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lets change the law effectivly togehter and for the good of the people

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posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 03:48 PM
As in life when you think of a concept or a situation it sometimes over whelming to look at all the evidence and trying and work out an effective way of correcting the injustice.

I suggest if we try to change the law in an effective way it would require a simplification, attack the individual injustices specifically and separately

One at a time, so that each injustice stands in its own moral light and can be individually highlighted an addressed much more efficiently.

If too much is in any one bill it will detract and allow opposition to minor points, and create potentially false hurdles and allow misdirection.

We need to address each issue at a level every one can agree on

Insider trading bill to prevent non-public information exploitation for profit,
Everyone can agree this is required in a democracy or republic, and will not fail on other points contained within the bill

step change in small well thought out steps that allow each point to stand on its own validity.

in this way each point is held up on its own strengths and not brought down by smaller points or arguments.

I support the current OWS bill and would like to see more bills crafted that all can agree are just


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