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Truth Vs. Fabrication

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posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 04:01 AM
How much of the information we receive is truth VS. how much of the information we receive is fabricated.

How on EARTH are we suppose to know this difference if we are not hearing it from the source DIRECTLY and without an ulterior motive?

There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that there are psychopaths who have been able to make it to the top of the pyramid due to an inability to connect with humanity and can/will fulfill only selfish needs.

By consensus it seems that greed has won out over selflessness so WTF?

We can look inward and see that what is currently taking place in the global arena is wrong. The only thing that could possibly change this is the ability to stand for what we believe... we must change when change is needed.

I am SICK of having people divided over semantics when it is clear that there is no SET way as society is dynamic and the change that is needed for balance must be dynamic as well. Forget left and right!

We must change to meet the needs of the people as needed. I wish we could just forget all the names we place on ideologies because it is illogical to have a whole system set on one or two ideologues when life itself is TOTALLY dynamic! There is no one right answer because life and society is constantly changing.

What we are truly fighting is the resistance and inability to change!

We should all take a lesson from nature and follow the path of least resistance which can lead to a better future for mankind but it MUST come from the majority and it MUST come from the heart without judgment!

After all ... who knows what we need more then we as a people.

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