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A National Dialogue on the Emergency Alert System: Facebook, Google and internet communications

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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 05:51 PM
I was on ATS perusing the threads regarding November 9th and the National Test of the Emergency Alert System. With that I was combing through a few sites and I happened upon this interesting site:

A National Dialogue on the Emergency Alert System

How does it work?

Users submit their ideas.
Our community discusses and votes for ideas.
The best ideas bubble up to the top.


Future testing of the EAS will assess the effectiveness and reliability of other technologies to realize the ultimate goal of timely alert and warning to American public in the preservation of life and property.

Collaboration of the EAS Community has been key before the Nationwide EAS Test. Thank you for the support and productive dialogue!

I came across one interesting idea posted by member lscheider 2 months ago:

Millions of Americans use Facebook, Google, AOL to communicate. It would be very advantageous to establish contracts to syndicate EAS messages online during a national event. Additionally, it would be ideal to partner with social media outlets and email providers to create applications which allow users to voluntarily subscribe their email address and contact info into local emergency notification systems.


IdeaScale is a web-based market research company. To give you an idea of what they're about, here is their "About Us" section.

This particular "dialogue" regarding the EAS was posted through the "Government" portion of the website.

IdeaScale’s popular 5-community Government license has become the preferred idea management solution for federal and local agencies.

They have a slew of categories available at the bottom of the homepage that are what appear to be a conglomeration of all their available categories e.g. Government, Product Development, and Companies. I have not gone through them all but I thought it was interesting that a Government agency would create a forum for users to submit ideas that the general public can vote on. Good way to get a feel of which direction to go in on certain "campaigns"

Makes me wonder if there are any categories within all those that is worthy of it's own thread on ATS...perhaps someone with more time than I have will discover one.


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