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We're all in this together

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 03:27 AM
Every day I log on here, I always read arguments back and forth between OWS supporters, people against it, tea party people etc..

But in the big picture we're all in this together, no matter what. We're all affected equally by what takes place in Washington unless you're part of the 1%. But yet most here would rather argue politics and talk bad about the protesters and call them names etc.

The sad truth is that the whole system is corrupt, almost everyone here on this site agrees with that. Banks and corporations are keeping us on shackles and enslaved to the system. A lot of you here make threads asking for change and for an end to the system. The OWS movement is the closest thing we've come to accomplish something and its up to us whether or not it succeeds or if it fails.

Put aside your political ideologies and all this leftist, marxist, right wing conservative crap and actually take a look at the bigger picture and where we are headed if we don't change things soon.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 03:54 AM
I agree with you. I am american, but living in another country, and for the last few years I feel really sad watching the way my country is tearing apart just socially- the way americans are turning against each other. A house turned against itself falls, and as I watch this happen from afar, the awareness that the country is going to a take a huge fall becomes more and more inevitable in my perception. And we could blame it on this or that country, or terrorists, or whatever, for all kinds of elements will be involved. Like a person with AIDS, or even just a weakened immune system, you can blame their suffering or death on the specific virus's that get in, or realize the real cause was already present before they came into the picture.

A turning of tides inside seems inevitable too, but I understand those who just don't want to see it happen in this way. We'd like to stay in control of the transitions and change- plan them out, keep them not to drastic. That is a part of human nature and self consciousness.

The other part of our consciousness though, recognizes the value in "letting go" in going with the flow of nature and cycles, the "consciousness of other"..... and trusts that what approaches us as chaos, often turns out to become order eventually, and changes from "unknown" to "known".

I am looking at revolutions of the past, and in retrospect, our history books point out what the revolutionaries wanted and why they acted, as if they were all of one focused mind. But we shoudl remember that that is what we do with retrospect and memory- we gather the structure of what was from generalizations- seeing the bones beneath the varied tissue and blood of the thing.

Revolutions are actually made up of a lot of individuals, with very varied concepts of what they want to achieve and why, more or less developed intellectually.
What actually was installed by the people AFTER the revolution if what we see now, but at the time? It was just to destroy what was, the decrepit and decaying system (all systems get to that stage eventually). It was in fact, a movement of intent to pull down and destroy it, not really looking much further.

I too, am one that likes to stay in control, be master of myself and what happens to me, and this kind of blind jumping into destruction makes me uncomfortable- the idea of racing into chaos just seems completely irrational to me intellectually.

But I have also learned that systems must be changed from time to time (all sorts of systems, even our personal individual ways of thought or doing things!) and they often mean facing a painful phase of destroying the old. My "trust in nature" other side is able to flow with that.

So my solution has been this- occupy my intellectual side with a different plan than trying to fight the transition. Start thinking ahead to what I will build in it's place! When this painful destruction is done, what shall I install then? Look ahead. Have the organization already growing in my head so that once all is empty and ruined again, the phase of rebirth and regrowth can get happening quickly and in a organized efficient way.

In a general way, all over the globe, we are experiencing the same sort of collective urge to destroy old systems. Each country doing this may claim they are doing it for different reasons, but the emotion is the same all over. So the people that like responsibility and order would be much smarter now to start drawing up their blueprints and looking ahead, rather than trying to fight it and keep it from happening.

posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 04:06 AM
Therein is the truth. We are all in this together. Humanity poised on the edge of destruction. We are the Holocene Mass Extinction generation after all. Get you're T-shirts while they are hot. In the 21st century, mankind has pushed back vasts amounts of nature and in a way, technologically terraformed the planet in such a way that it has never seen within it's history.

Which is part of the bitter-sweet side of humanity. We are evolving in ways that defy natural law and all reason. Our economic system, weapons systems, schools and sciences are all exploding. In the same hand, the world resources, plants, animals and insects are going extinct. Wars erupting all over the planet in a way very reminiscent of WWI and WWII.

We all remember the 1960's and how close it came between the USA and Russia with nuclear war. Fast forward and the US now leads the most wars in the most countries period. The last time I saw something like this was when Hitler started to invade and conquer Europe.

That alone makes me wonder how long until other countries say this is enough, and more larger war against the US breaks out. Certainly this behavior doesn't make friends in the foreign communities. Such aggression and violence is not ignored and likely going to spark WWIII, if it hasn't already.

Unlike WWI, and WWII the hard reality of Nuclear War is still on the table and not that I see it coming to that, it certainly is a probability to consider with the current state of affairs. Feels very ripe for WWIII, a seemingly more and more convincing inevitability. If that happens, I don't care who is left to inherit this planet.

It will never be as it once was. Reduced to living hell for the survivors.
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by muse7

But in the big picture we're all in this together, no matter what.

100% with you there. One thing that really gets to me is posts fighting a new world order without making any distinction on the various molds it can have and the real necessity at this point in time to get some form of global government that can trully address global problems in place of this stupid nationalistic bickering.

I'm not an American but I see the US constitution as the best legal base so far to establish a form of government by the people for the people. The constitution was not created in a vacuum it evolved from the ideas behind the French revolution that was the base for the end of monarchies and the human rights charter, of course it can US constitution be improved, especially if we take in consideration how the USA has deviated from those extraordinary concepts.

Capitalism is broken and because of capitalism, socialism can not function (in a competition for economic viability, capitalism will always win, the issue is that capitalism is intrinsically immoral and unsustainable, even if some checks and balances are created by its own nature capitalism will subvert them). I am not advocating for socialism, nor do I see it as a solution, socialism places to much burden and dependency in the state, but until we get a true global government this seems the lesser of evils.

Most of the social advances in Europe were due to socialism, most of these gains are increasingly disappearing because of the competition from Asia, especially China. The same can be said in part of the USA, for other reasons, since the USA never did support a true social security system, and because of that was already ahead of Europe, making the USA more susceptible to the changes that are occurring. But the problem is the aggravation of intrinsically the same issues that create an unbalance in the competing nations, workers rights, finances and speculation, intellectual property, monetary policy, human rights etc...

The OWS movement is the closest thing we've come to accomplish something and its up to us whether or not it succeeds or if it fails.

I do not believe that the movement will cause any real change (I would like that it would). Just because as you say the system in corrupt, both parties are at the core working toward the same goals and politics today have no moral back bone, integrity.

A global revolution is required but dramatic changes are always opposed, even if the OWS could be the the spark I do not think it will suffice alone to provide the impetus required...

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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 06:43 PM
Very well said I agree we the people need to unite stop fighting we are all in this together no matter who you are or what race you are we the people need to WAKE AMERICA up and stop the corruption get up stand up for your rights

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Dont forget the flower power, peace and love movement that also dragged us back from the edge of destruction.

Dont forget those very people are the ones in power now.

The system as it stands destroys ideals and replaces it with lust and greed.

Revolution is not just for xmas, it must be ongoing and relentless. There is never a case to say job done. We need to get shot of the coruption and stand guard against it for ever more.

Only then are we all in this together.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 07:04 PM
Spot on. I wish people would stop caring about themselves and actually look at the big picture for once. OWS really is the last hope for the US. Just think about it. Things are rapidly getting worse and worse. If OWS fails, what next? As far as I know, no-one of all these keyboard warriors that say they want change but just "don't agree with OWS" are actually trying to do anything themselves.

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