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Revelation of the Woman and the Beast

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:17 PM
By: estimatedprophet,

The Great Prostitute, the modern Babylonia, is Americana!
The United States of America is the modern day Babylon, because in her resides all the people from all the four corners of the world and nations, from every language and kingship. The U.S. is one of the worlds most powerful and influential and wealthiest country in the world.
The U.S. has troops stationed all around the world to regulate the nations and to subdue them.
(Zechariah 5:5-11, Isaiah 13:0-22 and 14:0-23, Jeremiah 50:0-46 and 51:0-64, Ezekiel 26:0-21, 27:0-36 and 28:0-19 and Revelation 18:0-24)
In the book of Zechariah concerning the vision that the prophet saw about the woman in the basket which represents wickedness, is an actual fulfillment which happened years ago concerning the nations founding fathers of the United States of America. Why is this wickedness? Because the founding leaders at that time till this day many were, and still are secretly, occultists, idolaters and devil worshipers, in secrecy.

(These are evil and wicked practices that many world leaders and people that secretly conduct. They are abominations to man, because the devil is mans adversary and man is deluded by deception from such a force, that for a short momentum of power and riches that man shall posses on making an alliance or an oath on a bound contract to the one who wishes to bring them into total destruction forever!) Meaning: People sell there souls to the devil/Satan for political power, wealth, fame and for there own selfishness!

In the beginning of the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah: It says to raise a banner for all the nations. This banner is the sign of the Son of Man, who is to go out before the Lord, to prepare the people for his coming! The prophet will be hanged and displayed for all the world to see, and at some time in that moment or event, an invasion shall occur in the land concerning the oracle written of Babylon/America.
When will this occur? I do not know, but I do know that this is going to happen soon so be ready for it.
(Remember this; that the prophecies in Revelations and of the old testaments match because they are concerning the future events of this age. And that America is the modern day Babylon mentioned in the scriptures!)

The oracle of Tyre is also the same as the Babylonian prophecy with the same meaning and the same interpretation and the same concern for the United States of America!
If you read the scriptures from Isaiah 14:3-23 and Ezekiel 28:0-19, they are concerning a certain king who in the flesh is a man, but the soul of this person is the devil himself, he is Semjaza, the prince of the earth who has deceived the world and deluded the people.

In the book of truth, there is mention of an army called the "Medes," who will invade the land of Babylonia. This army mentioned in the bible is an oracle concerning a "World Police State," in a totalitarian New World!
(Joel 2:0-17) The Median army and all its troops, is actually the scattered troops of the American soldiers and of thee United Nations throughout the world, who are training in other countries for the invasion of there own land and nations!
The truth is this: The reason that United States has soldiers fighting wars with others nations is not for terrorism control, oil or even the concern of the people, no, its this: They are training the American soldiers in other nations as a huge life size training ground. The soldiers moral and mind are being conditioned this way so that they can loose fear and learn that they are just supporting the country supposedly, but in reality supporting the country is not so, because these same soldiers are going to be brought back to invade there own country!
The American governments are using and brain washing these soldiers, not just to control and regulate other countries as they see fit, but rather training the soldiers at the same time.
For these reasons private government organizations such as Homeland Security and FEMA have been established in the country.
For those who are willing to accept the truth its this: That the United States will invade its own country by force creating Marshall Law and Quarantining the population!
This is to fulfill what Jesus said to His apostles, "behold I come like a thief!"
(Revelation 16:15, 13:8-10 and 6:9-11 Matthew 24:0-51 Mark 13:0-37 Luke 12:35-53 and 17:0-37)
The invading armies throughout the land will brake inside of peoples homes like a thief, regardless of what stature or position that the family was or is, taking everyone as captives, like lambs to the slaughter. That is why it is mentioned in the Bible, on that day let no one from the roof of his house go down, to get there belongings, and on that night to persons will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left, and "where there is a dead body, there the vultures shall gather!" All these are references to what shall take place during that time!
For example: The persons left behind is not a rapture event, no, it is a statement of the new world order police troops and of the mark of the beast! The person left behind has the mark of the beast and the person taken, is actually being arrested and taken to prison for not following the new law!
Be watchful you saints and be alert, for the hour will come when you do not expect it! The meaning of all this is that at any given moment or day you can die, or be killed. If you are not saved by the truth, then you will continue to be slaves of sin and death, but the truth will set you free of these bonds!
So the reasons that you must prepare yourselves with the truth is that you do not fall into a deceptive trap. The new world order and the mark of the beast is a false illusion to delude the people from the truth.
Therefore God Himself is mustering this army against the people because the increase of unbelievers and wickedness in the land, that both righteous and wicked will fall. (Judgment has been decreed for both parties!)

