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Blinded by the Light - Part 3

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posted on Nov, 1 2011 @ 09:01 AM
I started this story a very long time ago and a friend asked me for part 3, I never did write it other things got in the way but oh well.

If anyone does read this I suggest you read Part 1 and Part 2 first as it would make more sense. Anyway here it is Part 3

Dec 24th Soho - London 9:20 Zulu

Fire needs Oxygen to breath, fire has a life of its own once started and like all living things wants to live; as such this fire started to suck in oxygen from the surrounding area. Massive winds were caused by this. In future years it would be studied and its effects used to make new bomb effect tables. But for the moment it wanted to live.

Surprisingly enough what was happening here effected people who survived as far away as Tottenham, Wembley and Bromley as the found themselves caught in a Hurricane the likes of which no man had ever faced before, they gasped for air but found none.

Some of these where the lucky ones. They died quickly.

Dec 24th BBC Wood Norton Hall - Near Evesham 9:25 Zulu

The presenter was shell shocked, he was just a local regional presenter it was his turn to man the site if the unthinkable ever happened. Him and one guy with an old TV camera from the mid-90s. No high-def here.

No one was really sure if the unthinkable had happened, they tried calling Paddock but all they were told was 'they would get back to them'. They did have a few downlinks from American TV channels, all of which were showing a few broken and flickering images of a what could only be a mushroom cloud over central London. The images were obviously taken from a cell phone from a long way away but there was no getting away from it.

They had to go on, they had to broadcast, the people must be told, the show must go on.


And with that the regional presenters face replaced the image of Downing street in millions of TV up and down the country.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the BBC...'

Dec 24th PADDOCK (underneath the MOD building London) 09:26 Zulu

Everyone turned to the TV, well it was not really a TV but to the LCD Panel showing the current feed of all channels under the Governments control.

The ashen face presenter seemed to fluff what he was trying to say but eventually got control of himself.

'it would seem there has been a major event in Central London, we have lost the ability to talk to the main BBC building but if you bear with us we will try to keep you updated.

The following video comes from American News Channels and appears to be genuine..'

The video switched from the presenter to the captured images...

The controller voiced what everyone was thinking, 'My God someone has finally done it', they knew someone had but seeing and knowing made it more real.

Dec 24th Engineering HQ BBC Scotland - Glasgow 09:30 Zulu

No one spoke, what words could anyone say. The images said it all. This was not a drill, this was not a test or anything else. This was real.

'Do we have a link to Wood Norton, can we help them?' The Chief Engineer asked.

'Well we could bounce of the Astra bird and speak to them, or we could just phone them' some other underling said

'Well do just stand there man do it'

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posted on Nov, 1 2011 @ 09:14 AM
This is a very rough map of the what is going on

500KT Central London

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