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How much can a forum site owner tell about what other sites you are a member of.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 03:33 AM
Without violating any TOCs on this site or other rules. or trying to get around any web site owners "security" rights.

My problem is every once in a while i get banned from sites for unknown reason

Some of these sites i rarely posted on but i may check every day or couple days just to see whats new.
A couple were forums for information on medical disorders that i have so there would be little reason to get banned for something you post and i had not posted for a week or more before being banned.

A couple of these sites have suddenly banned me even though i have not posted anything in weeks.
No answers for why or what i did wrong. you would think a web site owner would at least tell you something.

But i note that a couple had owners that had very strong religious or political views.
I knew this and was very careful NOT to post any religious or political post on these sites
I know of one that banned someone for a clean cattle guard joke post.

I am a deist, a nudist, and have my own political views, and am a member of legal sites that are related.
Also legal sites like ATS that some may find offensive.

Can web site owners see what other sites you may be a member of by checking the cookies held on your computer.
I know of one site owner that claimed they could and would ban people that were members of legal sites that "they" deemed offensive".(religious or political?) The strange part was that owner never spelled out in there TOC what these sites were and everyone was left to guess,(By the way this was not I have been banned there so may times its a joke and never have made a post and not been a member since the first ban.:lol

I know site owner have a right to who they allow on there site But this might be going to far.
And if this is the reason for my banning they can take there site and shove it.

If they can read my computer cookies i just will set up my home LAN so that my personal life is on another computer then the one i use for my other surfing.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by ANNED

it depends if the owner of forum `A` , owns - or has admin CP at site ` B` , if so - they can compare all the EMAIL addresses you have used on both accounts , all the IP addresses used by both accounts

even with no admin access at either site - a person can compare your username , writing style , clues to location , proffession , education etc , even things you wouldnt think of like pics uploaded using the same brand of cammera , or using the same image host account , topics of interest , email ady [ iff public ] , IP [ if public ]

maybee if you are more specific people will be able to give you a more detailed answer

posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 03:55 AM
Not much really, the admins of this site will have my email address and username and IP, the passwords are probably MD5 encrypted, which cant be cracked but there are tons of sites that have databases of possible passwords, I've checked my hash# and its not listed (yet)

If you search a persons username you can see if they use it on other sites, search google for "roughycannon" and you will see my site (of which i'm an admin)
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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 05:11 AM
I am very careful and thought i don't hide my identity or try to violate site owners TOCs i do have a set of different user names and email addresses "and the town i live in"(i live between two towns and can pick) that i use for my personal type sites from my regular internet use sites i have been banned from.
Another thing is none of the "personal type" sites have ever banned me.

I have always done this because of companies checking there employees Internet habits.
I have always been careful that company background checks would only find what i wanted them to find and its very unlikely that company background checks would be able to check the cookies on my computer as i never had a company site i have every visited and would never have without using a clean computer.(I am now disabled and no longer work)

The only thing i can think of is if they could read the cookies they might be able to tell from my medical disorders(rare but not that rare) and reading the post i my have made on the other sites and may have talked about the disorders on the other sites "guessed" my other user names from post i made there.
They would not need my password as they are open sites anyone can read(except the banned)
But that is getting down right scary as in stocking someone on the web and that i would call illegal.(and if i knew that was true i would take action against them)

But its still a violation of my rights for them to do that when it has nothing to do with there site.

But for that to happen they have to be able to read the cookies stored on my computer by other sites and if they are doing that they are scum.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 07:55 AM
I wouldn't worry for a second about certain "medical advice" sites.
My first experience on the Web was with one of these sites.
When I started posting I felt very happy, and people complimented me on my advice.
But goodness, their long-term members were a nasty bunch of people, and I noticed pretty soon that they all belonged to a certain religion, and they made me feel very bad about certain gaps in my knowledge at the time (which were actually disputed areas, and their information is wrong).
Eventually I thought they were the biggest hypocrites, and I let them know that, I guess.
It's pretty much a set group of people who don't like to be upstaged.

But I've realized that medical advice over the Internet is a vexed concept.
I advised people to have a rapid HIV screening test that takes 15 minutes.
Meanwhile there were all these people driven to anxiety with these lengthy old tests that can take days or weeks, and the site never told them any better.

In hindsight, I think what they were doing was unethical.
You can give people facts on HIV, but to invite then to "access their risk" is ridiculous.
That goes into lifestyle judgements, and to get HIV only takes a second, not a lifestyle.

Well, that was my experience on my topic of HIV.

If you see they have certain topics on religion like on the "evils of porn", then you must know that they will not accept you for long unless you reflect their world-view.

But sites that give themselves medical legitimacy are best avoided.

They often have another agenda.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 09:36 AM

Originally posted by halfoldman
I wouldn't worry for a second about certain "medical advice" sites.
My first experience on the Web was with one of these sites.
When I started posting I felt very happy, and people complimented me on my advice.
But goodness, their long-term members were a nasty bunch of people,

I know what you mean.
The last site that banned me never did have a nasty bunch of people and i had a number of friends there that I expect to hear from back channel once they find out I am not posting and have disappeared.
someone will ask if anyone knows what happened to me and get a "we will not talk about that"

I also know that over the years that there have been a few new members that were gay that after a time made remarks that let the members know or guess that. (something to the effect that they had a same sex partner).
I also noted that once they were out as being gay they shortly disappeared and never heard from again even though I never saw any anti gay or other derogatory post from any member that would drive them off.
I never had a problem with someones sexual orientation so it was never a problem with me.

I now wonder if they got one of these "sorry (user name) you are banned from this forum" when they tried to go on the forum one day.

I also noticed that all the owner and mods on the site all post on the religious thread of the site and are devout Christians. There is no religious thread for any other religion

Being a christian Deist i have learned not post anything religious on sites like that.
They may have noticed i never posted religious or political post ever in the years i was on the site.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by ANNED

I am a member on other sites, but I don't contribute to them.
I was simply looking for old friends who are no longer with us

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