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A Map of My Head

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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 11:23 AM
I have been using everything I can to become aware in my head of the way thoughts come to us and go from us. Lets take a look inside my head, I don't know if it is the same as in yours though.

Levels of Consciousness

-Upper Exoconsciousness - This level is like a pool of all the knowledge in the universe, every single thing happening, past, present, and future. This level is seemingly separate from us, and it acts as a sort of reciever of our every thought to add to it's mass of data.

-Upper Consciousness - This level is connected to us, a part of how we make thoughts. It is like a silent rapid river of thought that is thinking about everything we experience with our senses. It thinks way too fast to understand it, but we use it to pull specific thoughts into our conscious desktop for evaluation. This level communicates to the level above it, transmitting everything we experience into the knowledge pool.

-Consciousness - This is the everyday part of you that is reading this now, the thing most people consider themselves to be.

-Subconsciousness - This is an interesting level of thought, for it seems to transmit subtle thoughts to our consciousness. This level understands the oneness of humans, plants, and animals. It betrays us sometimes because it is looking out for the greater good, we have to train ourselves to consciously fight it back when we are lying, stealing, and cheating. It betrays but it also protects and assists. It is concerned with self preservation above all else, but keeps the greater good in sight. It can communicate casually with other subconsciousnesses in the area, and can give you answers to questions just as you are asking them. It recieves communication from the level below it in order to allow the universe to speak to us without us knowing the universe is speaking to us.

-Lower Exoconsciousness - This is almost the same thing as the upper exoconsciousness, except that instead of recieving it is transmitting. It speaks to your subconscious about mysterious matters of the universe, so that it can help evolution in a manner that is simply perfect.

How did I figure this out? Can I prove it? I'll explain and let you be the judge. I was in deep meditation, and I caught a glimpse of the upper consciousness, just for a couple of seconds but it was enough to convince me. I tricked my subconscious into singing some of the things it was thinking, and by knowing my own thoughts well enough, I was able to notice slight fluctuations in the subconscious, which I knew had to be the universe and minds of others influencing me. It was seperate from me though, hence the exo. I was able to extrapolate the upper exo based on seeing the other pieces, this part was hard to identify because it does not transmit anything to us normally.

That is all I have discovered so far. Think you for your time friends.

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