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Improvised Hex Burner

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 08:39 PM
Hi folks,Heres a tip my grandad gave me from national service,he was in the north arfican desert circa late 40's early 50's

If you dont know what a hex burner is tehn google it,tis a type of solid fuel burner stove,fold away type

To improvise one in a SHTF situation,cut the top from a drinks can,fill halfway with sand,wet the sand with petrol till just damp,stir the mix up then poke a few holes around the leftover area above the sand as close to halfway between the sand and the cut at the top.this is great for providing a smal localised heat source for cooking on with a pan,but wouldnt recommend cookin food skewered above the flame as the fuel burning contains carcinogenic hdrocarbons

Eat up y'all!!

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