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Hi from the UK. And a request to Uk'ers regarding "Occupy" and this November 11th

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 06:48 PM
Hi guys, I made a few posts already but thought i'd chime in with an intro thread to explain what I have in mind for my own "Occupy [Insert Landmark/City Here]" over the coming weeks

Well, it's not an 'Occupation' as such..

As many from the UK would know, we have recently gone through a spate of thugs stealing the metals from our WWII memorials and selling them on for scrap.

After last years local events (a Musilm was caught defacing a statue for the fallen) and the poppy burning charade, I feel it is my duty to protect the monument from November 8th, all the way through until the day after Memorial Day on the 11th

I will sleep there with my tent and be on constant night watch to surprise any vandals/thiefs in waiting. I will not hang around in tent during the day - just the evenings.

I encourage people across the UK to do the same thing. Especially if like me, you don't quite understand the current occupy protests but would like to play your own part in at least trying, to make it easier for those attending services on the 11th and for locals & relatives in general

I have never done my part to pay respect to those who fell in WWI & WWII but after last year, I will not watch this happen again

Sorry my post is one long ramble but it's late now and need sleep for early work tomorrow

Edit: Obviously my plan could do with some polishing up

But in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions or comments i should be able to reply tomorrow sometime

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