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An Archeologist’s nightmare

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 06:49 PM
Todays date: Thrumka 14th, 2082

We have dug approximately 500 footlongs into the earth and have discovered a triangular shaped object. Our earth sonar readings show it to be massive and that there may be more than just the one. Early findings show that there are three large ones, with a possibility of more. This dig will definitely take time.

Flipdong 15th, 2082

The Natives here are getting restless. (There has to be a song there somewhere). They seem to think that we are upsetting the gods for some reason. We have shown them the artifacts from the western regions proving that we are all from one species, but they do not want to understand. Mindless savages come to mind. Maybe we should bring in security? We must unearth this.

Lypodi 22nd 2084

The security forces have finally relocated the natives and we can now work in peace. The displacers have moved many cubic tons of earth to the Med Ocean. I shudder to think of what we are burying while we dig.
This is an archeologist’s nightmare. But now we can see from the ground level, three pyramids. The dig is now monstrous and it would take numerous days just to see what is there.
It is like a gaping maw in the earth, a raw wound. It is rather sad and I am starting to feel like a grave robber.

Lypodi 23 2084

Mya came to me excitedly and said that they had found what they think to be a Mobile Temple. Her hypothesis is that there are many bodies scattered around and near it, so it must be sacred. She seems to think that they sacrificed themselves to protect it. I’m going down tomorrow for measurements. She mentioned something about a vehicle with a cylinder upon it. I look forward to seeing it.

Lypodi 27 2084

Mya has died and we don’t know why. Many of her crew has passed as well. Many have lost their hair and teeth prior to death and it is nothing like we have seen before. Could we have unleashed a plague? I pray to the Gods that we haven’t.

Lypodi 31 2084

I fear that what claimed Mya is now claiming me. Could it be as the conspiracy theorist say? Was I wrong and they were right? That mankind has been here longer than previously imagined and this is a cycle that has been repeated time and again? Despite my knowledge...I feel like a idiot.

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