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Is the EU an intermediate stage on the “Hard Road to World Government”?

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posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 06:17 AM
‘Does the European Union have an Expiry Date?’

A veritable re-engineering of the entire planet has been taking place in front of our eyes for many decades now. However, since it is gradual, most people do not notice or understand what is happening.

*What goes under the name of “New World Order”, “Globalization” or (my favourite) “World Government” describes the long-term objectives of a highly powerful Global Power Elite embedded inside every country, notably the US and Europe, that owns, operates and channels every country’s resources – oil, finance, economic strength, military prowess, natural resources – from inside to promote their supranational agenda.

Just like the proverbial frog that if thrown into boiling water painfully jumps out and survives, but will be cooked and die if thrown into lukewarm water where the heat rises one degree every 5 minutes…

This highly complex, holistic and extensively planned process helps explain much (if not all) of the on-going violence, chaos and injustice we see in the realms of finance, politics and the economy. But good strategic planning also requires experimentation, trial and error, scenario building and war games.

My native country, Argentina (and Latin America as a whole), have been repeatedly used for such “experimentation”, as happened here ten years ago when the international banking cartel aligned to the IMF/World Bank, US Treasury Department, rating agencies and the “qualified” mainstream media, worked together to collapse Argentina’s financial and monetary system, but at the same time managed to save all their banks that operated in the country.

If we fast-forward to Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the US, UK, Portugal and Iceland today, we see the same scene over and over again. Clearly, not mistakes made by specific governments, but a veritable model designed to control whole nations imposing unnecessary and fraudulent public debts.

One of the key lessons they learned in Argentina was how to control “We the People” through PsyWar (Psychological Warfare) exerted by the controlled media so that the population ends up accepting all the hardship, whilst the banker and government perpetrators get to keep all the money and stay in power.

I wonder whether the European Union might not be a similar experiment but on a much vaster and grander scale? An experiment on how to bring very different countries with different languages, legal systems, cultures, histories of war and hatred amongst them, all under a straight-jacket of bureaucratic union that increasingly sweeps away national sovereignties? A sort of “How To” on promoting voluntary submission by the EU’s 27 member states to accept one legal bureaucracy, one parliament, one unelected president, one military force, one flag, and one currency

What lessons are Globalists learning from the troubles of the EU? Are today’s growing Euro-woes a reflection of the fact that, after more than half a century of Euro-building we now see the controlled demolition of the EU in order to (re)build it into something new? Perhaps, “moulding it into something closer to their heart’s desire”, as the old 19th Century British Fabian Society urging gradual socialist world government once envisioned?

Is the EU an intermediate stage on the “Hard Road to World Government” suggested by Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Gardner in a seminal April 1974 article in “Foreign Affairs”? A stage in which legal, political, trade, financial, social, cultural, media, monetary, military and so many, many other complexities have been iron-out, re-designed and re-tooled to serve a “greater purpose”?

Will we soon see the break-up of the Euro, not as an unfortunate “accident” but as a planned mega-process which (together with the hyper-inflated US Dollar) will be allowed to tailspin into a controlled collapse only to be replaced by a new global currency issued and managed by Global Power Elite private interests from a coming world central bank of some sort? Does the EU have an Expiry Date?

The Vatican, always well informed, seems to think so as we see from their recent call for revamped global institutions; a sure sign that the old men who walk the Vatican Corridors are again reserving their place under the coming sun…

The controlled collapse of the Euro (through its break-up) and of the US Dollar (through inflation) coupled with a suitably engineered version of the “Arab Spring” for Europe, the US and others, that further erodes national sovereignties on a planetary scale, fuelled by controlled sequential wars and supported by increasing PsyWar emanating from the Western media monopolies…

All just one big mistake or merely different views of the same planetary Leviathan bent on imposing World Government on us all?

Okay I think this piece has some reason to query if the current Eurozone crisis is indeed heading toward world government. The author cites events and developments that occurred in Argentina, his own country back in the days around its own default on its sovereign debts. According to the article, the country is now tied up to global institutions and their authority. Perhaps this is what is also happening in the those ME and NA countries as well. With the Vatican calling for a new international economic order and global authority to oversee the global economy, the world economy currently in a state of volatility at best, the Eurozone seeming on the verge of either collapse or sweeping change, the civil unrest and protests we see around the world, the technologies that would certainly allow for world government and a global currency could well see this new economic paradigm come to materialise?

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 06:44 AM
If every country on earth was to be buried under a 100 meters of ash and thousands of years from now alien anthropologists began to unearth our world culture they would find certain symbols that permeate everything. They would find these symbols in most churches, government buildings, media, currency... everything. And they would be ubiquitous around the globe. The academics of that time standing objectively outside of our culture would know that this is very significant. But in our world today when most of us see the pyramid and eye we think nothing of it.

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by surrealist

i think you should be more worried about Brazil becoming the Germany of the South American Union. they are slowly getting rid of "criminal" elements in the ghettos of Rio making Brazil the shining light of globalization in the South American continent.


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