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posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 02:36 AM
Dream By: estimatedprophet

The dream I had, started somewhere in the begging of the year 2011.
The visions in this dream concern the future events, which shall occur soon in America and all over the world!
The world leaders and the American government elite's, long awaited new world order, will be enforce after several unheard of disasters, both natural and unnatural! The long awaited fall of the Dragon/Satan, will help usher in this "gran master plan!" (Project Dark Star) The fall of the celestial object, that will change the entire world!

Now in my vision, I was brought inside a train. Then the train started moving and so I thought to myself that I was going away for awhile, like in a trip or a vacation of some sort, away from the city and into the country, because the train was headed towards that direction. Then I remember watching the mountains from a distance and the scene, it was beautiful, and I was glad for leaving, because I never liked living in the city.
From a distance I then began to noticed some building structures, it looked like a prison of some sort and in truth it really was. There was fencing all around the "building complex," and then the train came to a complete stop in this place. Now the doors from the train opened and I walked outside, and upset at the same time, because the train had stopped right in front of these stupid buildings were I did not want to be!
As I'm walking outside, moving towards the front of the train, while at the same time I'm looking around the building's surrounding me and noticing a huge door that looked like a hanger or wharehouse door, in the side of one of these building's, with two armed guards in front of the door, on each side dressed all in black and armed with rifles, but I ignored them and continued walking about my business tell I reached the front of the train.

(The arm guards clothing and articles that they were wearing resembled that of swat or riot gear police, completely armed with a strap/gun and rifle!)

Then I saw the train tracks ending in that area, they did not continued on any further. Then the two armed officers walked up to me and asked me what was wrong, so I told them, "this was not my stop and I did not want to be here," and one of the officers told me not to worry, "we will take care of that tommorow just come with us!"
I did'nt have a choice, but to go with them, because there was no where for me to go and they were armed. (I thought they were actually going to help me, because they did not seem hostile!)
Then walking inside this huge building I noticed it to be a bunker, and inside of this bunker there were many computers and all the people inside, that I saw, were police or military officers.
Now there was a man in high rank, who approached me and started asking me personal questions, while walking with him, and then we stopped in front of a monitor screen with another officer setting on a chair writing data on a computer. Then the officer asking me questions, while at the same time answering him and looking all around my surroundings and thinking to myself, "what the hell was I doing inside this place?"

While being interrogated from this one officer, then I noticed one of the officers who had brought me in from the outside, sitting down on a chair and he was wearing black gloves on his hands, and with his left hand he takes off the glove from his right hand and then he begins to scratch it, and that's when I noticed the "red mark on his hand!"

(The mark on his hand looked small and elongated, not round, kind of like a scar but it was an implant, because it popped out of his skin, like a pimple! "It was an RFID Chip implant!")

That's when I started worrying, and then turning to the officer who was interrogating me, we looked at each other eye to eye and that's when he knew that I knew what was really going on in this place and fear came over me!
That's when I thought to myself, "I must get the hell out of this place or I am not getting out of here alive!
Then I started running down a hall, that led to another exit out of this building, with everyone behind chasing after me, than I see the door to the exit, but there were two other guards in front of me, a male and female officers and they stopped me, and then finding myself surrounded by all these "@$$ holes!"
From there in my vision everything turns white, then I see an article with my picture on it and it said: Gerardo Garcia went missing thirty six years! "Then I woke up!"

That is my actual name, and it doesn't matter to remain anonymous for me, because I know about all the stuff that has been happening in the past, present and future, I am not afraid!
"That building complex or bunker were I was present in the vision, was an actual internment/prison camp! The world leaders and governments have these setup everywhere and these are the places were the civilians or residents shall be placed forcefully!"

The reason for this genocide and actual truth behind this plan, is that God is upset with all the nations and the people, almost all do not fear Him and so the people of this generation is obstinate with no one to make them afraid and they have been believing the lies of the governments, therefore the governments will be sent against them and to kill off a third of the populace.

This is an apostate generation, that even religions are programed to lie and to deceive the people. With so many people now turned away from the "true faith" and believing false ideas mixed with the human imagination, thus God the creator of heaven and earth is going to bring His creation to a stop, by bringing fourth unheard of disasters upon the land and seperating the ones who believe in Him and destroying the ones who don't!
He has done this before in the past with the first deluge of the great flood of water and now he is going to stretch out His hands again a second time to call the people into repentance and to destroy the world with fire and brimstone!

