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Section 27 use

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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 12:21 PM
What is Section 27?

Section 27 legislation allows police to move someone from a specified area for a period of up to 48 hours.

However this is being abused (in my opinion) by police to basicly control innocent law abiding tax paying indeviduals when ever they like.

This really came to my attention recently when a freind told me a story about having a pint of beer in london after a shopping trip.

He simply got off his train out of london with his freind, because they simply fancied a beer after a busy day. After about 20 mins a few policemen turn up at the empty pub they were in, and they were both issued a 48 hour section 27, if they refused to leave or came back before 48 hours they would be arrested. The area was a heavy muslim population and the two men in question are two white males. They presumed to be given this moving on order because the locals might make trouble with them.

Now this seems completly crazy to me, being moved on to protect the victim before hes or she IS a victim, what next tom cruise popping out in a jump suit from pre crime? Well unfortuntly no, its the victims that are the ones threatened to be arrested and harrassed by the police. In a supposedly free country, what happend to inncocent until proven guilty, i guess the rules are still to be written on laws for the victims.

Im sorry UK, but if i choose to have a beer in a bad area thats my choice, if i get mugged or beaten arrest the guys who did it please, DO NOT give me a arrest warning for going baout my day, its totally backwards!!!!!

Anyone else think like me the rules and laws are getting a bit wierd and promoting a police state, punishing the victims and rewarding the criminals?


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