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Have we been duped in a Government ploy or from a bored human existence part 2 .

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Part 1 was user deleted .

Part 2 begins here .

With growing numbers coming to ATS , long time lurkers coming out of the shadows and new accounts on a daily basis . The connections to government agencies mentioned here in the odd thread . The chances of it being a greater info pool to swim in and yes some are paid to discredit threads so the story goes .

Have we not been overtly enlisted to provide scenarios for their viewing pleasure and displeasure ? I say it is possible , no out right proof of it being the case but just an unnerving feeling about it lately . With what I will assume as the governments large but limited resource pool , why not go to where the ideas would be fresher with different takes on situations . Draw out ideas and accept or reject them .

The attitudes from different regions around the world on what they would say and do . When the threads here have thought provoking political repercussions of World War 3 on the horizon . Most are asking for opinions , yes, but the thread makers some how do not add their perspective on the same questions they put out for others to respond to .

University or College students stuck on ideas to add to their home work projects ? Possible if they are seeking the current view of the population from a global perspective . Or just those that sit back to watch the rats run around in the cage as part of a science project . If being involved in case studies are in some way the underlying motivation of those then being a lurker has it's good and bad points .

From a purely open discussion to seek answers from those that have the resources where others do not , then let the discussion begin to come to a solid conclusion on the topics . I realize that the new threads are started come from both the MSM and past history , those that did not have the luxury back in the day of our current technology to motivate free thought . The daily grind seemed easier back then for those that recall ( 30 , 40 even 50 yrs ago ) .

The need to have more material items along with the same need for knowledge has not kept up with each other if it was ever supposed to be that way . Advancing human knowledge gives rise to greater deeds done , and does not have to mean our extinction but rather an extension . Those that have shared the " I have a dream speech " had some idea of what it meant but those that did not perhaps from who spoke those words was the blocking factor in their decision to erase it from their minds is still holding them back .

Whether the Israel / Iran issue leads to global war , where will the finger pointing be done . You did what you did because that is what you do , you want peace but cannot give up the things that make you disagree . The lines get drawn not out of survival but out of conquest issues or being hell bent on revenge over another . many countries have the ability to snuff all of us out and yet they play a game they accepted as the normal way to do things .

Refusing to fight for those ideals can surely make you an enemy of the state , but the respect that those are not your ideals falls on deaf ears . They are consumed with some sick sense of justification in their actions and I have a desire to not be included in this part of the human species . Does that make me a traitor ? No .

The MSM has been a very effective tool used to sway a mass of robots as we have become , and history repeats it self time and time again . Dumbed down from all the programming from the MSM , sensationalized stories of horrific happenings , not to bring an end to it but to increase their revenues . Ever notice how when it happens to those of great wealth and power it is not given the coverage the rest of get . The sympathy factor for those people is emphasized more .

Like they are more worthy of our sympathy than we should be to each other of our class or status in the world .
When the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few , the fewer in power find ways to cripple the lower class with what ever methods they can conjure up as legal . Are we as a species worthy of a global peace , some would yes and other may say no . For the amount of times that wars big or small happened , we should be due . Fate for some or destiny for others .

I suggest those that want to fight be required to attend anger management classes to deal with their issues because what they are doing makes them unconditionally incapable of rational thought . They would surely removes us on those grounds from doing our jobs and even replace us . Medical and or pyschological evidence suggests they are not behaving in a rational manner when using the same criteria against the lower class of the human species .

Then what would they do , look for a different doctor on staff . When the old war horses finally go to the glue factory maybe peace will come for us all . They will not cut off the hand that feeds them because we are the ones that day in and day out are needed to grow the crops . So for the sci fi aspect a global wide emp burst would bring peace to us all . Then we can have all the OOBE we want , without having to come back to a nuclear scorched body that some non attending anger management drop out caused .

Oh sht that snapping effect regarding this thread just hit me on the re read . That is the thought for the day , stay tuned for more from the world at large . Remember the motto " Deny , deny , deny " and especially "Never A Straight Answer " plus the all time favorite " God made me do it " and a cameo role by " Pics or it didn't happen "

Where are those dang meds ,

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 09:39 PM
What better way to subvert and manipulate the opposition than control it?

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