God Himself is coming fourth from His dwelling and He shall surround the earth with all His might and majesty. This scene, viewed from the sky will look like a huge planet swallowing the earth! The planet that approaches the earth is the "Kingdom of God," and He shall reside on the earth to bring fourth Judgment to all the nations and people of the world according to what they have done and how they have lived!

But the earth will not be completely destroyed, nor the people, because He has chosen a remnant for Himself, and to start a new covenant of peace and life with them, and all the people that will live in the world after this destruction will know Him. There will not be one soul who does not believe in Him, because this will not be repeated! It will be the godless and sinners who will be removed! All who live in the world from now on after this apocalypse will know Him!

So if you don't believe in God you better start fearing Him, by doing some research on who He is, because He is coming soon! God wants you to acknowledge Him and to worship Him, with all your hearts and in truth, that's what our Creator want's!
Whither you are in sin, go to Him the way, that you are, just believe and trust in Him, for he will forgive you of your trespasses and purify you, with the blood of His precious Lamb, Jesus Christ! "Amen!"

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

Why would satan want to abort babies if they go to heaven?

Wouldnt that be like missing out on a soul or something? Seems like the majority of your thoughts are ignorant and religiously deluded.... its a shame you think the biblical devil is using deamons to build camps for you.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 03:22 AM
The disaster to come (it will unless people stop it) will wipe a bunch of people out but the question here is, what is the origin of the disaster(s)? You can't automatically assume some unexplained event is god with his hammer ready to smash out most of population for a better future when we've barely scratched the surface of what is to be known and also not to mention but some of what we know has obviously been tampered, and some info/knowledge is kept away from us. And seriously, what's up with the judgement from God? He's all-knowing isn't he? then he should know we've been conditioned/brain-washed/poisoned/lied and tricked into these life styles and way of thinking so basically because we're vulnerable by nature some of us have to meet an end? Get real.... people need to stop playing with the ultimate goal of the NWO because this is exactly what they want, population to be reduced to the point it's easily managed. What's the best way to carry that goal out? Create (or allow) an unexplained event to destroy most of the population and have everyone believe it's from the invisible man in the sky. Let's not screw humanity over completely guys, let's take over the government and delete it from existence. While that happens we can throw the illuminati in the trash can and the idea of money and exchange. Take according to your needs, and help those in need. Start living for others because then they could only do the same then maybe we can drop all the childish bull # in this world so we can have real progression.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 03:28 AM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

I´ve read similar stories based on dreams/visions and I think these events described will come upon us sooner or later (in my opinion they will come rather sooner than later).
Yes, you are right, God´s wrath will come upon us and he will punish mankind with a One-World-Government, a One-World-Economy and a One-World-Religion - just as the Holy Bible tells us about in Revelation.

In your dream you have read "... missing for 36 years". It´s startling becauce three times 6 is: ... right The Number of The Beast 666! That´s no coincedence, my friend.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 07:59 AM
Interesting how your dream happens to have ALL the standard EOW Totalitarian Genocidal Archetypes all rolled into one? I would tend to believe that's just a little too inconvenient. Not much left to interpret here!

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 10:11 AM
Didn't experts conclude that RFID chips were wholly inconceivable as an idea and wouldn't work in the way doomsayers claim and that "the mark" is actually something else?

Also, wasn't the name and idea of Lucifer originally from someone's interpretation of seeing Venus as a bright blue object in the sky centuries ago and that's why he's also called the Morning Star due to Venus being visible most in the early hours of the morning?

Therefore it seems to me that the dream is about a planet's forces wearing make believe chips in their hands and that most Christians are actually afraid of a planet that is similar to Earth but much closer to the Sun and therefore with higher temperatures and hard for most life on this world to live in such conditions without burning.

posted on Oct, 31 2011 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by curious7

Lucifer was the name "Morning Star". The writer in Isaiah was comparing King Nebuchadnezzar to the Morning Star - one of the completely normal flatterings that people in that time bestowed on Royalty, much in the way "Your Majesty" and "Your Highness" evolved later. Somehow, by the time the Hebrew was being translated into Medieval English, it was TOTALLY misconstrued and people walked away believing that the Adversary's name was "Lucifer". The Adversary's name is not even "Satan" - that's a bastardization from the Samaritan word "Shaitan".

Christians don't even know the proper names for deities and yet they believe they have the complete inside track on the afterlife? Laughable.

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