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Balance Your Body

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 12:18 PM
Becoming balanced is not merely keeping yourself in the middle of the scale as it is being on the correct side of the scale.

Everyone has heard the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" This is a clever system to put you on the good side of the balance. This helps you make the best decisions and walk away from them with much less guilt. However, the wicked have deemed the "Good", as "Bad." Being a good person has become something to be embarrassed for. When people are seen doing good they are looked at as weak, and even as a target to discourage.

People that are unhappy with themselves, hate to see people being happy, and transferring that mood of happiness onto others by being good spirited. Wicked thoughts cause the illusion that nothing in the world is good, and hatred branches of towards anything that is good. They see being good as being useless because the world is already predominantly wicked. "You must be the change you want to see in the world"

The Wickedness of the world is no excuse to follow the example. "The World is hateful, so I hate the world" is a common thought among those who cannot place their anger. They take their anger out on everything! Their very thoughts accuse the mother who borne them, or the Father who raised them. To believe that you are at a disadvantage to everyone, else is wrong. Every person in this world has a cross to bear, everyone has to deal with their problems and temptations and the attitude you take towards these trials tips the balance. To think that you should be exempt from worldly strife is selfish and disgusting. Those who think this thing they automatically deserve everything, without earning a single smile from God.

Do not cause others anger because you are angry. Live and let live. We all must make the best of the path we are on. Not a single person in this world is worth more than another except in the eyes of the world. Everything in this world is opposite to the truth. Disgusting things look beautiful. This is the temptation of the negative scale.

I think of it like the number scale not an actual balance. You lead yourself where your decisions take you, and you must always be aware of the Positive choice if you wish to live successively. Christ was poor, he did not grumble over his empty pockets, he did not steal to get what he wanted and justify himself by his poverty. Christ wanted to give everyone a chance, to get their Soul(scale) back to "0," and allow them to lead a more positive and full life.

Are you happy? We all feel that pit in our heart, not knowing exactly what we want, but knowing it isn't anything of the "now." Life can be beautiful if we appreciate what we have, instead of what we want. Love is the true aim of our life, so come out of the negative depths and accept True life, to not be "in the hole" and to not be on karma's bad side.

Whether you believe it or not your soul was created by the Creator. I am Catholic but does that mean i follow the Catholic church? No, I follow God. I follow positivity and virtue and this is what God wants us to understand. We have free will but why choose to be wrong? Why choose to hate your Father who has created you?

The Family is the way. If you cannot respect the family you cannot respect God, which is the reason we have such a loss of faithfulness to our loving Creator. Parents discipline to bring a child upright and to rebel against this is to be crooked and hateful. In the world Discipline has the appearance of hatred but is really a loving reproach to help you understand the ways of life

Make your suffering a blessing. Pick up your cross, and have endurance towards life. Life is not easy and it never will be, so make the best of it you can by following the Lord, and walking the in the Way, the Truth and the Life.
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