The totalitarian (New World Order) will be enforced to simply govern all people by force rich or poor to be submissive, to a new one world government and one world army and police state, and a one world religion!
Now the scarlet beast that the prostitute (Americana) rides on is the New World Order!
And the seven heads which are also seven hills, represents the seven major continents throughout the world!
Now on these heads/countries, are also seven kings or presidents. Five will fall, then one will remain and yet another and last shall rise out of thee abyss. (This is a Demon named Azazel in human form and he is to deceive by deluding the people who do not believe in the truth, those people who's names have not been written in the book of life will wonder after him and worship him!) A new world genocide will continue to prosecute all Christians of the true faith. This beast who once was and now is not is a king who will rule like Hitler once did and will have a false prophet or a counterfeit pope in the new one world false religion to a aid the beast and to deceive the masses!

The ten horns on the beast are ten kings who are not yet, but for one hour they will be given authority to rule with one purpose in mind that they shall give all power to the beast and to destroy the prostitute forever.
Once again the Prostitute that is written in the Holy Bible, is the Great City that rules over the kings and nations of the earth and she is the modern Babylon and Tyre, the United States of America!

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

This is a typical attempt at using religious stories and concepts of the last several thousand years to hasten or manifest dreadful outcomes for planet Earth and her inhabitants.

Pity for those of more entropic nature that they do not hold clout here any longer.

Now stop spouting this negative blabble and help me hasten some community.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

I don't really agree with you that the US is or will be the kingdom of the beast. Most Christians believe that the kingdom of the beast will originate either from the EU or the UN. I would have to agree with that, as you can see that the world is becoming more global every day, and that the UN and Nato is increasing in it's power and rule over sovereign nations. Unfortunately for us Americans, the US is losing it's power and richness more and more. Only time will tell. In any sense though, we are racing towards a one world government and much of what was predicted in the bible and written 2,000 years + ago is coming to pass. Don't believe that the UN and Nato isn gaining in power? Just ask gaddafi. Oh....wait...never mind.
Well, maybe the emerging governments in Libya and Egypt can put some of their thoughts into this.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 04:21 PM
The essence of the Babylon of Revelation is that she is involved in the persecution of the church- "drunk with the blood of the saints".In fact the whole point of the book Revelation is that it is designed to encourage a church in the middle of a major persecution. Before that happens, the book is not needed. .

Actually the best way to identify Babylon and the Beast is to wait for the persecution to start happening. Then we know where we are. (As I've said elsewhere, I'm convinced that we're still waiting for the Four Horsemen, who need to come first). At the moment, the United States is not putting people to death for persevering in their Christianity.

For a survey of different aspects of Babylon, I suggest;
Babylon- "The other woman"
Babylon; "Mother of Abominations"
Babylon; "Twinned with Rome"
Babylon; "Drunk with the blood of the Saints"
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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 04:35 PM
Are you STILL believing in a silly book which CLEARLY WROTE that the jesus character was to return "soon" and in "this generation" meaning in HIS generation in which he supposedly said it?? "The time is near, the time is at hand." "soon" "in this generation" etc, etc, etc.

By taking the verses of this little "story" in its original language, it CLEARLY MEANT exactly that it was to occur in their generation!!!

There were other words that would have been used if they meant a longer period of time like 2000 FLIPPEN' years man!! There is NO mistaking that.

Not to mention the book has hundreds of contradictions and reflects beliefs of the earth and universe that we NOW KNOW is FALSE.

Its all so unbelievably LAUGHABLE!!!

Why spend time chasing the stories in this silly nonsense book written by MEN who CLAIM they wrote it because of hearing "voices" and having "visions" and "dreams". Boy they must have been smoking some real FUNKY stuff and you believe them? They were hearing voices in their heads for crying out loud!!!

"Pass that funky joint... man!!" "Puff, puff, give" said the bible writers.

Get a GRIP man.
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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 06:42 PM
Originally posted by DISRAELI
The essence of the Babylon of Revelation is that she is involved in the persecution of the church- "drunk with the blood of the saints".In fact the whole point of the book Revelation is that it is designed to encourage a church in the middle of a major persecution. Before that happens, the book is not needed. .
Actually the best way to identify Babylon and the Beast is to wait for the persecution to start happening. Then we know where we are. (As I've said elsewhere, I'm convinced that we're still waiting for the Four Horsemen, who need to come first). At the moment, the United States is not putting people to death for persevering in their Christianity.

To: Disraeli From: estimatedprophet,
You are wrong in what you say because the people need to start preparing now, not tomorrow, not after breakfast and definitely not next year, but now!
before anything what I have written and what is spoken of in scripture, the True Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the revealing of thee apocalypse will be preached to the whole world as a testimony of what is happening, so that the people could start waking up now.
How can a church in the middle of a persecution, inside a death camp prepare for the worst?
If they are not ready by the time these things start happening, many people shall take the mark of the beast and then worship his image, which either one of these is done, there will be no forgiveness, nor redemption of this sin. All who worship the beast or his image and or accept the mark of the beast shall not be forgiven!
("They will join the godless unbelievers and wicked sinners, in the burning lake of fire!")

