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The Libyan NTC YouTube Disinformation Agents Whats There Agenda?

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posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 08:19 AM
Heres an example of.
Source YTube

Question:Just how many are there (Pro Rebel, Pro NTC Disinformation Agents?)
Answer: From what i counted there could be well over 1020 or so that includes there fake accounts which they have created on youtube.

So what they do? they usual start to be nice at first with you then they start insulting users calling them pro Gaddafi users, paid trolls etc.

But when you start facing them in a debate, and when you ask them specific questions then they wills stop responding to you even if you make some harder questions, they wont even answer it.

For one example heres a pro NTC agent insutling the user below him in the above link i posted.

qaddafi is what ?????? it seems like you are still an idoit cuz that horrible pig has never been a hero and wont be >>> get a life you filty ***

That same user believes that Libya will be a better country.

now since he's gone for good ,,, we will be able to have a better future >>>>>>>> it is just a matter of time

Heres from another Libyan cliaming to be Libyan atleast.


There is almost no work in the Libyan embassy at the moment and you know why!
I think as soon as the new Libyan government is formed the relationship between Libya and Venezuela will have to come to an end because the stupid socialist government of this country does not want to recognize the new Libyan government!
man this country will have to go through a revolution just like the one in Libya in order to get rid of Chavez and his socialist government!

Oh really eh? i somehow think that plan of theres would backfire on them.

And also a FreeLibya user stated this on YTube

Will right now I'm a student in the university of Tripoli (never been happier to be) I still have two years till graduation ,,,

However ,, Gaddafi's rats seriously cause me headache ,, whatever way you try to persuade them what a sinister creature he really is,, they say (liar,nato+c.i.a agent ,, etc) it's like they were the ones living under his regime !!!!!!

If these are indeed brainwashed students by western NGO professors then the question becomes what have these professors have been teaching them? have they been teaching them if that if they start a revolt, Libya would be came free and a prosperous country?

I really wonder just what there final assignment was.

So ATS folks what you think of those people on youtube? are they agents or something else?

Note:See there background images how they added pro rebel controlled cheering crowds.
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posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

They still have their Libyan psy-op in full effect.

I can't stand these fools and their lies.

Hopefully the Libyan people are realizing they are being screwed and that their country is heading in a very ugly direction.

posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 08:49 AM
The "new" Libyan government is doomed to fail regardless. The majority of national turnover will be transferred to other nations that provided mercenaries and planes to the Libyan NTC. Then how are they going to fund their rabid 'rebels'? Not, that's how. And then there will be confrontations between the NTC and the Western countries, because one generation down the road the Libyan people will start suffering - since their nations wealth will be transferred.

Then what...another revolution to overthrow the NEXT Western installed puppet? And then again...and again?

What's the point...really...

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