. The intelligence networks had lost control of the situation and the big money games were running the show. All the Cuban mess started with Schlumberger trying to get Batista out. That backfired when the Russians offered Castro a million barrels of oil, and big oil dominated 8F gang interfered. Then they went after Castro, first pushing on DDE and Nixon. When that blew up and JFK shut them down, they continued in Louisiana with some old Schlumberger weapons and explosives gathered for the Batista games. JFK shut that down, leaving only the LHO games with Oscher's Kill Castro with Cancer game running in New Orleans. That was funded by big oil from Dallas and INCA. When all went wrong, the same gang went after JFK.

They had lots of alliances that hated JFK and helped in the process, but the king of the ring leaders were the Dallas gang.

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One of the most interesting of the Russian linked issues is this note said to have been written by LHO and addressed to a Mr. Hunt and was written on Nov. 8, 1963, or it suggests this is so.

If one reads extensively about this little gem of a note, one finds a Russian Intelligence Defector tells it was originated by the Russians to deflect any heat on the JFK assassination off of them. It crops up in 1975 and is mailed to several JFK research types from Mexico City.

Many groups have analyzed the note and most all tell it is in LHO handwriting. Marina Owald tells it is LHO's handwriting. A serious handwriting analysis shows it is LHO's handwriting. But it is a little too perfect in some areas like each line is extremely straight, that LHO didn't tend to do. The most serious analysis points out it is darn more perfect a LHO's handwriting note, but he mispells his middle name from Harvey to Harvy, leaving out the "e". One must consider what that was about because in no other LHO handwriting examples does that happen.

Now, if the Russians were intent and serious on making this look like a note from LHO to a Mr. Hunt, in this case a Mr E. Howard Hunt, who was a CIA station chief in Mexico City in 1963 they'd make the middle name was exacting as the rest of the note. So, somebody screwed up the LHO signature to call attention to the term "Harvy". It is a big glaring defect.

So, if one snoops around one finds that "Harvy" means:


Harvy as a boy's name is a variant of Harvey (Old English, Old French), and the meaning of Harvy is "eager for battle; strong and worthy".


So, we left with a couple potential explanations:

1. The note is real and was perhaps addressed to Mr. HL Hunt in Dallas. HL Hunt was part of the group funding the Oschner kill Castro with Cancer methods that were like those of Boris Pash. Pash was the Ian Flemming association with the 007 stories. HL Hunt died on November 29, 1974 and perhaps this turned up in his possessionions and was passed around in 1975. LHO was bright and would know what mispelling his middle name would mean. Technically, LHO knew Hunt was his boss in NO and Dallas. The Hunts labeled JFK as Communist and a traitor, so JFK was as much a target as Castro for the Hunts.

2. That the note was a faked by the Russians and intended to put the heat on a CIA Mr. Hunt, but telling they were ready for battle should they get any more heat on LHO being a Russian plot to kill JFK. If the note were of Russian design, It appears to tell they knew the real JFK killing ring leader and they were prepared to tell all. The Russian KGB originally fingered the rich oil Texas as the leaders of the JFK plot. The Russians might also want to upset King Harvey with emphasis on that name

It would appear that either case, the real person of interest as Mr. Hunt, per the note, is HL Hunt of Dallas.

We all have seen the story of E Howard Hunt telling that he was a "Bench Warmer" on the JFK assassination and he fingered William King Harvey as a principle CIA plotter to off JFK. Harvey was the original CIA leader assigned to kill Castro under Operation Moongoose or related code projects running out of Miami. JFK was pretty upset with Harvey for running over his shut down of CIA efforts to kill Castro and JFK moved King Harvey to Rome. JFK was trying to break up the CIA gang and the JCS gang that were screwing him on foreign policy matters. JFK moved JCS person Limnitzer to UK, as he was the Operation Northwoods seller for Cuba invasions.

Rome was the home of PERMINDEX, which was trying to off DeGaulle. Some of the PERMINDEX types stayed in Rome, but they shipped off the records to South Africa to dodge the INTERPOL types after those attempting to kill DeGaulle. Mandel and Rosenbaum were still in Rome. Connections of King Harvey with Rome and PERMINDEX have to be suspected, just as PERMINDEX connections in Dallas with HL Hunt and Clay Shaw in New Orleans. No doubts these connections have been talked about by the CIA insiders that didn't like JFK. Harvey was the one that like the Corsican killers because they were foreign, hard to track, and kept things quiet. Harvey could not do much from Rome, but ally with PERMINDEX. Perphaps E Howard hunt told part of the CIA associations, but those not sitting on the bench watching the game were the Dallas HL Hunt gang.

This suspicious little note about tells the same assiciation from two perspectives. The Russians could only backmail this 8F/Bilderberg gang if they only referred to the real killing team ring leaders in loose manner. Now, all they had to do was tell the real person of interest in the LHO note was HL Hunt, and heads would role from LBJs, to Hoovers, to the Royalist Global Elite.
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