Religions and churches are meaningless and worthless, it is the human body which is the real church and the people shall worship God in truth and in spirit!
There are so many Antichrists and false prophets and preachers that they deceive the people with lies.
An Antichrist is any one who does not believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God, or is against Him.
Since the churches depend on government aid, that makes them very vulnerable to false preachers and Antichrists. Many false preachers make the church there business, and they sell salvation for a profit. (Money)

And why are you going to wait for the four horseman to appear by that time more than a third of the world population would be dead and the world in chaos and ruin!
If you could stop trusting in your own instinct and start having some real faith by trusting in the Lord, the interpretations can be clearly visible to you and all.

These are the mysteries of the four horsemen of thee apocalypse!

"Now the first Horse is a white one and its rider, held a bow and was given a crown. He rode to conquer bent on conquest!" (In this vision of the White Horse, it represents what first shall take place during the Tribulations. The Rider of the White Horse portrays the messenger who will go out before the Lord to prepare the people of His Second Coming! The Bow represents; a weapon of distance in order to conquer by sending far, his message as possible to the masses! His message of conquest will be by His Word of truth!)
(The Crown will be given Him as a token of nobility and rank thereof!)

"The Second Horse is Red, representing blood. The Rider was given Power to take Peace from the Earth!"
"Its Rider was given power to make men slay and destroy each-other. To him was given a Large Sword!"
(The Rider on the Red Horse is the Deceiver of the world, the Evil One. This is the man who will kill off millions of people by taking away there freedoms and forcing them into a New World Oder! He shall make War with the nations and succeed in everything he does!)
(And he will flung the truth to the ground and trample it under foot and exalt himself to be greater than the God of all Creation!)
"Then in the vision appears a Black Horse. Its Rider holding a pair of scales in his hand!"
(A Great Famine throughout the Land. Food and Water and Oil/Fat will be scarce. "Hard to Find!")
(The pair of Scales in his hand will be the measure of Food Costs. Every thing will be so expensive that even the rich will struggle during these times!)
(By this time in the vision, their will be no Economy and no Market System in the World. everything collapsed!)
After all the Wars and hunger and turmoil in the Land then shall proceed the fourth and final horse in the vision!
("A Pale Horse whose Riders named Death and Hades followed close behind him, to Destroy a Fourth of the Earth, by Sword, Famine and Plague!") (That's a fourth of the world in death and destruction!)

So why are you trying to mislead the people if you do not quite understand the meaning of the scripture?
The harlot or prostitute is the U.S.A. and the Beast is the United Nations, it is what it is and they are both working together as one F@#$ing beast!
Be ready you saints and do not be deceived, for these things shall occur when you least expect them, at a time and hour unknown. Please be ready!!!

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Response to estimatedprophet

What preparation do you think they will need?
The only preparation that will do them any good is a steadfast faith in their God, fortified by the sealing of the Spirit (see Ephesians ch1). Then, when they are ordered to worship the Beast, they will be ready to refuse. It will also stand them in good stead for intervening tempations of the same kind.

I don't say they wait for the Four Horsemen to prepare. I say that if the Beast arrives after the Four Horsemen, they wait for that event before they even try to identify the Beast. If we have not experienced the events of Revelation ch6, then the Beast is not here yet..

And yes, I do know what the Four Horsemen are, thank you. I refer you to the following explanations;
The Four Horsemen; Why?
The Four Horsemen; How?

So why are you trying to mislead the people if you do not quite understand the meaning of the scripture?

Well, you know, I could throw that question back at you.
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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by DISRAELI

I can give you no proof for what I am about to tell you. But I beg to differ on that the Governments (shadow or otherwise) are not persecuting Christians and killing them.

Last year at 3am I was woken up by 4 loud knocks in my head. These knocks half woke up my partner and did NOT awake my big dog.
I opened my eyes and I saw a green oval light above my wardrobe and 4 figures beaming in, just like in Star Trek.
I said the Name of God and sent them away.

If one of us was to be abducted, it would take only one or none at all.
They had come to kill us, being 4 members of my family, our bodies would have been found or a gas leak would have covered up the murders.

So just because you don't hear about the killings I can assure it is going on, even now with futuristic weapons.

BTW they had already tried to kill us last year, with an EM type weapon that stopped my old cathode ray type TV from working. It has affected us but as they are listening, I will say we are being healed.

A few weeks ago I got a phonecall asking me what TV I owned, I refuse to tell her and she hung up.
A week later I am up late on ATS and watching the same TV and a demonic sounding voice says DIE.
I said out loud NO you die!

Get it? make waves and they try to kill you if you let them. Christians and other people who have found out facts about what is really going on ARE BEING KILLED.

And yes I realise no pics or it didn't happen.
Peace anyway.

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