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Ms Katehi said:  I take full responsibility for the incident. Empty words?

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 05:35 AM

In the latest statement Ms Katehi said:  'I spoke with students this weekend, and I feel their outrage. 'I have also heard from an overwhelming number of students, faculty, staff and alumni from around the country.

'I am deeply saddened that this happened on our campus, and as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident. The statement continued: 'I pledge to take the actions needed to ensure that this does not happen again.'

Let's see Ms. Katehi, order the students cleared....

Two campus police officers caught in shocking video footage using pepper spray on student protesters have been suspended, UC Davis announced today.

So two officers just carring out orders get suspended, but the instigator of the incident refuses to even consider going? That is "taking" ***FULL RESPONSIBILITY***??

The school faculty association had demanded the chancellor's resignation, saying that her authorisation of police force represented 'a gross failure of leadership'.

A statement released by the Davis faculty board said: 'Given the recent use of excessive force by police against 'occupy' protestors at UC Berkeley and elsewhere, the Chancellor must have anticipated that, by authorizing police action, she was effectively authorizing their use of excessive force against peaceful UCD student protestors.

That is "taking" ***FULL RESPONSIBILITY***??
Not to my eyes...
How about yours?


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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 05:57 AM

Baltimore police lieutenant Charles Kelly, who wrote the department's guidelines on the use of force, said the attack had been "fairly standard procedure" as pepper spray was a "compliance tool" which could be used on "subjects who do not resist."

So pepper spray is a "compliance tool" and is appropriate for subjects who do not resist...
Nothing wrong here,
Except for the two officers who are being scapegoated...
Just what does it mean to take full responsibility if you are a one percenter?

Charles J. Kelly, a former Baltimore Police Department lieutenant who wrote the department's use of force guidelines, said pepper spray is a "compliance tool" that can be used on subjects who do not resist, and is preferable to simply lifting protesters.

"When you start picking up human bodies, you risk hurting them," Kelly said. "Bodies don't have handles on them."

After reviewing the video, Kelly said he observed at least two cases of "active resistance" from protesters. In one instance, a woman pulls her arm back from an officer. In the second instance, a protester curls into a ball. Each of those actions could have warranted more force, including baton strikes and pressure-point techniques.

"What I'm looking at is fairly standard police procedure," Kelly said.

So no big deal, nothing to be upset over...

Does Ms. Katehi need to go? Is Ms. Katehi taking full responsibility here?
What's your take on Ms. Katehi actions?
Just doing her Job?
Or did she fail?

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posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 09:00 AM
Pepper Spray can be used for non violent encounters. In other similar incidents going back through the years pepper pray has been used, from spraying like we see in the video up to spraying the oc onto a towel / rag and simply wiping the material near / under the eye.

Pepper Spray's active ingredient - Oleoresin Capsicum (capsaicin)

Pepper Spray is is measured in scoville heat units. To put it into basic terms 1 jalapeno pepper is about 5k scoville heat units.

On average law enforcement pepper spray concentration is anywhere from 2%-10%. In heat units you are looking at 250k units on the lower end, going all the way up to 5.3 million heat units (Fox Pepper spray).

As a quick note the reason for the higher heat units was in response to reports that the lower end was not ass effective, especially if they are dealing with an individual with high pain complaine, who have been exposed to pepper spray more often than others (prison / correction settings).

Any level of pepper spray can cause whats descrobed by medial personnel as chemical burns, although the term sounds worse than what it actually is. To follow up with the term differences when a taser is deployed in a situation where medical assistance is needed it is dispatched over the air as an electrocution, which again is anything but accurate.

As you see in the video the protestors made the effect worse by tring to wipe the spray off their faces. When they wiped, they actually made it worse by forcing the residue into more of the pores on their face. Copious amounts of cold water while leaning forward to prevent the residue from washing down a persons body.

From a legal standpoint the deployment of pepper spray was valid. From a procedural point of view, its dependant upon the UC Davis policy for subject resistence control.

Personally I think Ms. Katehi should resign. She is the one who set the events into motion by ordering the students removed. To turn around and blame the police is cowardly on her part.

posted on Nov, 21 2011 @ 01:59 PM

Posted at 12:29 PM ET,
11/21/2011 D.C. mayor “aghast’ at UC Davis pepper spray incident
By Tim Craig

District Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said Monday he was “absolutely aghast” when he saw the widely-circulated video showing police at the University of California at Davis using pepper spray on students, but has full confidence D.C. police will treat protesters in a respectful manner.


So another power elite, steps forward to claim being "aghast" is it well past time for Ms Katehi to go? What do they actually think will happen when they order their people in?

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