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Old House woods is where my story happened (I think)

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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 12:29 AM
Some of you I'm sure read the story that I posted over in the scary stories thread, but I'm going to quote it here so you all have heard it.

Originally posted by Evolutionsend
Hopefully it's not too late to submit a story.

When I was about 13 years old,a friend and I decided to go to a place that he told me beforehand was the site of some very odd happenings. The place was a small junkyard at the rear of his property, about a mile or so away. It had been operated by a tow truck driver in the 70s, so he claimed. It was nothing more than a very shallow lake, with many antique junk cars placed around it. We arrived at the area and took a look around. We decided to follow the access road that he had used to dump these vehicles, and we noticed that for a road that was in operation in the 70s, it seemed to be impassable. It went into a swamp, with no evidence of a bridge ever having been there. I wouldn't have been suspicious, except for the fact that in the middle of the road stood a large oak tree that was big enough to be at least 50 years old, older than some of the cars that were parked. After looking around for a few hours, we could not find an explanation for how these vehicles got there. No roads, no bridges, the area was more or less closed off by natural barriers. The fact that they were back there made very little sense.

We decided to look over the vehicles for fun, and they appeared to have been in fatal accidents. The '56 f-100 showed evidence that the owner, ate the steering wheel at a high rate of speed (it was bent). The classic mercury, had the engine shoved back into the interior. They all showed some pretty scary things, but nothing paranormal. We made another trip back there about a week later, and aside from all the algae in the lake dieing within a week, not much had changed.

The third and final time we went back, my friends uncle came along. He was curious about the value of the vehicles and the potential of restoring the f-100 despite the damage. As we walked up, everything looked normal. After looking under the hood of the f-100 and finding that it was restorable, my friends uncle decided to check for keys in the ignition. He opened the door, and observed fresh blood all over the interior and steering wheel, as if the accident had just happened. About that time, I noticed that inside the mercury there was also, blood, everywhere. We decided to leave, quickly at this point.

We went back about a year later, this time with a shotgun. The area was as we first found it, no evidence of blood having been there in a very long time, and no evidence that they had been cleaned.

I'm not sure how it's possible, but someone or something did not want those vehicles to be touched.

I've researched this area several times, but only read about vague accounts similar to mine. After further research, I uncovered something about the area where this story happened, that seems to be a bit of a secret. This area is a known hotbed for paranormal physical manifestations evidently. This took place in Mathews county Virginia, near what I think is referred to as "old house woods".

Of all the tales of the Tidewater area of Virginia, none has been told and retold more than the stories of Old House Woods. Located near the tiny crossroads town of Diggs in Matthews County, northeast of Gloucester, scary tales have been passed down generation after generation for more than 200 years. The 50 acre patch of woods and marshlands near the Chesapeake Bay contain some of the most bizarre and unusual paranormal phenomenon ever recorded. Some of the recurring tales are about British Redcoats, pirates, skeletons in knights armor, mysterious groups of shovelers digging, ghost horses and cows which appear and disappear before one's eyes, a full rigged Spanish galleon which vanishes in thin air, mysterious floating lights in the woods similar to lantern light, and a "Storm Woman" who floats above the pines warning fishermen of impending gales.


The article goes on to mention physical manifestations, and other accounts claim that headless dogs have actually climbed into truck beds and had a real physical presence with the world around them.

That's interesting because I had never heard that tale about the area. I heard stories, but never ones that were assigned a name. I'm going to try to get in contact with that old friend in my story, and see if he's interested in photographing the area and maybe staying out there till midnight or something.

If anyone knows about this kind of thing, please shed some light on it. How rare is it for an area to have real physical "things" going on?

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 03:09 AM
interesting area. to my knowledge for such "hauntings" there had to be lots of bad things or tragedies to happen. another reason could be geographical, like limestone or chalk are said to "store" spiritual energy better than others.
i hope you will do this paranormal investigation and wish you good luck. maybe you could post some of the results here on ats ?

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posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by icepack

I will if I can get permission from his family to go back out there. I'm not sure how late we'll be investigating though. As I said the area isn't accessible by vehicle, and I'm not keen on the idea of staying out there on foot.


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